December 31, 2012


...That's my new trademark. Turkeys. IN ANY CASE!

Resident "Evil" is on it's way to completion. I just have to do a spot of editing with Jake's campaign, and then we're good to go. I know Ada Wong's campaign is still in the fray, but It's a bonus campaign, which I will do, but I'll focus on making a HUB for Leon, Chris, and Jake's respective campaigns first, and adding some reviews for each one.

So Resident "Evil" is almost done. Phew!

I only have one other game to review for this year, and that's Borderlands 2. It's a massive game, so that might take a long while. I hope to have done before the end of January.

ZIG has played through Far Cry 3, and I'm awaiting his review. He is experiencing a bit of technical issues with Blogger, so hopefully he can sort it out soon.

And there are a lot of games coming out in 2013! Man, I'm excited! It will tonnes of hard work, but whatever. I enjoy this job, whether the games be good, or lame. *cough* Resident Evil 6 *cough*

Stupid weather, giving me the coughs.....    

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