January 30, 2013

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Areas of Concern

NOTE: This is an old review written before Hawke got demoted---and it's a good argument for why he should get re-promoted.

Hawke: Then why don't you---

Kyle: Because your breath stinks. 


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is 2012 video game released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. It is the sequel to 2010's War on Cybertron.

And since Hawke is the guy for games I have only played, he is coming along for the ride. Yay......

Hawke: Don't look so excited sweetheart! You might melt your own face off.....

Kyle: Sigh, and I gotta put up with this guy.....

Green is for me, Red is for Hawke. No exceptions. 

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

All of the violence is between tincans---I mean robots, so that should dissociate it from reality. Unless you are a robot, in which case this game might offend you.

--A lot of punching, shooting, explosions, oil/electricity-spraying, and stabbing occurs, pieces of the robots fall off, and they yell in error.

Pain. It means pain.

Some of the robots short circuit when killed, screaming, and then explode into pieces.

You can also set enemies on fire; they yell and explode.

The stabbings are the most intense, with a few scenes where robots are stabbed several times in rapid succession with cries of pain and oil spraying.

During the storyline, beatings also occur, with robots punching each other in rapid succession, and punching each other against objects. 
--Explosions occur, destroying buildings and robots with wreckage flying and falling down.

--A few instances of moderate violence occur in the storyline:

-A robot jumps in front of a laser gun, and is killed. Some sparks are seen.

-A headless robot is seen standing around, grasping for his missing head, with sparks coming out of his neck.

-A bunch of robots are killed by being punched through the abdomen, getting their necks snapped or blown off, and being thrown on the floor. 

-You can become a dinosaur-like robot, who stomps and slaps enemies with his tail. He can grab enemies in his mouth, and tear them apart or bite them in half, with explosions seen.

-A dinosaur robot bites the arm off a robot, eats it, and then smacks the robot away with his tail.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy



Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Very Strong Language: Infrequent uses of D**n.
Kyle: Hawke is being sarcastic. Just so that you know.

Hawke: Totally being sarcastic.

There are some replacement words for swearing, such as a robot telling you to "Hall assets!", another robot exclaiming "Holy scrap!", and "What the frak!"


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Spiritual Content:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--The robots say stuff like "By the Matrix!" "Thank Primus!" One robot even says he feels another's presence through the Matrix.

Scary Stuff:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy
--Matrix and Matrices are also mathematical in nature, so that's pretty creepy.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Robots killing robots. The enemy side fights for domination, but the good side only fights them in self-defense.

The leader of your side is portrayed as a selfless hero, so he may be a positive role model.

Thoughts & Impressions:

What it's about: Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots does battle with the EVIL Megatron of the Decepticons, so that the Autobots can get off the planet.

Stuff explodes.

Quality Verdict: I didn't think much of this game, to be honest.
The game is NOT bad, hear me out. It had a lot of varied environments and it was entertaining to watch, it had explosions and robots rearranging themselves, it was entertaining to watch, it had varied was entertaining to environment....entertaining to watch....had explosions....rearranging robots....

...and that was about all. The game also features an infuriating cliffhanger that answered none of your questions. 

But for what the game was worth, pre-teen boys will sure love to play it. Especially since it does have a lot of characters to play as, and it's never boring.

It's just robots fighting robots. Sometimes it gets brutal, but it's all far removed from reality.

Some may take concern that the game involves "Shapeshifting" robots, as referenced in the title. Be assured that the "Shapeshifting" and "Transformation" isn't occultic in the least bit.

It's like a piece of machinery rearranging itself to act like another piece of machinery.

If the game involved shapeshifting HUMANS on the other hand, that would have been a different story.

So all in all, the game is rated:

Verdict: Average (12+)

For Sci-Fi Violence Between Robots and some Moderate Spiritual References.


Hope you guys liked the peek back into the past with Hawke!

Next week, we are going to take a look at a rather famous game as I have been teasing for quite a while now.

You'll see what it is next week. :)

Goodbye for now!   

January 28, 2013


For all the readers of my blog: I reduced the amount of detail in my reviews to combine the Bite-Sized Review section and the Areas of Concern.

This means that the Areas of Concern is shorter, and you will get all the detail you need---without any boring stuff in between.

It's detailed enough for you to know what the content is like, but not so detailed that you get bored halfway through. Yay!

As for my review this week, I had one lying around, which I am busy editing to include the new format. It also features a lot of Hawke, back when I overused him in all of my reviews. In this one, however, he was used well.

I don't think I'll have a review of a new release up NEXT week, but in it's place you'll get a review of an older, but very major game which you may have heard about.

You'll see what it is next week. :)

Alright, that's all for now. I'll see you Wednesday. Enjoy!  

January 22, 2013

Delayed Update!

Dang it! So I forgot to update yesterday.

But lemme make it right: Not much has changed, I'm still doing Borderlands 2 which will be done by tomorrow.

I'm anxious to see what 2013 holds for gamers, and let's hope that this blog will satisfy you with the reviews of the upcoming releases.

So that's it! Hopefully next week will bring more news. :)

January 16, 2013

Far Cry 3 Review

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello everybody! Another Guest Review by ZIG, this time of the titular Far Cry 3. ZIG mentioned most of the content, and it should give an insight into this rather "Strong" game.

Without further adieu, here's his review:


(Updated 06/02/13 - added some new clarifications and thoughts, as well as "retooled" some things that sounded like gushing praise. Yes I did a "George Lucas" on this, went back and tweaked to get my "proper vision" across - Don't worry, Greedo still shoots first in this version, but I digress...)

At long last! First off, apologies for the delay with the festive season and how long this game is... For this review I finished the main story missions, did all the side quests, also the separate co-op campaign, and totalled about 40 hours of gameplay. (I wanted to be thorough). Oh, also I'm a giant wuss who finds imagery of sharks (and sharks in general) terrifying... But more on that later... 

Also beware some spoilers, which are necessary to discuss.

Far Cry 3 is a 2012 first-person-shooter released for the PC, PS3, and XBox360. I played the PS3 version for this review.


--Green is for mild content,

--Blue is for moderate or very brief intense content, provided that it isn't too graphic.

--Orange us for intense content.

--Red is for very graphic or prolonged intense content.

Bite-Sized Review


Much shooting of bad (modern) pirates and mercenaries which causes mild blood spray and splatter, much stabbing (in the neck, chest, stomach, back, throat), throat slitting, people being set on fire, fingers cut off, torture via beating, people being forced to run through a mine-field, shooting animals and skinning them, being attacked by animals, specifically being dragged underwater by crocodiles leaves much blood in the water, a similar thing occurs with sharks (shudder - told you I'm a wuss in this regard...)

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Implied male-male rape, flashbacks to women in bikinis dancing in a club, you can talk to prostitutes in a town (but nothing else can happen), there is a mention of a same sex relationship, pirates talk about their sexually transmitted diseases, women pole-dance in bikinis for the pirates, one female character is depicted topless, somewhat obscured by paint, giving you a lap-dance, also it is possible (but easily avoidable) to see a sex scene with this character (from your character's perspective).

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Very frequent strong language; S**t, D**m, H**l, F**k and variants, B**ch, A*s, P***y, C**t, B*****b.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain frequently.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Spiritual Content:

There are a few non-descript statues and shrines of some sort relating to the island tribe's vague religion (this specifics aren't mentioned at all), the pirates have eye symbols everywhere, throughout the game, the tribal leader speaks of a "giant" somewhat-demonic creature which is a huge black humanoid figure with a red mask and horns which the character fights while hallucinating, your character receives "magical" tribal tattoos that somehow grant him abilities, and a description of an area called "Cavalry point" mentions God's name with a small "g". There is also one instance of a yin-yang symbol. The is some kind of sex magic ritual if you choose the bad ending.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Your character's goal is to rescue his friends and girlfriend from pirates and slavery. This is achieved via much killing of pirates and with the aide of a local tribe who tattoo you and initiate you as a warrior. At one point your character starts to enjoy all the killing, having changed from a trust-fund-kid to being self-sufficient; growing up - but then becoming something else, much to the dismay of your friends. The player can choose how this resolves, for better or worse.

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Drug use:

One character is a doctor and expert in drugs and medicine, you can take pills he created which causes flashbacks. At several points in the game your character hallucinates, either from accidentally inhaling fumes from mushrooms in a cave, or via being poisoned/drinking poison. At one point you burn a pot-field and the smoke makes your vision sway and contort. One character is a stoner, who smokes a joint at one point, and drugs are generally referenced throughout; whether it be finding joints on dead pirates, or collecting memory cards that are said to have drug recipes (Note: They don't actually contain recipes per se', only what could be phrased as "drug trivia").

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


General violence:

You shoot pirates, mercenaries and animals throughout the game, with guns such as pistols, assault rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and the like. They can also be stabbed or sliced at with a machete.

--Pirates get shot. A lot. Where on earth did this number of pirates come from? Also they all wear red shirts, so you can spot them easily, usually. So who makes these thousands of shirts? Guess they make it via selling drugs and kidnapping etc, but I digress.... 

You shoot them, blood sprays, staining the environment, but the blood fades out. You see bullet holes in bodies that you shot, and you cannot dismember or destroy parts of enemies in any way. Sometimes you will see bloody shoe prints.

--Mercenaries get shot. A lot. Where on earth did all these mercenaries come from? Also they all wear yellow and bullet proof vests. So who makes all this... I'll stop... :p See above.

--Pirates and mercenaries (hereafter referred to as "enemies") get stabbed. A lot. The player can stealth-kill enemies via sneaking up on them and stabbing them. How they die is random, either a knife through the back, a slit throat or stabbed in the side of the neck.

The game allows you to chain these "stealth take-downs" together (if you have unlocked the ability via levelling up and getting the tattoo according to the skill set); stabbing someone, then throwing the knife to kill someone nearby etc. 

--You can set enemies on fire via the use of flamethrower or explosions. They run around screaming and suffering, and then collapse. No signs of burns on them afterwards.

This also applies to animals, but they collapse faster.

--Grenades and explosives send enemies flying, and can destroy vehicles and some scenery.

--Animals such as wild dogs, dingos, rabid dogs, leopards, black panthers, tigers, pigs, tapirs, wild boars, bears, deer, large ostrich-like birds (that are surprisingly dangerous in an almost humorous way), crocodiles (beware lakes), sharks (beware the sea), turtles, tortoises, sting rays, can be killed - blood sprays and they collapse, bullet holes can be seen.

--Most animals can be skinned. When this occurs a knife is seen plunging into the animal and cutting offscreen, the same animation each time. Then the player lifts a bloodied handful of skin, goes "urgh" and puts it away.

The game requires you to upgrade various elements via hunting and collecting animals skins. If you need to hold more cash, kill some tapirs to make a bigger wallet. If you want to hold more items, go and kill sharks (the scariest thing this side of "Dead Space" I tell you... For me anyway.)

Storyline violence:

--People are stabbed in the back.

--A character gets shot in the neck, and is bleeding to death. You have to apply pressure to his wound in an attempt to save him, but to no avail, he dies.

--In various parts of the game people are tied up and about to be executed via firing squad, you can save them if you're quick enough.

--You set fire to an enemy pot-farm with a flamethrower, while enemies attack you and are also set alight.

--People are tied to a chair in a burning house and you have to get to them in time or they you fail the mission.

--You fall through scaffolding with another character, it seems quite painful.

--You are chased by men in jeeps and blow up them up as they chase you.

--A side-mission involves killing rabid dogs with a flamethrower. Yes, don't look puzzled, you read that correctly. Its surreal and oddly humorous in it's ridiculousness, I must admit.

--Civilians are forced at gunpoint to run through a mine-field, with explosions being seen.

--Your finger is cut off at one point, with blood spurting out and your character groans in pain.

--You have a knife fight with a man, he is stabbed in the chest. (seen fairly close up).

--You fight a "giant" creature with your bow and arrow. As you attack it it's mask deteriorates revealing a fleshy skull. You then stab it's eye.

--In one town a pimp assaults a prostitute.

--In a side-mission a man threatens a woman with violence and to complete the mission you kill him either via gun fire or melee attack (knife).

--Your character is stabbed in the stomach.

--You stab a man, twist the knife and then stab him again several times, you see the knife protrude out of his back.

--Having tricked the villains into thinking you are one of them, you have to beat your own brother as he's tied up.

--A bloodied man dies in front of you.

--The villain, Vaas, ties cement blocks to people's legs and kicks them off a cliff into a river to drown. The same happens to the player at one point.

--A man is stabbed in the throat in front of you.

--You have a another knife fight and stab a man in the shoulder, some punching and kicking also occurs, and then you stab him in his side, and then stab his own knife into his neck, it goes in one end and then out the other. Then you remove the knife from his side and stab him in the top of his head. Blood spurts from him as he collapses.

--A woman stabs your character in the chest after intercourse (more on this in Sex/Nudity and Spiritual Content). 

Player deaths:

--When you get shot or attacked the corners of the screen go increasingly red, also when animals attack you red claw marks appear on your screen.

--When a crocodile grabs you your leg is stuck in its mouth and you have to stab it to death to escape.

--Sharks will grab your leg and thrash and you can escape by punching it then stabbing it repeatedly.

--Other animals; a tiger will claw at you, same with leopards, and your arm will be caught in its mouth. Bears will also claw you and knock you down, and dogs will grab your arm in their mouths.

--You can burn to death, you see your arms on fire and if you don't extinguish the fire in time you will collapse.

--When drowning corners of your screen go grey and gurgling can be heard.

--You can fall to your death also, the screen goes red and you see your limp arm.

--When healing you inject syringes and when out of syringes you knife a bullet out of your arm or remove an animals tooth.


--Prostitutes clad in bikini tops and short skirts proposition you, either by saying "Want some company?", "Like what you see?" or "Want one last b*****b before you die?". That is as far as it goes however, nothing else can happen besides them saying these and other phrases.

--A female character is seen dancing on a male character's lap in a club scene.

--You rescue a man who is implied to have been a sex-slave and raped by another man.

--The man who has the sex-slave confronts you wearing shorts, he grabs his crotch at one point.

--When you loot a pirate's dead body for cash or items, some can contain a "porn mag". There is no image of or explicit explanation of said porn-mag, but it is described as "used".

--Pirates can be overheard talking about their sexual encounters and diseases therefrom, from time to time. (the same conversation repeated).

--In a side mission a woman suspects her husband of cheating on her, and you investigate. What you find out is that he is with another man. You tell her, a supposedly Christian woman, and she threatens to cut off his penis when he returns. Your character responds, "I hope she's joking."

--You get a lap-dance from the warrior priestess, she is topless but is partially covered by body-paint. Some fondling occurs during this.

--The pirates are watching a woman pole-dance in a bikini at one point.

--In a flashback to a club where women are pole-dancing in bikinis.

--In a hallucination a warrior priestess, is seen giving her brother a topless (obscured again by body-paint) lap-dance. This is very brief.

--If the player chooses the bad ending (spoilers incoming), via the choice of slitting your girlfriends throat then you see a first-person-perspective sex-scene with the warrior priestess. 

You only ever see anything from the waist up (same as before, topless covered by body-paint).

At the end of this she stabs you in the chest, as previously mentioned. 


Very frequent use of  S**t, D**m, H**l, F**k and variants, B**ch, A*s, P***y, C**t, B*****d features also.

"Die Antwoord's - I fink you're freaky" is heard in the game, and features much repetition of the word f**k.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain frequently.

Because the game is open world and enemies have set things they say randomly, you are likely to hear "Oh my G*d", or "F**k" very often.

Spiritual Content:

--Throughout the game you get experience points which allow you to allocate new abilities, or get more health etc... When this is done you receive a tribal tattoo. It is implied that that it is magical in some way.

Tattooing is an ancient practice, and has been used by various cultures to as "a means of protection against evil", "permanent amulets to provide medical and magical protection" etc. 

--The are shrines at various places in the game, crude altars of some sort with candles. It is never mentioned or explained. Early on, you see a larger one in a village made out of a tree trunk with white hand prints all over it, again, never mentioned.

--One character says, "Accept me as your saviour, nail me to the f***ing cross so that I may be reborn." 

This line comes out of nowhere, I assume its said insane character having delusions of grandeur, and implying that his death will result in the protagonist/player character becoming him, either ways its bizarre.

--You fight a demonic giant creature in a hallucination.

It seems to represent the central character's struggle with himself, and growing up, or himself becoming "a monster" etc.

They mention that the tribe in the game is descended from the warrior who defeated the giant "ink monster" (what the game refers to it as). 

--We see a large yin-yang symbol on the floor at one point.

--There are "Alice in Wonderland" quotes throughout the game, and I think this has more to do with the symbolism of the player character "not being in Kansas anymore" (see what I did there... ) and "being down the rabbit hole". I don't think its anything spiritual per se', and hints that the entire game could be a hallucination or in the player's head. This is entirely possible with all the other hallucination (and general insanity throughout) going on. Also that would explain how a normal guy becomes a super soldier (No I don't think the "magic tattoos" explain that...).

Here's a quote from an interview with the game's director from 

"...the islands that Far Cry 3 takes place on are called the Rook Islands. “Rook means to steal from, or be a fraud, as well as the piece from chess. So it’s like a game that is a fraud,” Yohalem explained. “‘Through The Looking Glass’ is a chessboard. The landscape that Alice is moving through is a chessboard, and she can only move according to the rules of chess, and the characters she meets are on the chessboard.”

Here is the full link if interested (some talk of sex etc):

--The pirate's symbol is that of a crude eye, an oval with a pupil and three eye lashes, like the "eye of horus" or the "all seeing eye" etc. I didn't see any eyes in pyramids/triangles, however.

Also in their graffiti are drawings of skulls and one strange yellow shape with a "6" on it. Not "666", mind you.

--A side quest involves a hint that an old woman you spoke to could have been ghost (?).

--Being stabbed with a ceremonial dagger causes small flames to leave you, and you hallucinate (see drug use below for more on this).

--If one choose the bad ending via slitting your in-game girlfriend's throat, as a sacrifice of some kind, there is a sex scene with the warrior priestess. This seems to be some kind of "sex-magic" ritual, and stabs your character at the "climax", saying something along the lines of she is now pregnant and the ancient warrior who defeated the giant will now be reborn, or something or other... (ie: more mumbo jumbo)

Drug/Tobacco/Alcohol references/usage:

--Beer bottles are seen in bars being consumed by people, and empty bottles here and there throughout the game.

--Characters have alcohol shots in a club at one point.

--The pirates have huge stockpiles of cocaine.

--You set fire to a pot-farm at one point, and there are a few other marijuana farms you encounter.

If you stand around the smoke, your vision becomes hazy and sways, simulating "getting high".

--One secondary character is a stoner who is seen smoking pot at one point in a cutscene. 

Your player character asks to smoke some, but the stoner mentions that your character is now better than that.

Tribe members/civilians also smoke pot here and there, and it's very random and almost impossible to replicate it seems. I can find no videos of it either, but I had the choice to "interact" with the tribe member (as one can after helping them fend off pirates, when the "interaction" will be them giving you a cash reward for your help). However, I think in this case it is possible to smoke with the person. Again, hard to replicate, I've only seen this once, so this is unconfirmed.

--A secondary character is a drug-expert and has various pills that he has created. He describes them somewhat, mentioning one colour will kill you.

You can take these pills at a couple of points while hiding out in a cave with him and your friends. They make your vision go hazy and it triggers flashback scenes when your character was partying with friends in the past.

--At one point you enter a cave to get medicine ingredients to heal a friend and encounter fumes from mushrooms. This causes your character to hallucinate.

You see a cycling colour palette and hazy vision. Also - you see a greenhouse - inside a cave - and you chase a moving greenhouse through the cave. Yes - YOU CHASE A GREENHOUSE THROUGH A CAVE. Now I've seen everything...

--Your character is poisoned, and hallucinates a giant "ink monster" as previously mentioned.

--You are stabbed with a ceremonial dagger and hallucinate again... (it's not drug use per se', but maybe the dagger is poisoned? Or it's in the character's mind, or it's supernatural. It's not explained, left to interpretation.)

--The game requires you to loot the bodies of pirates you can find "ephedrine pills", "joints", "crack pipes" and "used needles". You see none of these items. (like previously mentioned porn mag, only a generic icon and description).

--You can collect memory cards from laptops in liberated pirate camps, that contain "drug recipes". You collect them to unlock more weapons in the gun store etc. Again, not entire drug recipes per se', only real names of drugs and a description. For example here's a quote directly from an in-game memory card:

"Cocaine formula

The kidnapped Columbian manufacturer is now sharing his cartel's manufacturing techniques. It includes an exceptionally efficient method of growing coca leaves, turning them into paste, and from paste into the base where it is refined into 99% pure cocaine hydrochloride. We recommend immediate production for markets in Brazil, South Africa, North America and Australia."

or "Crack cocaine formula" which talks a bit about the use of ammonia or baking soda to manufacture it into rock form. It doesn't include more info than that.

Other cards are called "heroin formula" or "ketamine formula" etc, but contain a bit less info than the one's I've already mentioned.

--In the game you heal yourself via the injections made from scavenging various plants, for example, green plants are used to make healing syringes (from plants such as "aloe).

However you can make syringes from other plants for other effects, like a "hunting syringe" to see animals near you for a certain amount of time, or one to help you hold your breath underwater, or another to make you invincible for a short period of time. 

All in all, you plunge needles into your arm a lot. (one does this to heal more than anything else).

Gross stuff/Gore:

--Skinning animals, although sort-of off-screen, is gross because the player character holds the bloodied sliced off skin before putting it away.

--You wake up in a pile of corpses at one point.

--The fleshy skull of the "ink monster" is... fleshy...

Scary stuff:




--Going in the water to get items and fearing unseen SHARKS.

--Swimming with SHARKS.

--Crocodiles are spring-loaded and will give you the fright of your life as you merrily wander around a river bank. When I say spring-loaded I mean it, they snap at you at light-speed and drag you underwater.

--And sharks.

--Also, sharks... (Yes, yes, a personal phobia, but you have been warned.)

--And tigers, bears, etc, AND INSANE BLUE OSTRICHES THAT WILL DESTROY YOU IN SECONDS. Do not laugh at the silly looking blue ostriches, they will peck you to death. Its comical how dangerous they are actually. Seriously though, THEY WILL OWN YOU.

--The "ink monster" is somewhat scary looking.

--VAAS. The unhinged psychotic villain - disturbing.


--You can play poker and bet money in-game.

--You can wager money on knife-throwing or a jet-ski time trial and the like.

--At one point your character gambles his life, and also fingers... Don't ask.

Positive Content:

The player character "Jason Brody" starts off as an aimless, selfish, immature party animal, and learns how to grow up, how meaningless his past life was, and takes responsibility for his friends and family when they are kidnapped.

He learns self-sufficiency and the game is his story of "becoming a man", in a way.


Mixed. "Jason" goes on a journey from "boy to man", and has a noble quest, but along the way he begins to enjoy killing evil pirates, exclaiming "This is awesome!" when torching a pot-field (and its pirate inhabitants) with a flame thrower.

He kills to survive and in self-defence mostly, with the end-goal of saving his friends/family, and against people who cannot be bargained with, but it becomes a little more than an excuse to justify his increasing bloodlust as the game goes on.

He also considers staying with the tribal warriors, but one could argue his mental state isn't totally sound throughout the game in general.

He essentially starts to become like a villain, but in the end realizes this and the player can choose a good or bad ending. The bad ending being particularly stupid and unsavoury (slitting your girlfriends throat as a ritual sacrifice). If you choose to rescue her (as the goal has been all along) then it makes more sense and Jason's character has a proper arc. I understand the developers wanting to give the player choices (as we all have in life).

To further illustrate this point:

Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. I call upon heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Review of Game:

Gosh, where to begin, this is a HUGE game. I could only describe this as an open-world story-driven first-person-shooter with stealth (Deus Ex: Human Revolution style) and role-playing elements (upgrading of guns and items etc).

Let me say right off the bat that I deliberated and struggled about what the verdict should be (in terms of banned/not banned) because the game is somewhat purposely ridiculous, possibly in the character's head, but it still has loads of dodgy stuff in there.

Obviously I cannot let the amount of fun I had with this game sway my decision on content (And we as humans often enjoy what we shouldn't, that's human nature), but my conclusion is a sound one, I hope. A "wise man" once said, "it isn't what offends you, it's what offends God," - Tiaan Gildenhuys.

As a game, looking past the content, it plays extremely well and I found it possible to enjoy the game for its gameplay, but not the other questionable elements, especially all the drug references, as I lost a good friend many years ago to that stuff.

On to the positive technical and gameplay aspects; 
graphically speaking, Far Cry 3 looks amazing (even on our rapidly aging consoles), and in some way the beauty of the islands makes you appreciate God's creation even more, in a sense... Obviously the game juxtaposes this beauty with violence.

In an age where games are sometimes 6 hours long *cough* Call of Duty *cough* Spec Ops: The Line (So I hear) *cough*, it is refreshing to have a game with so much actual GAME to it. 

The amount of things you can do within the game is quite overwhealming. It will probably take the average person about 20-30 hours to complete, and that's excluding most side quests, poker distractions, etc. For this review I got over 40 hours worth, as I did ALL missions, side ones, wanted and hunting quests, even the entire separate co-op campaign with a friend (5+ hours long and playable via split-screen), which was also challenging and fun.

The game comes with a level editor to make your own levels. Granted, it's a bit limited, and intended more for the creation of multiplayer levels (yes the game ALSO has competitive multiplayer via the net), but it is an interesting distraction to see what you can come up with. I recreated an approximation of the planet "LV-426" from the "Alien" films complete with its bad weather with quite some success...

You can add enemies or animals to your map and play through as well, but not too many, so it's not a fully-fledged single-player level creator, but you still can make single player levels of sorts.

Anyway, bottom line is that the game justifies its price, looks fantastic, the sound design is great, interesting musical choices - if you can stand Skrillex - which seems to be a suitable accompaniment to torching a pot-field, or Die Antwoord. The story is interesting, there is a lot to do, the controls work well (you can climb Uncharted-style, in a first person shooter, and it actually works, also the aiming is perfect *COUGH*UNCHARTED 3'S AIMING WAS HORRIBLE *COUGH* YES I'VE SAID THIS BEFORE *COUGH*), and the motion-captured acting is phenomenal, especially for Vaas.

It's a definite improvement on Far Cry 2, which was also fun (however this fixes all of that game's annoyances - in terms of respawning enemies and long sessions of walking or driving).

However, in spite of all of this, the game does have tons of objectionable content which works against it (severely), as previously mentioned.

Now for the conclusion, taking into account all the "areas of concern" and juxtaposing them with the game's quality and mechanics (See what I did there? much like the picturesque island juxtaposed with violence - yes I didn't need to explain that, I'm just being ironic...) Woah! the game just became a metaphor, for - itself, and my review. Woah....

Far Cry 3 contains some positive content, themes of selflessness, growing up, accepting responsibility etc, but also contains an extreme amount of drug references/use, some dodgy spiritual content and violence, extreme amounts of bad language, a suggestion that male-male rape occurred to one character, and a few instances of brief sex/nudity.


Far Cry 3 is rated NOT RECOMMENDED for Extreme Drug Use, Extreme Language, Extreme Sex/Nudity, Very Heavy Spiritual Content, and Very Heavy Violence.


Okay I finally got this done! Shall try get these out with less delays next time, as there's no holiday season for a while precluded by working around the clock. But I digress...

This is a fun game, just beware the areas of concern. I couldn't bring myself to ban it, I don't think its QUITE there (I have tried to not let the fun I had cloud my reasoning as much as possible), it is VERY close though.

Perhaps if the nudity wasn't obscured or was slightly more frequent, or the tribal religion was mentioned more or the game had openly satanic symbols, then it would have been banned for sure. 

Also perhaps it has to do with its tone and ridiculousness as well. This game definitely satirises violence at times, so it seems more cartoony (Not to say it makes it not violent, not the case...)

But of course, as mentioned higher up, its not about what I find offensive or not, its about what offends God... and its ultimately your decision to play this game or not also. Believe me I struggled with that verdict... And this game has TONS of offensive content. Be warned.

I hope you understand my thought process, and I think it makes sense. Also, hope this was useful, onto the next one!


*End of Review*


Due to the amount of strong content, but also positive content, this game is rated Not Recommended.

The content is just way too strong, and it borders on being a BANNED, but not quite there yet.

So I want to think ZIG for his review, and we'll see more of him soon. :)

I hope you found this review useful, and that it gave you a good insight into why believers should rather get something else.