March 13, 2013

Dead Space 3 Areas of Concern

Isaac's back! Two-stepping on Necromorphs for the third time.

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg

Name: Dead Space 3 

Genre: Action-Horror/Science Fiction

Release Date: February 2013

Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


Isaac Clarke is still recovering from the events of Dead Space 2 and a heartrending breakup, when he is pulled back into action by a very very very very very very very very annoying guy who is dating his ex-girlfriend. He meets a grumpy guy who is just grumpy because he wants to be grumpy, and he is forced to work with him.

Together, they fight crime!

Okay no, seriously: Isaac is confronted by yet another outbreak of Necromorphs, reanimated corpses which disembowel anyone standing in their path. The Necromorphs were awakened by a mysterious alien construction known as a Marker.

Isaac has to travel to the planet where the Markers originated, and he is forced to choose between life and death on this perilous journey, a choice which he is not prepared to least, not yet.

Dead Space 3 aims to thrill gamers with tense sequences and jaw-dropping action. Gamers should also know that the Dead Space series as a whole contains a lot of bloodshed, and as such, we need to take a look at some Areas of Concern.

I hope you enjoy. :)
Areas of Concern:

...This is why you don't pick up hitchhikers.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

General Violence:

Brutal and intense violence throughout, with many sound effects accompanying the gore.

--The main enemies in the game are mutated corpses called Necromorphs.

In order to defeat them, you must shoot their limbs off. Lots of blood sprays, spurts out, dismemberments are shown with bloody severed limbs and heads scattering around all over the place. The Necromorphs are often reduced to limbless torsos. Blood sprays in large amounts and stains the environment.

The Necromorphs can also get stomped on by your character, with blood spraying out and limbs getting severed.

You can also pick up the talons of other Necromorphs and impale OTHER Necromorphs with it.

You also fight against huge Necromorph appendages, which have orange parts which you shoot and they explode, with goo spraying.

Tiny little Necromorphs sometimes come out and reanimate dead bodies, with squishing being heard and the talons grow out of said dead body. This happens with blood spraying and staining the environment.

When Necromorphs get close to you, they grab you, and your character has to fight them off. He punches and kicks brutally, with blood spraying, and he twists the heads off of them, with bloody results.

One type of Necromorph is a cannibal, and we can briefly see them feasting on human bodies with crunching being heard. 

--One Necromorph is a man pinned to the wall by tentacles, with a hole in his stomach that shoots out explosive pieces of flesh. He screams horribly the entire time. 

--You also fight humans, with blood spraying and limbs/heads being blown off, and they can also be reduced to only their torsos. This happens quickly, however.

--We see a lot of environments stained with the blood of the dead in large amounts, and we see many bloodied, mutilated, and decomposing corpses too, some of which are pinned to walls with knives or other objects.

--Necromorphs can be killed by fire; they crumble and their limbs fall off. Your character can also be set on fire; he flails around whilst screaming.

Storyline Violence:

--We briefly see gory footage from the previous Dead Space games, with Necromorph arms and limbs getting blown off, people getting feasted on, and a lot of blood spraying. Once again, this is brief.

We also see footage of him getting a needle injection in his eye.

--A human is shot in the head; we see the blood spray in close-up. The shooter then turns the gun on himself, with the same results.

--There are several sequences where explosions occur; people are knocked backwards, flying into objects and falling around, and in one sequence, a man holds two grenades and blows himself up. Only the explosion is seen.

There are also sequences where you fly through wreckage with many explosions occurring around you, spaceships get blown apart and your character gets sucked out into space, and large explosions going off in the distance.

--In one sequence, a Regenerator bursts out of a container, tearing both it's arms loose with blood spraying.

--A spaceship crashes through a lot of wreckage with explosions everywhere. A piece of wreckage flies through the glass and impales a man in the face, blood spraying and his face is briefly shown all bloody and messed up afterwards.

--A giant alien creature is torn in half by a rope tied around it's waist, with a lot of blood spraying, some intestines being shown, and the top part of the body crawls around for a while, and the dies.

--Four people slit their throats in what appears to be a ritual suicide. Some blood is seen, but this is shown from a distance.

--A giant creature suddenly emerges out of a moon, with wreckage everywhere. You then fight it, blood spraying as you shoot it's eyeballs and pull out it's insides, with lots of gore spraying everywhere, and you see a big organ hanging out of the creature as it dies.

Player Deaths:

--Your character can die in many ways, like suddenly being killed in an explosion or by an object, and his limbs get severed and he drops on the ground, a bloody torso.

--A severed Necromorph head with tentacles can grab your character, and pop his head off with gross sound effects and blood spraying. It then inserts itself into the bloody stump, and stumbles around. The head falls out slightly, but the now reanimated corpse catches it and puts it back in it's place.

--A Necromorph can chop both your arms off with an ice ax, with blood spraying and your character grunts in pain. It then knocks you over and slices you several more times off-screen.

--If you fight a normal Necromorph, it can grab you and bite your head off, with blood spraying and the head falls off. This happens quickly.

--A spitter Necromorph, (It spits acid) can grab your character and spit acid in his face. We see his face get scarred, his eyes turn white, and we see him vomit a few times afterwards, and then collapse, dead. (The last part is not shown in close-up, but it's still pretty gruesome.)

--A Regenerator Necromorph can impale you, and then quickly slice your legs off, and your character then looks at it in protest, and his head is then sliced off. This happens very quickly, but it is detailed and there's a lot of blood.
Creepy Twins: They call him Heisenberg.......sounds sort of like a beer or something.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--A woman wears a very form-fitting shirt, revealing cleavage.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Swear Words: Semi-frequent uses of S**t, F**k, H**l, D**n, A*s, Pr**k, B**ch, D**k, and B**t**d.

--God and Jesus' name are used in vain.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy 


Spiritual Content:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Spritual References:

--We hear that an entire religion was based on a man who had a questionable death; we see some of their saint-like engravings of the man, and in one engraving, he appears to be holding a ball, although it's not known if this is a crystal ball or likewise. Their plans for mankind are to unite their minds, bodies, and spirits. This is also part of some kind of "end-time" prophesy on their part.

--At one point, four people stand inside a circle of candles and slit their throats. It appears to be a cult suicide, or something similar.

--There are some references to evolution and panspermia, (The theory that man was created by aliens) and it may be part of the game's backstory.


--We see an emblem on a piece of equipment, which looks suspiciously similar to the Freemason square and compass.

--We see the six-point star symbol.

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good 

Your character has issues with jealousy, and he does come off as a jerk, but he is the standard action-movie good guy, so there's not much to speak of here morality-wise.

Gross Stuff/Gore:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--The appearance of the Necromorphs are very grotesque, with displaced limbs, torn, bloody skin, unnatural deformations, and they have claws which are made up of what appears to be intestines.

--At one point, you are swallowed by a big Necromorph, and you see the entire process of getting gulped down, with acid being shown. Afterwards, you shoot a few fleshy sacs in his stomach.

Scary Stuff:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--There are sequences where you travel through dark environments and hear sudden noises. Some of the sudden noises are made by objects like pinball machines and so on, to scare you into believing that something bad is coming your way.

--The Regenerator Necromorph is terrifying to fight, because it never dies and keeps chasing you. Even from just watching the guy play, I was already scared out of my mind. 

PLEASE NOTE: The game is not for the faint of heart. This may be very scary for you to play, and as such much caution should be taken. You can possibly open a door for fear in your life if you don't watch out.


Death, Insanity, Suicide, Jealousy, Religious Fanaticism, False Religions.

Thoughts & Impressions:

I look just like Steel Man! Or Uranium Man or Metal Man or Copper Man or something.....

I'll just say it: Even though Dead Space 3 is less gory than the other two games and features less content issues, the previous two games were far more interesting and had better storylines.

Is Dead Space 3 bad? No, it's good, but not great. The game also ends on a rather disappointing note, which will surely displease fans. (What is it with third instalments and lackluster endings?)

Oh, and it has a rather awkward and stupid love triangle, making the game feel like a teen drama/soap opera at times.

The whole reveal about the Markers was smart and compelling, but the plot ultimately falls short with it's awkward storytelling and lack of depth when it comes to characters.

All in all, a solid game, but not great.   

I'll be honest, because the game's spiritual content is not ban-worthy, the violence was a bit strong and I considered giving this game an N and just letting it be. But after some thinking, I decided that the violence was quick and brief enough for it's current rating:  

Mature Gamers Only
(for Frequent Gory Violence, Spiritual References, and Strong Language)

Potentially Offensive Aspects:

Lots of Gore, with graphic details and lots of blood.

Strong Language, with cuss words being dealt out semi-frequently.

Implications of a Cult performing a ritual suicide, and some references to Evolution and Panspermia.   

PLEASE NOTE: The game is not for the faint of heart. This may be very scary for you to play, and as such much caution should be taken. You can possibly open a door for fear in your life if you don't watch out. (Yes I added this twice, just to be sure.)


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