January 10, 2013

Resident Evil 6 THE HUB

This is where you can find the Areas of Concerns for each individual campaign in Resident Evil 6, as well as a few Thoughts & Impressions on their respective campaigns.

Leon's Story:

Thoughts & Impressions:

Leon's campaign is the best of the bunch, with some intriguing environments and levels, and it does look fun to play. The worst parts appear to be the fact that you fight a boss who dies like 9 different times, the story is a B-movie from beginning to end, and then there's Leon's hair. Like seriously? He goes through a lot of bad things, but his hair stays perfect? Seriously? Maybe it's because he continuously sprays it with that hairspray of his.

(Health spray, but it's fun to mock Leon, so just go along with it, okay?)

Nevertheless, it looks fun to play, in spite of the semi-nude enemy you fight at one point. (It doesn't look very appealing, so there's that) Ultimately, do I recommend it? Well, it's up to you to decide after reading the AOC, but I think it does look pretty okay.

Chris' Story:

Thoughts & Impressions:

Chris' campaign is a bit of a mixed bag. It also looks fun, but it has an even weaker story than Leon's campaign, and the gameplay is just like a stripped down third-person-shooter. Chris himself is a just a steroid pumped action hero who doesn't really interest me.

I guess you may like this campaign if you're just into shooting things, but as for me, I'll pass.

Jake's Story:

Thoughts & Impressions:

Anybody who saw my Tweets whilst I was making the AOC for this campaign will know how I feel about the main character. To put it mildly, Jake is an idiot. He's an unlikable jerk who you just want to punch in the face with the sharp end of a hammer.

His campaign tries to do something interesting, but ultimately the story is poor, the environments bland, and it's just all round uninteresting to watch. If I wanted to be bored, I would go watch a South African drama film, not play this game! 

Not recommended, because of the content and what looks to be really poor quality. I don't think I will like this game more if I play it. NEXT PLEASE!

Ada's Story:

Areas of Concern:

Thoughts & Impressions:

Finally one campaign is entertaining!

...and it's Not Recommended. Dang it.

Ada's campaign is filled with diverse gameplay sections that are always interesting, and it's cool to see how she intersects with the other campaigns. Ada herself is an okay character. Not exactly memorable, not exactly hate-able, but she'll do.

There wasn't really enough information to tie off her storyline, and I guess that's intended for ANOTHER sequel, but here's hoping that next time if they make that sequel, they improve the gameplay by a ton, but the content gets milder.

Final Words:

Resident Evil 6 is a mixed bag of average shooter gameplay. It's not worth the hype at all, and the content makes this game a bit hard to recommend. 

So all in all, rather look for something else like Gears of War to replace this game. It's not really worth your time.

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