January 01, 2013

LOL 2013

Hello everybody! I hope you all have a blessed 2013 in Jesus! And I would like to thank my very small recurring blog readers for sticking with me. You're awesome!

Now what is coming this new year? Well, changes: 

Hawke: (Obviously)

1. Aesthetic: I will be adding more pics and visuals for my reviews, to make it more interesting. Also, I will start posting gameplay videos as well, if I can find some that are relevant and useful.

2. More posts, and a potential staff reviewer: ZIG is on his way to becoming a staff reviewer, and while I can't speak for him, I hope he does. It will help a lot when I don't have to review EVERY single new game on my own. :)

I also will start writing articles sometime this year, if I can find out what to talk about and most importantly, TIME, to write articles. A review schedule page will also be added above.

3. Videos! Hopefully.....: Yes, I want to venture into the realm of making videos showing content. The videos will show off general violence, and maybe some storyline violence if it's not spoilery. If the game is banned, I will show the content it's banned for.

HOPEFULLY, sometime this year I can start recording videos, and HOPEFULLY, I have the games to play, and HOPEFULLY, it works. :P

4. More community stuff: Don't know how I'm going to this, but I want to make a community of my readers, hopefully in way that is not annoying and that will be fun.

Still have to figure this one out, but it's coming. Don't you make a mistake. :P

5. To flesh out my characters: Yes, Hawke and Maximus don't have the opportunity to shine. I shall see how I can improve them, and make them compelling, funny, and interesting.

So thar you go! My blog is going through changes, and God willing, it will keep improving with age.

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you all have a great 2013!

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