January 02, 2013

Resident Evil 6 Jake's Story Areas of Concern

Jake's Story:

Resident Evil 6 is a 2012 video game released on October 2nd for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Since the game is split across four different characters, I will review them all separately, because I try to keep my reviews as short as possible.


--Green is for mild content.

--Blue is for moderate or very brief intense content, provided that it isn't too graphic.

--Orange is for intense content.

--Red is for very graphic or prolonged intense content.

Bite-Sized Review:


Lots of gore, blood, guts, goo, mutated and deformed limbs, and gross looking zombies.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


A woman wears a revealing dress, and we see her bare back and legs at one point.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Semi-frequent Strong Language: Uses of S**t, D**n, H**l, F**k, B**ch, A*s, B**t**d, Friggin' C**p, Pr**k, and Freakin'.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain semi-frequently.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Spiritual Content:

An area contains Buddhist symbols, like Buddha and a few figures sitting in meditative positions.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Not much here, other than a guy caring for a woman, and becoming a seemingly nice guy at the end. Seemingly...

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

You fight 'zombies' in this game; they run towards you, and you have to kill them. 

--You can shoot them; when this happens, blood sprays, staining the environment and their clothes, and they cringe in pain. Their heads can be blown off with a spray of blood and chunks, and the parasite inside of them briefly pops out.

--A few times after zombies have been shot dead, or their heads have been blown off, a large parasite bursts out of them with blood spraying, and tries to attack you. Your character cringes in pain. When the parasite dies, it falls to the floor, and dissolves into acid.

A few parasites emerge out of the zombie's chest after you shot said zombie; the zombie jerks around with blood spraying, and we see a bunch of worm-like parasites weaving themselves through the zombie's body.

Some of the parasites are flying creatures, and the body of the zombie is still attached to the creature as it flies around. The zombie shoots at you with it's gun.

--When the zombies grab you, they bite you in the neck, and blood sprays as your character yells in pain.

--When you get shot, blood sprays on the screen, and your character flinches.

--When you or your allies are hit by zombies, you flinch in pain and stumble backwards, or you are knocked over. Some of the stronger enemies send you flying. 

--You can punch, kick, or stomp on them; they cringe in pain or they are flung backwards. Their heads can shatter, also by slamming their heads against objects.

You can also give them a body slam and also pick them up, and throw them on the ground, shattering their heads with blood spraying.

Your character can also break their necks, with a CRACK being heard.

The zombies can also get smacked with an electric prod; they convulse around.

--Some of the zombies have sledgehammers, axes, and fire extinguishers, which you can grab, and smack them through the face with. Their heads shatter.

Others have knives, which you grab, twist their arm, and stab the knife through their elbows. You can also use your own knife/bayonet, and stab them in the neck with blood spurting out.

--Zombies can get blown up with explosive weapons; the zombies vanish into a blood cloud and body parts are seen flying. You can also use incendiary explosives; they get set on fire, and flail around. Your character gets barbequed if you stand too close. (He gets lit on fire)

--You fight some parasites who spit acid at you; your character is knocked over.

--When zombies are killed, they fall over, and burn up into ashes. If they are standing, pieces of them burn away and their heads fall off.

--You can shoot big wart-like growths on zombies, with goo and blood spraying out.

--We see environments stained with moderate amounts of blood. A few people are also stained with blood at points during the storyline.

--We see dead bodies in various states of decay, with their skin grey and ugly, and stained with blood or lying in blood pools.

At times, zombies can be seen feasting on these dead bodies; we see them bite and tear.

--Some of the zombies' arms and legs bulge and parasites burst out with blood spraying, after you have shot them. 

--When you are injured, your character falls on the ground, and the screen becomes red. Your character crawls around until he or she can be revived by another character, who jams a syringe full of juice into your character's chest.

If you die without a special death sequence, all your character does is stumble backwards, and fall over, dead. 

--Sometimes, you open supply boxes, and a snake jumps out and bites you.

--One type of zombie is a flying invisible monster made up of lots of tiny bugs; it dissolves when killed.

--A few zombies' torsos are split in half, and those torsos act as mouths with teeth and everything. They can bite you through the torso; your character cringes and yells in pain.

--Some of the zombies cocoon when dying, convulsing around first. Petrified, smoke coming out. A few monsters burst out, goo spraying.

--One type of zombie has a large tentacle with a claw. He grabs you with it, and punches you.

Storyline Violence:

--There are sequences where explosions occur, knocking people over or sending them flying, destroying the environment with wreckage and debris everywhere, and sending vehicles careening and exploding.

In the most intense sequence, a big tower is blown up with a massive explosion, and it falls over onto a monster off-screen, with another massive explosion.

--There are sequences where people fall off of ledges or the floor collapses underneath them and they fall through.

--A bunch of men inject themselves with an unknown substance. They groan and stumble around.

--A man and a zombie fight each other using a knife; the zombie swings the knife at the man, who punches, twists the zombie's arm, making him drop the knife, and he then kicks him into a wall and grabs him by the throat. The man punches and kicks the zombie several times, throws him towards a wall and kicks him against it.

--A bunch of people and zombies shoot at each other; we briefly see a zombie stabbing a man, and a soldier falls through bars, dead.

--A helicopter attacks you, firing at you with its machine guns and rockets.

--A man is held by a monster with a bionic hand with long needles. We see the man's shadow as the robot impales him with the needles. We hear him screaming. We then see the monster remove the needles, with blood spraying out in a long stream.

The monster then runs through a few guys and swipes them aside. A man shoots at the monster and blows up an explosive tank next to it. A huge explosion occurs, and afterwards the monster grabs a zombie which is on fire, and crushes him off-screen, with blood squirting out and CRUNCHING being heard.

You then run from the monster, who breaks apart the environment as he pursues you.

--You later fight against the big monster; he charges into you, knocking you over. He can also grab you, and stab you with needles, blood spurting out. When you finally defeat him, he stumbles into a pillar, which falls over and breaks the floor beneath you and your ally and you both fall down.

--You fight the same big and disgusting looking monster from Chris' Campaign. (The one with the big appendage on his back and sinewy jaw.)

You can jump on him, and pull a spike out of his back, and stab it into his appendage, with blood spraying.

He also can pick up vehicles and objects and throw them at you.

After a while, you can grab the appendage in his back, twist it around and pull it out, with blood spraying.

When he is finally defeated after being bombed a few times, he falls over, and dissolves into a black tar, with his skeleton being seen.

--A monster jumps on a helicopter and attacks you; he tears apart pieces of the helicopter, and grabs you a few times. Eventually the helicopter gets set on fire. You and your ally jump from the helicopter, which explodes.

--The monster then hangs on a helicopter and shoots at you. You can grab a minigun and shoot at him and the choppers supporting him, which get set on fire and spin out of control. The helicopters also fire at you.

When you finally defeat him, the chopper spins out of control and crashes into your helicopter, and the monster grabs onto the bay door of your helicopter. You are knocked over, and your chopper spins out of control too. You shoot an explosive tank, which knocks the monster out. You then slide down, and grab a parachute.

--A man pulls his hand away from a woman to reveal that it is stained with blood. He then throws her off, and we see a big shard of blood-stained shrapnel embedded in her back, and a blood pool forms beneath her.

The man grabs the piece of shrapnel and pulls it out, with a lot of blood leaking out onto the woman's back. She groans in pain.

--We see a few people petrified in cocoons. Parasites burst out of the cocoons with goo spraying, and then fly off.

--A monster charges into a man, grabs him, and throws him across the room. He lands on his back, and dies. 

--You can walk up to a flying bug, punch/kick it with goo spraying, or hit it, and then stomp on it, with a lot of yellow goo staining the floor. 

--You attack a monster using a large drill, with sparks flying as the drill collides with the monster. He is pushed through several walls. He is then drilled against wall with blood spraying and he convulses. He slumps over onto the drill afterwards, unconscious.

--A monster slaps two people; the woman is sent flying and hits the ground hard. The monster stomps on the man, twice. The second time knocks him out.

--A man spins around, grabs an Uzi, and shoots at several enemies with the Uzi. The man grabs an enemy with his knees and breaks his neck, a CRACK being heard.

--A woman kicks and wrestles with a man. The man swings a shock baton at her. The woman grabs the shock baton and throws the man against window, cracking it. He is electrocuted off-screen.

--A helicopter spins out of control, and crashes, with a large explosion. 

--A monster bounces off of a sign and lands on ground. He takes out chainsaw with a growth covering it, and ignites the floor and environment. You can grab a sharp pole stuck in his body, pull it out, and stab him. Your ally also stabs him. Blood sprays are depicted. He falls over dead afterwards.

--A repeat of the scene from Leon's campaign where you fight against the big monster with robotic hands that throws you and smacks you around.

--A monster is shot in head. We see blood and brain matter burst out. 

--A monster falls backwards against a sign; he is electrocuted, and he convulses. He then falls into water. A big sign falls on top of him in the water.

--A monster holds a chainsaw to your neck, trying to kill you; you groan in pain and we see blood spraying.

--You injure a monster, and somebody shoots a few beams hanging above him. The beams fall on top of the monster and crushes him.

--The monster is killed AGAIN by stumbling over into rotor blades; bloody chunks and blood squibs are seen as he is sliced apart.

--A man kicks and punches several zombies as a woman is dragged away by other zombies.

--You fight a regenerative monster; he can be blown apart. The individual limbs attack you afterwards.

--You shoot a monster. The monster falls against electrical fence, he is electrocuted, convulsing around, and the monster is set on fire. The building you are in begins surging with power, shakes around, with wreckage falling, and explosions occurring.

A monster is crushed by a falling platform, with blood spraying, and the platform explodes and falls down into the pit below.

--A giant human monster hybrid with several arms and appendages bursts out of a cocoon, covered in a jelly-like substance. You can see his skeleton through the jelly. He smacks a catwalk, making the people on it fall. He then falls from the crane he is attached to and tumbles down a hole, but he grabs onto the sides.

--A monster attacks you using a mace which is attached to his mechanical arm. He swings the mace around, narrowly missing your character at one point. You then proceed to fight the monster:

He dips the mace into lava, and swings it at you; you are knocked over.

You attack him at one point; your ally strangles him with an electric prod stick. You grab his mace, and tear it off. He smacks your ally across the room. You are grabbed by him, and thrown.

You then fist fight with him; he picks you up and slams you on ground. He also charges at you. You then "FINISH HIM!" by punching him several times in rapid succession in the face, blood spraying everywhere.

--A monster is punched in slow-motion, we see his face deform and spit flying. He falls into lava, and struggles around. Wreckage hits him in the head, and kills him.

--You jump on a platform, which goes forward super fast. A big fireball appears behind you, and a very crispy monster comes back looking all, ahem, crispy and burnt, and he is on fire. He chases after you, whilst you crawl up the platform. You knock cargo down at him, and he tumbles around.

The monster then falls into the fireball behind him on the second collision with cargo. He suddenly leaps and lands ahead of you, covered in frames.
--A monster is shot in its glowing heart; blood spurts out, blood runs out of his neck, and he falls, bounces off the walls, and lands in the fireball with a big explosion.

Player Deaths:

--If you fail at grabbing a parachute, the helicopter you are holding onto explodes, with a large, ahem, explosion being seen. 

--If you die whilst riding a snowmobile, we briefly see your character falling off and screaming. 

--If a monster finds you hiding in a dumpster, he opens the lid, and he shoves a few drills into your face off-screen, with blood spraying on the camera.

If you aren't hiding, he shoves the chainsaws into your stomach, with a lot of blood spraying out and staining the camera. This goes on for an extended period of time.

--If you crash a motorcycle, the motorcycle explodes, you and your ally fall off, and then pass out. This also happens when a helicopter shoots you with a missile.

--If you fail to fend off monster with chainsaw, it slices your neck, with blood spraying out.

--If you fail to run from a monster, he grabs you, and squishes you with his robotic hand, blood squirting and a CRUNCH being heard. 

--There are several death scenes where you fall to your, ahem, death off-screen.

--If a zombie with a knife catches you, he grabs you and slits your throat. This is obscured, but you hear a SLICE. 

--If you fail to attack a monster with a big drill, he hits the drill, and rocks from the roof of a cave fall on you, killing you.

--If you fail to run away from a tank, it runs over you, with a CRUNCH being heard.

--If you fail to hang onto a helicopter, you fall, and hit the ground, with the impact being seen and a THUD being heard.

--If you fail to crawl out off of a platform, the platform above it crushes you; we hear CRUNCHING, and we see the platform crush you from a distance.

--If you fail at crawling away from a monster, it grabs you, and you fall into a fireball. The last bit is not shown. You and your ally can both be grabbed by him, and fall with him into the fireball.

If you fail at shooting the monster, it hits you, and you and your ally fall into the fireball.

--If you are eaten by a big gooey monster, you see him chomp on your face with blood spraying, we see your dead body afterwards with blood on your face, and a parasite bursts out of your stomach with blood spraying.

--If a monster with a mace filled with lava kills you, we see you with lava all over you, your character screams, and falls over, dead.


--A woman wears a dress which shows full cleavage.

--We see a topless man. 

--A woman wears a short dress which shows off legs and cleavage. The camera briefly pans down to her cleavage whilst a man looks embarrassed and shields his face.

--A woman drops her dress, and she is naked; we only see her legs, and the camera pans down across her bare back as a man stares at her. The woman's cleavage is seen as she dresses.


Semi-frequent Strong Language: Uses of S**t, D**n, H**l, F**k, B**ch, A*s, B**t**d, Friggin' C**p, Pr**k, and Freakin'.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain semi-frequently.

Spiritual Content:

--Your character's fighting style may be Martial Arts.

--One of the loading screens has the black and white checkerboard floor being portrayed. (If you don't know, this is a Freemason symbol.)

--A reference to the Two of Hearts.

--A man comments on an avalanche: "God must really hate us today!"

--We some statues of dragons in a Chinese building. 

--A woman mentions that she and a man are going to get rescued. The man replies with: "Hallelujah."

--We see statues depicting Buddha, figures sitting in the meditative position, and a Golden Ox.

--We see some murals of dragons in a Chinese area. 

Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco References:


Gross Stuff/Gore:

--The zombies have white, gross looking eyes and white growths on their heads, so they are disgusting looking. A few of the bigger creatures also have deformed faces and limbs.

A few of the monsters later on in the game are stained with blood all over their bodies, and fleshly coloured growths. 


Your character is a jerk who cares for a woman, and eventually he changes, but there really isn't much here, morality wise.

Jake's Campaign features a suggestive moment, Buddhist symbols, some gory violence, and swearing. Ultimately, the content is too much for me to recommend.


Jake's Campaign is rated NOT RECOMMENDED for Buddhist Symbols, and a Suggestive Moment adds to the rating.


So the primary campaigns are finished! Check back next Wednesday for Ada's Campaign, and I will post THE HUB sometime this week or weekend.

Until next time!  

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