February 13, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 3 Areas of Concern

By Kyle van Rensburg
....Yup, I'm reviewing THIS game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a 2001 video game released on October 22nd for the PC, Playstation 2, and Xbox.

This review contains sensitive subject matter, and may be unsuitable for people under the age of 17. PARENTAL GUIDANCE STRONGLY ADVISED!

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

General Violence:

During the course of the game, many enemies (and civilians) are killed in a variety of ways:

--People can get shot; when this happens, blood sprays, staining the environment, and the person yells in pain.

Limbs can be blown off in explosions and when people use high powered weapons, with blood spraying and the severed limbs flying around, and you can see the dismembered torsos lying in blood pools. Some of the dismemberments also involve blood spraying from the wound like a fountain.

You can throw molotovs, which explode, destroying cars, and setting people on fire, who run around flailing and screaming, and eventually collapse. You can also set people on fire using a flamethrower.

When people are killed, they fall over, large amounts of blood stains the environment, and they drop money.

--You can steal cars, throwing people out of them. You can then run over people, with the person sent flying whilst screaming. You can also hear splats when you drive over them. Bloody trails are seen behind the car after you run people over.

When the cars are damaged, they catch on fire, and then explode, with wreckage flying.

--You can bludgeon people with a baseball bat. Blood sprays out and stains the environment, and the person cringes and yells. 

--When you are killed, your character falls over, tries to get up, and collapses, with blood stains all around him.

Storyline Violence:

--A man is heard saying something, then getting stabbed with a splat being heard.

--There are a few sequences where explosions occur, like a ship getting blown up and capsizing, a bridge getting blown up with cars exploding, and at one point you put a bomb in a car, park it so that a man can get in and when he gets in, the bomb goes off, and you see the explosion.

--In a prison cell, there is a lot of bloody handprints and blood staining the walls.

--A man is beaten by a woman with a stick a few times, with groans of pain being heard. We later see the man dead with the stick impaled through his back.

--Some enemies are drugged madmen who run around with explosive vests. When they blow up, fountains of blood spray, and they fall over.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

As most of you may know, prostitution does feature in this game. 

--The prostitutes, (called Girls in the game) are shown wearing tanks tops and miniskirts with stockings. You can have sexual encounters with these Girls: You see the woman get into the car with your character, and it bounces up and down. Nothing else is shown.

--A section of the game is a Red Light District, where a brothel is located. One of these brothels has the words "Sex" on it, and the logo depicts two women in bathing suits.

Twice in the game, you have to pick up prostitutes for other men. The worst example involves picking up a few girls and taking them to a police officers' party for the police officers to "enjoy". Nothing is shown.

--Some moderately suggestive lines are uttered:

-A woman talks to the man and asks him: "Am I gonna get to play with your big end again?" 

-A man mentions that he made an "exotic" entertainment business with only the "sizable contents" of his leather pants. He says that a gang threatened to remove his "starring member" if he didn't give them their money.

-A man says that his "tastefully produced adult literature" has been dropped all over a city. You then have to retrieve the XXX mags and return to the Red Light District.

-A woman tells a woman that she found her massager. The other woman replies that it's not a massager..... 

*Sensitive readers, please skip this paragraph*

-One pretty suggestive line involves a woman asking if they should wait for "it" to turn black and fall off, and then she prods "it" more with a stick, and reacts in disgust to "yellow stuff" coming out of it.


--A random pedestrian has a notepad with a drawing of "male anatomy" on it.

--Two women are slightly implied to be in a homosexual relationship with each other, and at one point we hear that one woman has been tied up for being a "bad girl".


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Infrequent Moderate Language: Uses of D**k, B**ch, A*s, with it's variants, (A****le) B**t**d, C**p, Freakin', Butt, D**n, S**t, H**l, Pr**k, P***y, and Wh**e.

--You can run up to people and flip an obscene gesture at them.

--God and Jesus' name are used in vain infrequently.


Spiritual Content:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--There is mention of a gang named "Diablo".

--We see the following symbols:



-Five point stars

--We see two guys doing what appears to be yoga. 


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy 

--There is mention of a guy dealing drugs to a guy's "Girls".

--One of the drugs in this game is named "SPANK". There are a few references to people being on it, and people buying SPANK and other drugs.

--A few enemies are mentioned to be on the SPANK drug, and they are crazy, running around with bomb vests and trying to blow you up.

--One of the boats you can drive is named "Reefer", obviously a reference to marijuana.

--There are no Alcohol or Tobacco references.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Easily the worst part. You are a criminal with not a shade of good in him, you kill innocent people and are rewarded for it, (With cash, NOT points) and you murder different types of people with zero reluctance.

Are there any positive aspects? None that I can think of. 

Thoughts & Impressions:

What it's about: An unnamed criminal is betrayed by his girlfriend and shot. He is on his way to prison when he escapes, becoming a Most Wanted criminal. He returns to his life of crime, and seeks revenge for his betrayal.

You step into his very dirty shoes, and you have to find your ex-girlfriend, and "waste" her.

Quality Verdict: The story is pretty weak. You only peform tasks such as assassinations, smuggling drugs, robberies, more assassinations, more smuggling drugs, and more robberies, without much exploration of the central character (who doesn't have any personality to speak of) and why he does what he does.

The writing of the other characters who make up for the weak storytelling. Are the lines cheesy? Yep. Are some of the characters cliche? You betcha. Are they boring? No ways.

The game definitely was a huge breakthrough for games in aspects of gameplay, but is it mature?

No, it treats the whole "life of crime" theme satirically, not thoughtfully, which is disappointing. The game is only there for adults to enjoy being a criminal in a world where there is no rules for a change, and not to tell a deep story.

However, it did finally show people that games aren't just innocent child's toys, and that they should be more cautious with what they purchase for their children. And that is a good thing, if you ask me.

But is it enough to excuse the content mentioned above?

No, unfortunately not. It's tough getting past the fact that you are a criminal beyond any shade of redemption, and that you murder innocent (virtual) people left, right, and centre.

The other offensive part was the handling of prostitution, making it seem all glamourous and fine. The morality is enough to steer people away, but the suggestive content may cement it. Without the bad morality, this may have been a different story.

Do yourself a favour, take my advice, and if you want a similar game, rather get yourself another game, like Just Cause 2.

If you have played it, you may point out that you can kill innocent people in it. Yes, I know. But you are not rewarded for it, and the story doesn't make you out to be a killer with no sign of emotion.

Is Grand Theft Auto 3 as bad as everyone says it is? No ways. The game actually surprised me with how (comparatively) mild it is.

Look, is this game really worth kicking up a fuss about? No, and let's not judge other Believers for playing it either. 

Should a Christian play it? Although it's very silly and not entirely offensive, I would advise that you don't. 


Grand Theft Auto 3 is rated Not Recommended for Aberrent Morality, and some Suggestive Content.


So as you can see, I will be reviewing games condemned by the Christian community, and see if they are as bad as they are made out to be.

Will I review more games in the Grand Theft Auto series? Yes, definitely, and I'm looking forward to reviewing GTA 4, because of how different it's morality is compared to this instalment.

I will see you guys next week with whatever review goes up then. In the meantime, take care, and happy gaming!

So what do you think of the Grand Theft Auto series? Please don't hesitate to tell me! I know Christians are very divided, and would love to hear from all sides.

Writer Bio:

Kyle van Rensburg is the Editor-in-Chief of Kyle's Christian Video Game Reviews (KGR) He likes cookies and is crazy.

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