December 24, 2012


So I finally got around to Resident Evil 6. About time!

Besides Resident Evil 6, what's happening on the blog? Well, it looks like I finally have found the right format for my reviews and I won't change it again. (MAYBE)

Otherwise, Borderlands 2 is an EXTREMELY long game, and I think that the playthrough guy only recently finished it, so I will get to that soon.

I'm waiting on ZIG to make his Far Cry 3 review, as he is busy playing through the game. He says it doesn't look ban-worthy at the moment, but PLEASE DON'T go buy the game yet. It could change, and based on some research I did, there may be some ban-worthy content coming up.

I did a bit of checking, and realised that Resident Evil 6 and Borderlands 2 are the only games that I still need to review for this year. So....happy dance? :P

Alright, that should be all for now. I didn't have much to say today, so let me just finish with one small note:

I am not gonna be celebrating Christmas tomorrow, so please don't send me "Merry Christmas!" messages. I don't celebrate it because it's a pagan holiday, and because Jesus never told us to celebrate his birth.

Now I may be getting messages of a different kind, but so be it.

Anyways, see you guys on Wednesday! :P    

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