December 19, 2012

KVR Archive: Resident Evil 6: Leon's Story Areas of Concern

Leon's Story

Resident Evil 6 is a 2012 video game released on October 2nd for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Since the game is split across four different characters, I will review them all separately, because I try to keep my reviews as short as possible. 

Bite-Sized Review:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Not really applicable here. (Typical action movie level morality.)

Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

You fight 'zombies' in this game; they shuffle or run towards you, and you have to kill them. 

--You can shoot them; when this happens, blood sprays, staining the environment and their clothes, and they cringe in pain. Their heads can be blown off with a spray of blood and chunks, and the parasite inside of them briefly pops out.

--A few times after zombies have been shot dead, or their heads have been blown off, a large parasite bursts out of them with blood spraying, and tries to attack you. Your character cringes in pain. When the parasite dies, it falls to the floor, and dissolves into acid.

--When the zombies grab you, they bite you in the neck, and blood sprays as your character yells in pain.

--You can punch, kick, or stomp on them; they cringe in pain or they are flung backwards. Their heads can shatter, also by slamming their heads against objects.

You can also give them a body slam, shattering their heads with blood spraying.

--Some of the zombies have sledgehammers, axes, and fire extinguishers, which you can grab, and smack them through the face with. Their heads shatter.

Others have knives, which you grab, twist their arm, and stab the knife through their elbows. You can also use your own knife/bayonet, and stab them in the neck with blood spurting out.

--Zombies can get blown up with explosive weapons; the zombies vanish into a blood cloud and body parts are seen flying. You can also use incendiary explosives; they get set on fire, and flail around. Your character gets barbequed if you stand too close. (He gets lit on fire)

You can also shoot the tanks on the back of a zombie fire fighter, causing it and the zombie to explode. You can also shoot explosive barrels, with huge explosions being seen.

A few small disc robots explode when near you or your ally, sending you flying.

--You fight some zombie dogs, whose heads separate, showing grotesque flesh and teeth growths. When they bite you, your character yells in pain and blood sprays. When you shoot them, blood sprays, and they fall over and dissolve into acid when they die.

--You fight some zombies who spit acid at you; your character flails around groaning in pain when hit. When they grab you, they spit acid in your face from up close.

--When zombies are killed, they fall over, and dissolve into acid, with bubbling heard. If they are standing, pieces of them dissolve away and their heads fall off.

--You can shoot big wart-like growths on zombies, with goo and blood spraying out. One type of zombie screams loudly after you killed it by shooting the growth.

Some zombies also have mutated hearts which cause their chests to bulge. You can shoot their chests, and the yellow gooey heart flies out with a spray of blood. 

--We see environments stained with moderate amounts of blood.

--We see dead bodies in various states of decay, with their skin grey and ugly, and stained with blood or lying in blood pools.

At times, zombies can be seen feasting on these dead bodies; we see them bite and tear.

--You shoot zombies who carry fire extinguishers, which explode, freezing the zombie. You can then shoot the frozen zombie, making it shatter into pieces.

--Zombies get killed by falling pieces of the environment at times. They fall over, dead.

--When you or your allies are hit by zombies, you flinch in pain and stumble backwards, or you are knocked over. Some of the stronger enemies send you flying.

--When you are injured, your character falls on the ground, and the screen becomes red. Your character crawls around until he or she can be revived by another character, who jams a syringe full of juice into your character's chest.

If you die without a special death sequence, all your character does is stumble backwards, and fall over, dead. 

--Sometimes, you open supply boxes, and a snake jumps out and bites you. 

Storyline Violence:

--There are a few sequences where screaming people are bitten by zombies. The worst example has a person screaming horribly, crunching being heard, and some blood sprays out.

The worst is example is when a screaming man is grabbed by three zombies, who then eat him, with splat sounds being heard, and we see the zombies bite and tear at his stomach, leg, and head. No blood or gore is seen, however.

--There are a lot of sequences where people fall on the ground and dangle off of ledges.

--There are a lot of sequences where explosions go off, destroying the environment and knocking people over.

--There are a few sequences where people are thrown off of ledges or out of helicopters, and fall to their deaths.

--There are a few sequences where cars crash into each other, flip over, knocking people/zombies over and killing them, and exploding. 

The worst example is when a motorcyclist crashes into a schoolbus, underneath of which a man is trapped. The motorcyclist bounces off the truck like a ragdoll, and the man underneath the bus is implied to be dead.

--An explosion happens and two people are flung backwards onto a car's windshield. (We see this scene again later on in the game. A few of the scenes after this are also repeated.)

--Two people struggle with each other as a helicopter fires at them. They are gunned down by it; they fall over, dead. The helicopter then fires at your character and misses.

--A zombie grabs you and tries to bite you. You fend him off, falling on the ground with him. He tries to bite you again, and you punch him in the face. You grab your knife, and stab him in the neck, with blood spraying and the zombie gurgles. This is shown for a while, before he finally expires and your character throws him aside.

--We see plane which crashed into a building. It becomes dislodged, falls onto a highway, creating a pit, and it blows up, and we see the big explosion. Several more explosions occur, and your character has to run away while this happens, and several cars are sent flying. A car hits a man, but this happens quickly.

--A helicopter scrapes a building, grazes a train, crashes through an office building, and into a big cone construction of TV's. The people inside tumble out and hit the glass floor below, cringing in pain. The big cone construction falls down towards them, and they narrowly dodge it as it falls through the glass floor, killing a few zombies below off-screen. *deep breath*

--A zombie is shot through the head; we see the blood spraying in slow motion, and it's head jerks back. It collapses on the floor, bloodied. Blood is seen pooling out underneath him in close-up.

--We see a woman with blood and bruises on her.

--A woman coughs, and sinks to the floor. She suddenly seizes up, and dies.

--We hear a zombie coughing something up, and gurgling. We then see a close-up of it's bloody mouth, implying it just ate somebody. It grabs you and bites you a few times in the shoulder. You fend it off, and it smacks you.

It then attacks a woman. You shoot the zombie. The zombie flinches in pain, and the woman rolls the zombie over, and shoots it straight in the face, with blood spraying and a blood pool forming beneath it's head.

--You get into a car, and a bunch of zombies swarm onto it. One breaks through the window, and grabs your character. Your character drives the car into the wall, and then forward, with zombies falling off and one getting mowed down by the car off-screen.

--We see loosened cables in a tunnel with electricity coursing out of them. If you touch them, your character convulses and gurgles. Some zombies are seen walking through them, convulsing, setting on fire, and blood stains their clothing afterwards.

--We see a zombie chomping on a man, with blood spurting out. The zombies suddenly bulges and screams, calling other zombies.

--A truck swings around a corner with explosions going off, and it crashes into a building. Your character can get knocked over and killed by it.

--A zombie grabs a woman by the head, and breaks her neck, a crack being heard.

--We see a man shoot a zombie in the head, blood spraying. The zombie collapses, but suddenly lunges at the man. It starts tearing apart from the inside with a lot of blood spraying, and it pounces on him and bites him, blood spurting out and the man cries in pain.

--A bus knocks a fat zombie over, and it's wheel spins against the zombie, groans of pain being heard. This carries on for a while. The bus then drives over the zombie, and we see it's head shattering, with blood spraying. 

--We see a bus hit a zombie, which rolls under the front and back wheels, with blood spraying. The bus then spins out of control, the people inside fall over, and the bus teeters over the edge of a cliff. You then proceed to fight zombies on the bus as it slowly lurches forward into the cliff.

--A truck ploughs through several zombies, which bounce off it and are sent flying. The truck then crashes into a bus, which is sent flying, and the people inside embrace each other as the bus crashes into the ground.

We see a few people lying on the ground afterwards. One man clutches his stomach. We see a man lying inside of a truck, which then explodes, killing him. 

--A man shoots a zombie, which emits a blue mist. He is blown over backwards, and he is zombified with blood on his face. He jumps on a screaming woman, and it's implied that he munches on her. 

--You then fight against the big fat gross looking zombie, (See Gross Stuff below) and he emits his blue misty thingy a few times. He also shoots the blue mist from his pores, injuring anyone nearby.

When he is finally killed, he falls over, with blood all over his grotesque body, and his pores open, emitting a lot of gas, and then he dies. 

--A woman emerges out of a caccoon-like formation; we see it splitting open and a lot of goo comes out.

--A woman suddenly bursts into flames whilst screaming horribly. We see her skin is seen turning dark and melting, and then it becomes petrified, and a caccoon forms around her. This happens very quickly.

The caccoon then splits open, and we see her coming out in what looks like (APOLOGIES FOR THIS NEXT DESCRIPTION) a birth sac, which she struggles against. She is then shot in the head with a crossbow, and she flies across the room and falls on the ground, seemingly dead.

--You fight against a hybrid zombie with large tentacles; she swipes at you with the tentacles. 

Later on, a tentacle burst out of her mouth. When you shoot it, blood sprays out, and the tentacle shrinks down and goes back inside of her mouth. 

--You fight against several "boss" enemies, and you have to shoot tentacles and growths on them, some of which have orange weak spots. Blood and goo sprays out.

--You ride through a cave in a tram. You have to dodge beams overhead, and you are knocked over if you fail. You smash into the woman with the tentacles, and she jumps on the tram.

Later on, the tram flies off of the rails, and the people inside fall down on a wooden platform. A woman hangs on the edge of the platform.

--A screaming woman is grabbed by two men and dragged into a room, whilst her sister screams and begs for them to not hurt her.

--A zombie jumps on a woman and tries to bite her. A big shark-like zombie comes and bites the zombie, and drags it away from the woman.

--You and your ally are grabbed by a giant zombie shark. You have to fight him. Your ally hits the shark in the eye, making it cringe. She then harpoons him in the eye, with a lot of blood spurting out.

Your character climbs in it's jaw, takes the harpoon out, and spears the shark in the other eye, blood spraying out.

The shark then throws you and your ally off, and swims around in the water, waiting to kill you. (Kinda like that one movie...)

It jumps out a few times, and chases your character as you try to swim away. It has a large mutated tongue which your ally shoots, blood spraying out, and the shark then goes back down into the water.

Later on, it jumps out of the water again, and throws you and your ally down a waterfall. You both shoot it's big glowing tongue, with blood bursting out and it cringes.

--A plane shakes around, and we later see a fat disgusting zombie burst out of a cacoon/pod, with goo and sticky stuff everywhere.

--A plane suddenly spins around sideways, and the two people inside are thrown against the side of the plane.

--A plane crashes through a city, with a lot of explosions, pieces of buildings, and objects flying everywhere, and.....a whole lot of explosions.

--A creature throws a jet engine at a woman. A man pulls her out of the way. The jet engine then crashes into a shipping container, with a big explosion.

--You fight a boss who picks up you and your allies and throws you/them on the ground, and smacks you with his robotic arms. He also shoots at you at one point, knocking you and an ally over.

--A huge explosion causes a big zombie to fall over, and a radio tower explodes and falls over onto him, with even more explosions.

--A bunch of infected hands and pieces of a creature come out of butchered animal parts, which tear apart. You see a grotesque and gooey creature as it's upper and lower body are separate and merge into each other with tentacles and intestines spinning around.

--A gooey zombie tries to ram you into a spinning fan. If you successfully fend him off, your character will throw him into the fan, and you can see him disappear as he gets sliced apart, with blood spraying everywhere.

--We see two men fighting; there is a lot of punching, kicking, and wrestling going on, and then one guy gets thrown by the other, and they both point their guns at each other.

--A man is shot in the neck with a dart by another man. The attacker is then shot, and he dissolves into ash.

--A man suddenly bursts into flames whilst screaming, and he starts to mutate, with his skin burning, and it splits apart with a lot of goo, and he turns into a cougar-like monster, and he proceeds to fight you and your ally.

On a train. Which shakes around. And he jumps through the roof. He turns back into a human, with a lot of goo spraying. You can punch him. Several times. Your character hits him hard, with blood spurting out. At one point, he grabs you and throws you.

He then chases you, with a lot of objects and pieces of the train breaking. He then shoots bullet type things at you. Another train comes at him. He throws it off the rails, with explosions.

--A train hits a monster, which then turns back into a man as it spins through the air and lands on the train. Afterwards, blood is seen leaking out of his broken skin and onto the train.

--The man then turns into a monster, with his blood-stained face suspended from a tentacle. He breaks a piece of the train, which flies towards two people, who dodge it.

A woman shoots a bullet at him. It flies in slow-motion, and you see it hit him in the head, with blood spraying. The monster then falls underneath the train, gets caught underneath the wheels, and then bursts into blood. The trains then derails, as the two people jump off and dive into water.

--A missile explodes in a city, unleashing a big blue mist. Cars crash and we see a lot of explosions as people try to run away from it.

--We see blood leaking out of the mouth of a zombie after it had a person for dinner.

--A zombie stumbles into view, with blood dripping on the floor. He then makes crack, snackle, and pop noises, and smoke comes out of him as he screams.  

He then mutates into a giant monster thingy with goo spraying, and he shoots bullet things at you. He can also pick you up in his mouth, spin you around, and throw you on the ground.

He also has an eyeball which you can shoot, making him cringe in pain. You get on a vehicle at one point, and he chases you around. He picks up a vehicle, and throws it at you.

When you finally defeat the monster, it falls over.

--A bunch of skywalks collapse and buildings are seen exploding as a woman and a monster fight. 

--A man and a woman have a sweet moment on a rooftop, and the man shields her with his back when the monster shoots it's bullets at him, with blood spraying.

--The monster can perform a move like impaling you with his stinger, and then shooting you with his bullets. Blood sprays.

--A man dangles off the edge of a skywalk. Another man walks up to him and starts kicking and stomping on his hand. A woman suddenly stabs the attacker in the rib with a sharp object, blood spraying and he is heard screaming.

He then hits the flaming ground below, and he rolls around whilst on fire, screaming in pain.

--A tentacle monster impales several zombies. They are all torn apart into chunks, set on fire, and consumed by a virus on a big monster creature with a lot of goo, guts, and gore.

--A bunch of zombies run up and bite and chew on the monster, with blood and goo spraying.

--There is a pole that zaps you or a nearby zombie when lightning strikes it. Your character shakes around as he gets electrocuted. Your character can impale zombies with it, blood spraying. The monster takes the pole and eats it, with blood spraying. The pole impales the monster, and it gets electrocuted.

--You fight a big fly monster, who slaps you around and stomps on you. You shoot big sacs on it's underside, which burst into blood and goo. At one point, it collapses, with it's fly eyes all gooey and messy. You have to shoot them, and afterwards it eats a zombie and all it's injured parts grow back.

--After you impale the monster one last time, lightning strikes it, it stumbles around and jams it's claws into the building you are standing on, sending you and your ally flying, and then it finally falls off of the building.

It then comes back ANOTHER time, and you shoot it with a rocket launcher. It falls off of the building, disintegrates into many gooey pieces, it turns back into a man, and then he finally gets impaled on an obelisk, blood spraying out of his mouth in slow-motion and we hear a loud CRACK. 

His skull then slowly opens, and you see part of his, well, skull, and some fluids leaking out. A LOT of blood is seen flowing down the obelisk and pooling on the ground.

Player Deaths:

--If you are killed by one of the zombie dogs, the dog bites your shoulder, blood spurting, runs up, bites your neck and tears at it with blood spraying. Your character slumps over, dead, and the dog drags you away by the leg.

--If you are killed by a zombie, he throws you over onto the ground, and bites your neck several times, blood spraying out and pooling beneath your character, who yells in pain.

--If you are killed by a fat zombie, he picks you up, and he bites your stomach with crunching being heard.

--If you are killed by a zombie carrying a pole thingy with a hot point, the zombie pushes you over, and hits you in the face several times, blood spurting out and blood stains your character's face.

--If you are killed by a big fat gross looking zombie, your character writhes around, and he dies, with his face bloody and appearing to be burnt.

--If you are killed by a zombie with big tentacles, she stabs into you, with blood spurting out, and if you fail to fend her off, she stabs you again with blood spraying, killing you.

--If you drown underwater, we see your character coughing up water, struggling, and then expiring.

--If you are eaten by a zombie shark, you see it's jaw snap close on your character, devouring him.

--If you fail at fighting off a gooey and ugly looking zombie who is busy trying to ram your head into a spinning fan, he pushes you in, with a lot of blood spraying, and he keeps pushing until both of you fall through the spinning fan, getting cut apart with a lot of blood spraying.

Nothing explicit is seen, but it is very gory. You only see this scene from side angles. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are more death scenes which I unfortunately didn't have time to cover, like getting your guts ripped out, being decapitated, (off-screen) falling on spikes, getting crushed, etc....

So note that this game is very gory, albeit in a B-movie type fashion. (Meaning that most of the time you don't take it seriously) It is still unsuitable for anybody under the age of 17, so parental guidance is strongly advised!!! 


--During the course of the game, we see a few women dressed in shorts.

--A woman comes out of a caccoon completely naked. We see her from the front, breasts being. There is no detail in her nudity, and the scene is brief. (No nipples or genitalia)

--We see another woman who is in a similar situation, but her skin is covered in goo that is tight around her form. She is shown up close at certain points, and she caresses her breasts whilst making moaning noises. In contrast to the previous scene, this is highly suggestive.


Uses of H**l, S**t, (Bulls***) D**n, C**p, B**ch, B**t**d, F**k,  and P**s.

God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Spiritual Content:

--We see a big obelisk statue inside of a building. 

--A black and white checkerboard floor is seen. This is a Mason symbol. 

--We see a few five-point "Stars".

--Some circular emblems you shoot to collect have serpents in them, all biting each other by the tails.

--You enter a cathedral, which is obviously Catholic with all the murals and statues of Mary/The Madonna, which you have to collect. (The Madonna has her hands in the "praying" gesture.) You see a big statue of a man between two pillars. (The two pillars are Freemason symbols.)

--Your character says he wishes that God was looking out for them right now, but he doesn't believe that he is.

--We see the fleur-de-lis.

--We see the Maltese Cross. (known as the Knight's Templar symbol) 

Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco References & Usage: 


Gross Stuff/Gore:

--The zombies have decaying, grey flesh, with parts of limbs and heads missing, and their shirts, mouths and faces are stained with blood. Some have weapons sticking out of their bodies, implying somebody fought them.

A few of the zombies have no skin, and you can see the muscles underneath. Other zombies have very little skin, and appear skeletal. Others are big and bloated, making them appear very "fat" and big.

--One fat zombie has a lot of pimples and pores all over his body, and looks really gross. 

--One zombie slithers around like a seal, as it tries to munch you. 

Scary Stuff:

--You walk through a darkened building. Lightning strikes suddenly, too.

--An innocent woman suddenly jumps out at you in the aforementioned building.

--A zombie suddenly attacks you in a dark elevator.

--A zombie's face suddenly pops up.

--We hear a man screaming in a tunnel. Later, a woman is also heard screaming.

--In a graveyard, lightning suddenly strikes, blinding your character.

--A zombie dog suddenly jumps out at you. 

--A cave suddenly collapses in front of you. 


Not much to say here. Your typical action movie-esque "Let's save the day!" tone. Your character is trying to save the world, and he generally avoids stomping on innocent kittens, so thumbs up I guess?

Okay, so I would have no qualms giving this a Strong Caution, since it's got a whole B-movie vibe to it and as such the gore is hard to take seriously.

BUT, there's the scene with the "naked" monster, which I want to address: It is suggestive, and eye-brow raising, definitely.

Hawke: But....

But it's not as suggestive as I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely harsh when it comes to suggestive content, because I know that's where Satan targets me.

The boss, however, didn't bother me that much. I know it's about what God thinks, first and foremost, and it still bothers me that some people who don't have their thoughts under control will play this and lust. So.... 

I am going to give this a Strong Caution, but know where you stand with Jesus. M'kay? Good.

Verdict: 17+
Resident Evil 6 is rated Strong Caution for Extreme Violence, Heavy Suggestive Content, and Infrequent Strong Language.


Okay, that's it! About time, too. :)

I will be back next week with my AOC of Chris's campaign, so tune in next time for that.

Blessings with many, many cookies!

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