February 22, 2013

Flash Game Fridays: Flow

Here is a free abstract little Flash game for you to enjoy. Flow is an abstract "Art Game", which contains fun gameplay even if nothing makes sense. (I guess that's what an Art Game is supposed to be)

Have fun with it!

Gameplay Description:

You guide an aquatic life form through an abstract environment, eating a few smaller life forms along the way, making your creature grow bigger and stronger.

You can eat a few Red and Green coloured creatures to let you Descend and Ascend in the environment. You also encounter several bigger creatures, but not to worry. After enough life forms have been consumed, you become just as big as your intimidating enemies---if not bigger.

It's hard to describe this game because of it's abstract nature. What are you waiting for, go play it! It's made so that even non-gamers can play it, so you don't have an excuse. Go play, NOW!

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