December 17, 2012


What's up, peoples?

So I made a lot of changes below the surface here on the site. I replaced the boring old Blogger commenting system with the Intense Debate commenting system. What I like about this system is that you can rank members, and encourage constructive conversation.

One of the Christian gaming sites I was involved with before I made this blog used it extensively, and it worked quite well. Nowadays, it got downgraded on the other site for some weird reason, but still, it was fun while it lasted.

I am looking at more options for commentating and community building, because that's what I want this blog/website to be: A community of Jesus loving gamers, that share their gaming experiences and help each other with purchasing decisions.

Bit of a vast vision, I know, but hey! I can dream, can't I? :P

So reviews: I finally finished Leon's Campaign for Resident Evil 6. MY HUGE APOLOGIES for it taking so long. There is no excuse for it. The Areas of Concern will be up this Wednesday, so tune in then! :P

As for other reviews, I'm waiting on ZIG to finish his work so that he can get to Uncharted 2! You should remember his funny and insightful review for Vanquish, so it will be interesting to see what he cooks up for Uncharted 2.

Otherwise, I'm gonna start downloading videos for Borderlands 2 so that I can catch up with that. Ugh, games! Why do you have to be so long!

Far Cry 3 I want to review, but ZIG offered to do so, so we'll see who makes the review at the end of the day. Just waiting for him to finish his work, you see? He has to finish editing whilst the other people have gone on vacation, so it's a bit of a tough situation, you see? You see? You see? Okay...

In any case, a lot of games are coming out next year. Oh boy, guess I'm gonna have to review them. But let's just focus on the present.

I'll see you on Wednesday, folks! Drop by then for my Resident Evil 6 Leon's Campaign Areas of Concern! *Gasps for air*

Jeez, long titles......

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