December 31, 2012


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Resident "Evil" is on it's way to completion. I just have to do a spot of editing with Jake's campaign, and then we're good to go. I know Ada Wong's campaign is still in the fray, but It's a bonus campaign, which I will do, but I'll focus on making a HUB for Leon, Chris, and Jake's respective campaigns first, and adding some reviews for each one.

So Resident "Evil" is almost done. Phew!

I only have one other game to review for this year, and that's Borderlands 2. It's a massive game, so that might take a long while. I hope to have done before the end of January.

ZIG has played through Far Cry 3, and I'm awaiting his review. He is experiencing a bit of technical issues with Blogger, so hopefully he can sort it out soon.

And there are a lot of games coming out in 2013! Man, I'm excited! It will tonnes of hard work, but whatever. I enjoy this job, whether the games be good, or lame. *cough* Resident Evil 6 *cough*

Stupid weather, giving me the coughs.....    

December 26, 2012

KVR Archive: Resident Evil 6 Chris' Story Areas of Concern

Chris' Story:

Resident Evil 6 is a 2012 video game released on October 2nd for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Since the game is split across four different characters, I will review them all separately, because I try to keep my reviews as short as possible.


--Green is for mild content.

--Blue is for moderate or very brief intense content, provided that it isn't too graphic.

--Orange is for intense content.

--Red is for very graphic or prolonged intense content.

Bite-Sized Review:


Lots of gore, monsters and people mutating with grotesque bulging and goo spray. Oh, and did I mention there is a lot of blood?

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


A female character wears a dress showing full cleavage. A mildly crude line is uttered by a soldier.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Infrequent uses of S**t, and other moderate curse words. Jesus name is used in vain occasionally.

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Spiritual Content:

Some symbols, and a villain mentions that they want to create a new "Eden".

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Your character does admit he is wrong at one point, and starts listening to his partner.

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

You fight 'zombies' in this game; they run towards you, and you have to kill them. 

--You can shoot them; when this happens, blood sprays, staining the environment and their clothes, and they cringe in pain. Their heads can be blown off with a spray of blood and chunks, and the parasite inside of them briefly pops out.

--A few times after zombies have been shot dead, or their heads have been blown off, a large parasite bursts out of them with blood spraying, and tries to attack you. Your character cringes in pain. When the parasite dies, it falls to the floor, and dissolves into acid.

Some of the parasites are flying creatures, and the body of the zombie is still attached to the creature as it flies around. The zombie shoots at you with it's gun.

--When the zombies grab you, they bite you in the neck, and blood sprays as your character yells in pain.

--You can punch, kick, or stomp on them; they cringe in pain or they are flung backwards. Their heads can shatter, also by slamming their heads against objects.

You can also give them a body slam and also pick them up, and throw them on the ground, shattering their heads with blood spraying.

Your character can also break their necks, with a CRACK being heard. 

--Some of the zombies have sledgehammers, axes, and fire extinguishers, which you can grab, and smack them through the face with. Their heads shatter.

Others have knives, which you grab, twist their arm, and stab the knife through their elbows. You can also use your own knife/bayonet, and stab them in the neck with blood spurting out.

--Zombies can get blown up with explosive weapons; the zombies vanish into a blood cloud and body parts are seen flying. You can also use incendiary explosives; they get set on fire, and flail around. Your character gets barbequed if you stand too close. (He gets lit on fire)

A few small disc robots explode when near you or your ally, sending you flying.

--You fight some zombies who spit acid at you; your character flails around groaning in pain when hit. When they grab you, they spit acid in your face from up close.

--When zombies are killed, they fall over, and burn up into ashes. If they are standing, pieces of them burn away and their heads fall off.

--You can shoot big wart-like growths on zombies, with goo and blood spraying out.

--We see environments stained with moderate amounts of blood. A few people are also stained with blood at points during the storyline.

--We see dead bodies in various states of decay, with their skin grey and ugly, and stained with blood or lying in blood pools.

At times, zombies can be seen feasting on these dead bodies; we see them bite and tear.

--You fight against zombies whose legs are like that of a spider's.

You also encounter a few of them carrying people away, presumably to have them for dinner.

--Some of the zombies' arms and legs bulge and parasites burst out with blood spraying, after you have shot them. 

--When you or your allies are hit by zombies, you flinch in pain and stumble backwards, or you are knocked over. Some of the stronger enemies send you flying.

--When you are injured, your character falls on the ground, and the screen becomes red. Your character crawls around until he or she can be revived by another character, who jams a syringe full of juice into your character's chest.

If you die without a special death sequence, all your character does is stumble backwards, and fall over, dead. 

--Sometimes, you open supply boxes, and a snake jumps out and bites you.

--A bunch of the bosses you fight slap you around, sending your character flying.

--One type of zombie is a flying invisible monster made up of lots of tiny bugs; it dissolves when killed.

--Some zombies' torsos are split in half, and those torsos act as mouths with teeth and everything.

Storyline Violence:

--There are a lot of sequences where explosions occur, with cars blowing up, people being sent flying or knocked backwards by the blast, wreckage and pieces of the environment falling around. Some buildings are also destroyed, with the floor and roof shaking around, explosions, and lots of wreckage.

The most intense scene is when two men jump out of a building just as it explodes, and then a missile crashes into the building, blowing it up with a massive explosion. Afterwards, we see a few zombies who got petrified and impaled on rebar.

--There are a few sequences where your character falls down with the environment, and grabs onto ledges or other objects to break his fall. There are also sequences where the environment falls apart with a lot of wreckage everywhere and the environment shakes around.

--A man tries to man-handle another man. The other man then grabs him, throws him over onto a table, and is about to hit him with a liquor bottle when another man walks over and stops him.

--A very human looking zombie is shot in the head; it's skull is blown up, and you see the bloody brains underneath. The parasite then weaves itself into the brain, piecing the skull back together.

--A helicopter is blown out of the sky by a man with a rocket launcher; we see an explosion, the chopper spins out of control, crashes into a building, and falls down on the ground, with more explosions.

--An infected man's arm suddenly bulges and explodes, with blood spraying, and a huge parasite comes out. We then see his face, with many disgusting looking eyes. The zombie then swings it's arm at a few soldiers, sending them flying.

--A soldier is thrown through a door by a zombie, and he hits the wall, dead.

--If you fail to save a woman, a zombie slits her throat with a machete, blood squirting out.

--A big monster with a gruesome sinewy jaw comes out of a building, and he has an appendage on his back, attached to another growth which he tears away from. He then falls over on the ground, gets back up, and fights you;

He breaks apart buildings by walking through them, with a lot of wreckage seen, and he throws objects, like vehicles at you, which you have to dodge. He also swipes at your character, knocking him over if he hits you.

You shoot at his appendage with blood and goo spraying, and even jump on his back and tug and pull at it, with blood spraying out and the creature cringes and stumbles around. When you are done with the whole tugging and pulling, your character tears the appendage out, with goo spraying.

He can also pick up characters, and try to eat them.

At one point, an APC bursts through a gate and shoots at the monster, with goo spraying everywhere and the monster crashes into buildings.

When the monster is finally killed, he collapses, and dissolves into bloody goo which sprays everywhere and pool of it leaks out underneath him. We see his skeleton as he dissolves.

--An explosion occurs on a bridge. The bridge collapses and several vehicles slide down with it. You have to crawl up the bridge, and you are rescued by an ally.

Later on, a cannon rides on the railways, and eventually it crashes, falls backwards, breaking the bridge, hits the lower deck of the bridge, and falls into the shallow water below, crashing into the ground underneath the water.

--You walk through a bunch of environments where a bunch of people have been petrified, in a cocoon-like growth.

In one sequence, a few soldiers use flamethrowers and burn these bodies up.

--After a while, monsters start bursting out of these cacoons, with goo spraying everywhere. The monsters are big, ugly things with a blood-stained human face and shells covering their bodies. They crack and pop as they come out of the cocoons.

When you shoot them, the shells fall off, and you see the pink flesh underneath, which you can shoot. 

--A woman throws a grenade which shoots needles everywhere, hitting a bunch of soldiers. They stumble around, and get set on fire. They become charred, petrified with goo, and they freeze in place. Afterwards, a hard-shelled monster like the previous one bursts out, except he is covered in blood.

It slaps two men who crash into the walls. The monster picks up one guy, shoves him against the wall, punches him several times, and throws him on the ground.

--A big snake (Yes, the game features a big snake) grabs a screaming soldier by the arm, and crawls away with him. Later on, it grabs a screaming soldier, shakes him around in it's mouth, and then throws him on the ground. It then drags him away, presumably for a snack.

--At one point, a helicopter fires rockets at you. You shoot at it, it gets set on fire after a while, and crashes into the ground with a big explosion.

--A big snake crashes through the roof of a building, grabs a screaming soldier, and carries him away. Some blood drips through the hole in the roof. Later on, it grabs a bunch of a rappelling soldiers, making a few of them fall off of the rope, and it then grabs one of the soldiers and carries him away.

It then tries to bite a man, but a soldier shoots it with blood and goo spraying. Another soldier rescues the man.

You then fight the snake monster; it cringes in pain and lunges at you. At one point, it twists around you, and you have to wrestle with it. You try to electrocute it at one point, but you fail at first. You then try it again, successfully electrocuting it, and it jerks around, screams, falls over and dissolves.

--A soldier inserts a plug into a socket, but it suddenly electrocutes him; he jerks around, and falls over, unconscious. You can also run into the plug, and get shocked by it.

--A man gets shot in the neck with a needle, and he gets petrified into a cocoon. Afterwards, a bunch of flying bugs burst out of the cocoon.

--A scene is repeated from the Leon campaign where two men wrestle with each other.

--You get in a car and chase after an enemy. You shoot several cars with people in them. Explosions are seen. 

Afterwards, you take control of the car and drive around, and eventually the car flips over and your character and his ally fall out of it.

--A bunch of monsters attack your ally. If you fail to save him, he is stabbed in the chest, and then dies. 

--You fight some monsters who bulge and burst into blood when killed. Some of them are big disgusting fleshy things. They explode into bloody chunks when killed.

--You fight a stationary harrier which fires at you with it's machine guns. 

--A woman is shot in the stomach; blood sprays, and leaks out. She then jumps off of a building, and hits the ground with a SPLAT being heard and some blood splatters on the ground.

--A big gooey monster writhes around with goo spraying, and it eats a guy's face. The man writhes around in pain as CRUNCHING is heard, and afterwards we see his bloody face. His body then writhes around, and a parasite bursts out of his chest with blood spraying

You then fight a few of these monsters; they can be blown apart, with the individual body parts writhing around, and after a while they attack you.

--A group of monsters crash into your character and his ally; they fall over onto some pipes, and shoot the monsters, which fall into the hot melted melted metal below.

--You get into an airplane; you have to dodge missiles, which explode and damage your plane, with smoke coming out of it. You then fire at groups of aircraft and ships, with explosions everywhere.

--You fight against another giant monster; you shoot him, and when you defeat him, he stumbles around whilst clutching his head.

--If you fail at fending the big monster away from your ally, he squashes him by smacking his hand down on your ally, with a SQUISH being heard.

--A scene is repeated from the Leon campaign where a missile explodes over a city and turns people into zombies, which then eat a few screaming people.

--A giant human monster hybrid with several arms and appendages bursts out of a cocoon, covered in a jelly-like substance. You can see his skeleton through the jelly. He smacks a catwalk, making the people on it fall. He then falls from the crane he is attached to and tumbles down a hole, but he grabs onto the sides.

You then have to run away from the monster, which climbs up the hole after you. He smashes several platforms as you sprint away.

--The monster's stomach then splits open a bit revealing his heart. Some blood gushes out into the water beneath him.

Later on, it attacks you when you are in an underwater skywalk. It makes it shake around, and it's appendages burst through the skywalk and it lunges at you. At one point, it gets into the skywalk and chases after you.

--The monster grabs a man and spins him around. It is shot by soldier, and it throws the man across the room and against a wall. The man gets a sharp piece of metal stuck in his shoulder; he screams in pain as blood sprays out. At one point an object crashes into him, sticking the piece of metal in deeper, with more blood and screaming.

--A man injects himself with a virus, and his arm grows out all mutated. He then inserts into a electricity current, and he shoot electricity at a monster, injuring it and making it scream. The monster is then cut in half by a descending gate, with blood spraying out. A smaller monster then bursts out of the bigger monster, with goo everywhere.

You then have to fight the monster; you attack him by shooting orange sacs on his stomach, with blood spraying out, and it screams. You must then run up and stab it in the sacs, with blood spurting out.

--A man runs up and starts electrocuting a monster; the monster shakes around and the man screams. You then stab the monster in it's stomach, blood sprays out, and it falls over.

--A man mutates gradually after being injected with a virus; his mutated arm throbs, his face is all bloody and his eyes turn white.

--A monster swims after a pod, but it is suddenly electrocuted. It screams and jerks around. An underwater building then explodes afterwards, with a huge explosion.

Player deaths:

--If you are eaten by a big gooey monster, you see him chomp on your face with blood spraying, we see your dead body afterwards with blood on your face, and a parasite bursts out of your stomach with blood spraying.

--A lot of small fly monsters can attack you, injuring your character with. If they kill him, blood is seen spraying out as they bite him, and he falls over, dead.

--You can die by falling several times, but the impact is not seen.

--You can die by being picked up by a upside down hanging monster, being choked, and then having your neck broken.

--You can die by having your back broken by a big monster, with a SNAP being heard.

--If you fail at fending off a big snake, he bites you, with a lot of blood spraying out very briefly.

--If you fail at running away from a helicopter, the platform below you collapses and you sink underwater, your character struggles around as he drowns. This happens quickly.

--One type of monster with it's torso split in two and acting as a mouth can kill your character by biting him through the middle, blood spraying, your character groans, and then dies.

--If you fail at fending a group of monsters off, they land on you and your ally and you fall down into molten metal.

--One monster gets on top of you and beats you to death; this is not shown in detail. 

--You can get squashed by one monster, with blood spraying out. 

--The same monster can grab you and squish you with his tentacles whilst electrocuting you, CRUNCHING being heard.


--A man remarks: "Keep your panties on, everyone!"

--A woman wears a revealing dress, showing off full cleavage. 


Infrequent uses of S**t, H**l, D**n, A*s, and B**ch.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain occasionally.

Spiritual Content:

--Some references to gambling, with places being called the Six of Clubs, Four of Hearts, Diamond Three, and Ace of Spades.

--A symbol of four snakes biting each other's tails is depicted as an emblem. It is a collectable, which you can, ahem, collect by shooting the emblem.

--You run past a Chinese building; we see some murals of dragons. 

--We see the five point star a few times, along with the emblem of an eagle. 

--A variation of a hexagram is seen. (it appears to be a mathematical shape) 

--A villain plans to destroy the world so that it can become a new "Eden". 

Drug References/Usage:

--Chris (your character) obviously uses steroids, so maybe that counts?

(There are no drug references.)

Alcohol References/Usage:

--A scene takes place in a bar. We see a few people drinking.

Tobacco References/Usage:

--We see a lot of cigarettes in an ashtray.

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--The zombies are gross looking, with their eyes being white and blood dripping down their faces. A few of them have growths and mutated appendages, which are fleshly coloured and all gross looking.

There are also parasites, who drip goo and are gross looking.

Hawke: You are gross looking.

Kyle: Thanks a lot, Hawke. 

--An invisible monster drools on a man. 

Scary Stuff:

--One zombie type looks like a spider, so that may creep out people with arachnophobia.

Positive Content:

Your character does have the courage to admit he is wrong at one point, and starts listening to his partner.

Your character eventually recovers from implied alcoholism, and he sorts himself out. 


As mentioned above, your character does admit he is wrong at one point, and he cares for the soldiers he commands.

You fight against zombies, mutated people who don't really have free will, so there's no objection to that.

Your character does seek vengeance at one point, but he doesn't go through with it.  

Chris' campaign does have it's fair share of gore, but thankfully no suggestive content, besides some revealing clothing. The campaign does not feature moments worse than Leon's campaign, so if you played that, you can play this.

Verdict: 17+

Resident Evil 6: Chris' Campaign is rated Strong Caution for Extreme Violence with Gore, Infrequent Moderate Language, and Some Spiritual References.


So now Chris' is out of the way too. About time. Now he can get back to punching boulders. :P

See you Wednesday with Jake's campaign!