January 07, 2013


...With cookies!

Hola everyone! Things are going good with the blog! As you can see, I made the font size smaller because the reviews look deceptively long, and that may scare some people away.

Resident Evil 6 is almost done, just halfway through Ada's campaign, will have it done by Wednesday!

ZIG is busy with Far Cry 3, he told me it could be done this week, but I shouldn't quote him, so I won't.

....Even though I just did, but okay, MOVING ON!

I'm busy downloading the playthrough videos for Borderlands 2. I would have liked to have gotten it done last year, but unfortunately there was just too many games to review.

I will try to finish it by the end of January. It also looks like I might not be able to review next week, so I think ZIG can take over with his Far Cry 3 review. (ZIG, you better have it done by then!)

So that's it! 2013 looks like it's going to be a great year for games, and I can't wait to start reviewing them all! Just gotta finish off the 2012 games, and we are good to go.

God bless you all!

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