January 09, 2013

Resident Evil 6: Ada's Story Areas of Concern

Ada's Story:

Resident Evil 6 is a 2012 video game released on October 2nd for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Since the game is split across four different characters, I will review them all separately, because I try to keep my reviews as short as possible.


--Green is for mild content.

--Blue is for moderate or very brief intense content, provided that it isn't too graphic.

--Orange is for intense content.

--Red is for very graphic or prolonged intense content.

Bite-Sized Review:


Shootings, stabbings, dismemberments, lots of blood, decomposing and disgusting looking zombies with grotesque fleshy growths and large bloated bodies, environments getting blown up, people falling to their deaths, a very gross looking giant mutated human head which warps in disgusting fashions, and you have to shoot it's grotesque eyeballs which swell and burst.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


A woman is shown naked from the side VERY BRIEFLY, a woman with a skin-tight goo covering her makes suggestive noises and caresses her breasts. The latter is actually more disturbing than anything.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Very infrequent uses of A*s, H**l, and P**s.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


A few bottles of alcohol in the scenery.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Spiritual Content:

Light implications of a cult, some symbols, and murals of dragons.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Your character does help people, so she's not bad. (morally speaking)

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

You fight 'zombies' in this game; they run towards you, and you have to kill them. 

--You can shoot them; when this happens, blood sprays, staining the environment and their clothes, and they cringe in pain. Their heads can be blown off with a spray of blood and chunks, and the parasite inside of them briefly pops out. 

You can also shoot them with arrows; they are knocked backwards, and we see the arrow sticking out of their bodies.

--A few times after zombies have been shot dead, or their heads have been blown off, a large parasite bursts out of them with blood spraying, and tries to attack you. Your character cringes in pain. When the parasite dies, it falls to the floor, and dissolves into acid.

A few parasites emerge out of the zombie's chest after you shot said zombie; the zombie jerks around with blood spraying, and we see a bunch of worm-like parasites weaving themselves through the zombie's body.

Some of the parasites are flying creatures, and the body of the zombie is still attached to the creature as it flies around. The zombie shoots at you with it's gun.

A few zombies bulge and burst into blood, and a parasite comes out, looking like a big fleshy growth, surrounding their entire body. They explode into bloody chunks when killed.

--When the zombies grab you, they bite you in the neck, and blood sprays as your character yells in pain.

--When you get shot, blood sprays on the screen, and your character flinches.

--When you or your allies are hit by zombies, you flinch in pain and stumble backwards, or you are knocked over. Some of the stronger enemies send you flying. 

--You can punch, kick, or stomp on them; they cringe in pain or they are flung backwards. Their heads can shatter, also by slamming their heads against objects.

You can also give them a body slam and also pick them up, and throw them on the ground, shattering their heads with blood spraying.

Your character can also break their necks, with a CRACK being heard.

The zombies can also get smacked with an electric prod; they convulse around.

--Some of the zombies have sledgehammers, axes, (sometimes embedded in their bodies) and fire extinguishers, which you can grab, and smack them through the face with. Their heads shatter.

Others have knives, which you grab, twist their arm, and stab the knife through their elbows. You can also use your own knife/bayonet, and stab them in the neck with blood spurting out.

--Zombies can get blown up with explosive weapons; the zombies vanish into a blood cloud and body parts are seen flying. You can also use incendiary explosives; they get set on fire, and flail around. Your character gets barbequed if you stand too close. (He gets lit on fire)

--You fight some parasites who spit acid at you; your character is knocked over.

--When zombies are killed, they fall over, and burn up into ashes or dissolve into acid. If they are standing, pieces of them burn/melt away and their heads fall off.

--You can shoot big wart-like growths on zombies, with goo and blood spraying out.

--We see environments stained with moderate amounts of blood. A few people are also stained with blood at points during the storyline.

--We see dead bodies in various states of decay, with their skin grey and ugly, and stained with blood or lying in blood pools.

At times, zombies can be seen feasting on these dead bodies; we see them bite and tear.

--Some of the zombies' arms and legs bulge and parasites burst out with blood spraying, after you have shot them. 

--When you are injured, your character falls on the ground, and the screen becomes red. Your character crawls around until he or she can be revived by another character, who jams a syringe full of juice into your character's chest.

If you die without a special death sequence, all your character does is stumble backwards, and fall over, dead. 

--Sometimes, you open supply boxes, and a snake jumps out and bites you.

--One type of zombie is a flying invisible monster made up of lots of tiny bugs; it dissolves when killed.

--A few zombies' torsos are split in half, and those torsos act as mouths with teeth and everything. They can bite you through the torso; your character cringes and yells in pain.

--Some of the zombies cocoon when dying, convulsing around first. They are petrified, with smoke coming out. A monster can burst out of them, with goo spraying.

--One type of zombie has a large tentacle with a claw. He grabs you with it, and punches you.

--Many vases are broken in cruel ways, by shooting, slicing with a knife, and by being kicked open. Afterwards, their guts are always removed. They can't say anything, but it can safely be assumed that they are in much pain as this happens. This has to be one of the cruelest things I've ever seen in a video game..........

Seriously. Totally not joking at all. 
Storyline Violence:

--You can touch a control panel, which sends off a volt of electricity, electrocuting your character and making her convulse. 

Or it secretly made her do an eighties disco move and the volt was just there for the "cool".....

--There are several sequences where explosions occur, destroying the environment with wreckage falling everywhere. In the most intense sequence, your character is in a submarine busy getting blown up, and you crawl forward whilst a lot of explosions go off, wreckage falls everywhere, and water bursts into the sub.

--We see a few dead people hanging from a roof.

--You have to move a few dead, decomposing people sitting on chairs on top of electrical outlets in order to open a door; they convulse around. You then have to smack a zombie onto one outlet; he falls on top of it, and convulses around.

--There are sequences where the environment breaks underneath people, and they fall down and hit the ground.

--A woman suddenly bursts into flames whilst screaming horribly. We see her skin is seen turning dark and melting, and then it becomes petrified, and a caccoon forms around her. This happens very quickly.

The caccoon then splits open, and we see her coming out in what looks like (APOLOGIES FOR THIS NEXT DESCRIPTION) a birth sac, which she struggles against. She is then shot in the head with a crossbow, and she flies across the room and falls on the ground, seemingly dead.

--You fight against a hybrid zombie with large tentacles; she swipes at you with the tentacles. 

Later on, a tentacle burst out of her mouth. When you shoot it, blood sprays out, and the tentacle shrinks down and goes back inside of her mouth.

--You ride through a cave in a tram. You have to dodge beams overhead, and you are knocked over if you fail. You smash into the woman with the tentacles, and she jumps on the tram.

Later on, the tram flies off of the rails, and the people inside fall down on a wooden platform. A woman hangs on the edge of the platform.

--A screaming woman is grabbed by two men and dragged into a room, whilst her sister screams and begs for them to not hurt her.

--A monster with a chainsaw cuts it's way out of a cocoon with goo spraying and splats being  heard, and it charges at your character, who dodges it. 

--A monster is hit by a train and sent flying. It hits an electric sign, hits a few buildings on the way down, and lands on the ground.

--A monster is shot in the head with a sniper rifle; blood bursts out and a splat is heard. It's head jerks back with the impact.

--A monster falls backwards against a sign; it is electrocuted, and it convulses. It then falls into water. A big sign falls on top of it in the water.

--You shoot a few beams hanging above a monster. The beams fall on top of the monster and it is crushed.

--A monster falls into spinning rotor blades; blood and chunks spray everywhere as CRUNCHING is heard. This happens quickly.

--You fight a gooey monster which breaks apart when it is injured, and the individual limbs attack you.

--You dodge a monster, and kick it into a fire; it struggles around whilst being incinerated.

--We see a woman fall from a building and hit the ground off-screen. We hear a SPLAT. Afterwards, she lies on the ground with blood stains underneath her.

--A woman suddenly coughs up goo everywhere, choking, and she stands up, all sticky and messy. She chokes, and goo suddenly bursts off of her, with her groaning in pain. She mutates, becoming all gooey. The goo consumes her, and she sprays more goo everywhere. The goo then bursts through a ship, and crushes several enemies, and the woman's mutated head which became very large also chases you through corridors. 

You have to shoot liquid nitrogen, and her very gross looking face explodes into pieces when she is damaged by the liquid nitrogen.

You have to shoot her mutated eyeballs at one point; the eyeballs jitter, and inflate and burst into goo when shot enough.

--We briefly see a few zombies biting people, with blood spurting.

--You shoot a few helicopters; they get lit on fire, spin out of control, and crash, with explosions being seen. 

--We see a man stumble into view, with blood dripping on the floor. We then see his cracked face and body, with red flesh underneath being slightly exposed. He then goes crack, snackle, and pop, with smoke coming out, and he mutates in a T-rex type monster, with blood spraying.

The monster then chases after a few people, knocking cars over, with a few people falling out of them. 

--A big metal rod falls down and impales a zombie, with blood spurting out. 

--You fight a man who mutates into a monster and fires 'bullets' at you. You shoot him with blood and goo spraying. He can also grab you with his appendage and shoot you with the 'bullets' from close up.
At one point, when he is injured enough, you jump on top of him and punch him several times in the face in rapid succession, blood spurting.

He later jumps over your character and knocks her over. He then fires 'bullets' at you, but a man shields you with his back, with blood spurting out.

--A man hangs off of a ledge, and a man stomps his hands to make him fall. You stab the attacker in the rib with blood spraying; he yells in pain. The man then falls onto a ground and is set alight by fire; he writhes around, yelling in pain.

--A monster starts emerging from a cocoon, but a woman shoots it, with blood spraying. 
Player Deaths:

--There are a few sequences where you fall to your death off-screen; in the worst instance, we hear your character screaming if she fails to jump off a platform, which then falls into lava.

--You can drown in water a few times; in the worst instance, your character struggles around, gurgling being heard, and we see some blood flowing the water as she goes limp.

--You can get attacked by a swarm of bees; you struggle around, and if you are killed, blood sprays out, your character groans in pain, and then dies.

--You can get sliced by a spinning blade; a slice is heard, and your character slumps over dead.

--If you are attacked by a zombie with big tentacles, she stabs into you, with blood spurting out, and if you fail to fend her off, she stabs you again with two tentacles, with blood spraying out, killing you. 

--You can get pinned to the ground, and a monster slices you with a chainsaw off-screen, blood spraying on the camera and your character cries out in pain.

--You can get neck-munched by a zombie continuously with SQUISHING being heard and blood spraying. Afterwards, blood pools out beneath your dead character.

--A big monster can pick you up and throw you against an electric sign; your character convulses, and falls to the ground, crashing down onto the ground with a THUD.

--A monster can push you over, and you both fall through flames, screaming and flailing around for a brief while. The monster then climbs on top of you, and chews your neck off-screen with SQUISHING being heard.

--If you are eaten by a big gooey monster, you see him chomp on your face with blood spraying, we see your dead body afterwards with blood on your face, and a parasite bursts out of your stomach with blood spraying. This goes on for an extended period of time.

--A big wall of slimy tentacles can grab your character, and if you fail to fend it off, you are sucked into the goo, and presumably killed. 

--A gooey monster can eat your character if you fail to run away from it; we see it bite, and blood sprays out. This happens quickly. It can also kill you the same way later on; we see his face open into several tentacles, and he grabs you with a squish being heard and presumably eats you.

--Your helicopter can get shot down by another helicopter; the chopper hits the ground, and an explosion occurs.

--You can get sliced by a chainsaw monster, and then impaled, and lifted up, with blood spraying throughout. The last part goes on for an absurdly long time. 

--You can get squished by goo; we hear your character yelp as the goo closes in from both sides, and we see blood spray on the camera as it consumes her.


--We see a very brief glimpse of a naked woman, the sides of her breasts being seen.

--We see another woman who is in a similar situation, but her skin is covered in goo that is tight around her form. She is shown up close at certain points, and she caresses her breasts whilst making moaning noises. This is suggestive, but it's more disturbing than titillating, which is why this doesn't give it an instant ban. (I'm sure that this will deter most of you from buying this game, and rightly so. I don't think I'll buy it either.)

--A woman's shirt shows off a bit of cleavage.

--A naked woman bursts out of a cocoon. We see the sides of her breasts. No features can be seen. (Like nipples) This scene is not sexual at all.

--We see a photo of a woman in a bikini. This is not focused upon; it's a part of the environment. 


Very infrequent uses of A*s, H**l, and P**s.

Spiritual Content:

--You enter a cathedral, and some of the zombies have hoods and stuff on them. It's never stated that they are part of a cult of some sort, but they appear to be.

--We see a symbol of snakes intertwining a few times in the game.

--We briefly see some murals of dragons in a chinatown. 

Drug References/Usage:


Alcohol References/Usage:

--We some bottles of liquor standing around in a building.

Tobacco References/Usage:


Gross Stuff/Gore:

--The zombies and monsters look gross, with mutated growths and goo bursting out of them at times. You also encounter a few zombies which have legs and growths like spiders.

--A boss you fight is a gooey mutated human face which morphs into tendrils and tries to eat you. You also see her body parts sometimes joined with her big face, her red and gross looking eyeballs which burst out of their sockets when shot. It's pretty gross, disturbing, and surreal looking. She also has goo that consumes an entire environment, making it all sticky and gross.


Your character does go out of her way to save people, so that counts for something. (Even if she does it simply to get rid of them.)

Ada's campaign contains a few suggestive moments, and a very gross boss fight, which makes this a heavy one. I think you should pass up on Ada this time, even though it's the most entertaining campaign in the game.


Ada's Campaign is rated Not Recommended for an Extremely Gross and Disturbing Boss Fight. There are some Suggestive Moments too, which add to the rating.


At long last! I got all the campaigns done. Wow, that took up about a month of my time.....

I hope you all enjoyed my reviews, and that they provided good insights into Resident Evil 6 for you. 

I'll see you next time!

NOTE: Maybe not next week. I want ZIG to take over for once, so that I can focus on Borderlands 2. (A very long game) So I hope you enjoyed his Vanquish review, because you'll be seeing more of him soon! :)

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