November 14, 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Areas of Concern

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the second instalment in the modern version of Medal of Honor.

It was released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, and is scheduled for the Wii U. It launched on October 23rd in the US.


You play as a bearded man shooting Arabian soldiers who want to release a WMD. (Weapon of Mass Destruction) Yes, it's that simple. Oh, and there's a bit of family drama. A bit. 

Information on reviewing style:

--Blue is for mild content.

--Yellow is for moderate/brief strong content.

--Red is for strong content, which is prolonged or very graphic.

Bite-Sized Review:

Moderate Bloody Violence: Many people are shot, stabbed, blown up, and run over by cars. Some blood sprays, particularly when a prisoner is shot in the back of the head with blood spattering on the table in front of him.

At one point your character goes on a RAGE expedition, and brutally kills a few soldiers by snapping necks, and slamming their heads against objects, with blood being seen. 

Mild Suggestive References: A brief reference to a brothel, and some other mild references.

Strong Language: Fairly frequent uses of F**k and S**t, as well as other milder profanities. Jesus' name is used in vain occasionally.

Mild Spiritual Content: A few symbols, a character thanks Allah briefly, and a brief reference to a Jihad.

Mild Alcohol Reference: A man says he'll buy another man a beer.

So-So Morality: While it shows how committed the soldiers are to their mission, at one point your character gets mad and seeks revenge, brutally killing a few enemies in the process.

Overall: Moderately Graphic

Areas of Concern:


Throughout the game, many enemies are killed in a variety of ways.

--They can be shot; when this happens, blood spurts, staining the environment, the guy yells in pain, and when shot enough, the enemy slumps over, dead.

--You can stab and slash enemies; blood spurts, and the guy slumps over. At times, you watch as your character stabs them, with a grunt of pain being heard, he throws them onto the ground, and pulls the knife out.

Enemies can also hit you with their guns, causing the screen to flash red.

--You can blow enemies up using grenades, grenade launchers, laser markers for aircraft, and rocket launchers, sending them flying, and big explosions are seen.

If you hit some enemies at close range with grenade from a grenade launcher, it kills them, but it doesn't explode.

--You can also blow enemies up by calling rockets in on their location, causing massive explosions.

--At certain points, the game goes into slow-motion as you kill enemies.

--You can shoot explosive barrels, which explode and send enemies flying. 

--When you are injured, the screen flashes red, and your character flinches. If you die, the screen becomes black and white, and your character falls over.

--There are a few driving sequences, where you crash into cars with sparks flying, the screen briefly goes black and white, and the windows crack. You can also hit objects, which break into pieces. When cars crash, pieces of them fall off. When they are disabled, the game goes into slow-motion as it shows the crash.

--You can use a remote-controlled robot to kill enemies using bullets and grenade launchers.

--You can breach through doors in a variety of ways, like kicking, hacking the door handle off, shooting it with a shotgun, and various explosives, which makes the door explode into many pieces.

Storyline Violence:

--You detonate a few explosives, which cause a much larger explosion to happen, sending a few enemies flying. A whole bunch of shipping containers and a few cranes fall over, and land next to you.

--A few soldiers are seen flailing around whilst on fire. 

--You shoot a helicopter, which bursts into flames and crashes into a catwalk, with a big explosion.

--A big crane is blown up, and falls into the water beneath it.

--An explosion is seen in a train station, and a man is flung backwards by it.

--A sniper fires at your character and narrowly misses.

--A remote controlled robot is blown up by the enemy, seen through it's camera's perspective. It's screen is then smashed with a rock.

--A helicopter fires at several enemies. A few more helicopters come in, and blow up a few buildings with a lot of explosions seen.

--A man is shot by a sniper, with blood bursting out. This is seen from a distance.

--In a driving sequence, you can run over chickens, which are sent flying and caw when you hit them.

--In the same driving sequence, you drive through slums, and random people shoot at your car. A few explosions are seen too, as people fire at you.

--You smash into a car, which is sent spinning. The driver inside is seen slumped over on the steering wheel, blood leaking out of his mouth and onto his clothes. He then wakes up, and is punched by your character.

--You can kill a guy by grabbing his knife and jamming it straight through his neck, with blood leaking out.

--You can kill another guy by kicking him, and then slitting his throat, bloodlessly. A slice is heard.

--A piece of a building is torn off by a flood, and it breaks and causes sparks of electricity to fly.

--You open a door into a building, and the roof and floor collapses in front of you.

--A man grabs a gun and points it at a man's face, threatening him.

--A man shoots another man, who tumbles over backwards.

--A man is shot by a sniper, with blood squirting out.

--A helicopter is shot with an RPG, and it spirals out of control whilst on fire. It crashes onto the ground, with a big explosion seen.

--You shoot people with a minigun in a helicopter, and you can also shoot explosive barrels, making them blow up.

--A man kicks a door open, which triggers an explosion, sending you and your allies flying backwards. 

--An explosion occurs, and your character is knocked backwards.

--A man is shot in the leg with blood spurting out.

--You get in a boat and shoot at enemies with a heavy machine gun, which causes explosions to go off and buildings to crumble.

--A few buidings crumble and fall against each other. You have to drive a boat between them.

--A rocket hits a bridge next to you, knocking your character over.

--A few guys are shot in the head in slow-motion, with blood spurting out and squishing being heard. 

--A man tackles another man, throwing him onto the ground. He punches him once in the face. He then twists his shoulder, a crack being heard. 

--A man is shot in the head in slow-motion, with blood spraying out.

--A few soldiers fire at your character, hitting the environment with dust flying, and a few bottles, which shatter.

--You shoot a guy who jerks around with a blood spurting out, and then falls over. You get into a car, which a few enemies shoot at. The car drives away, and hits a guy who rolls over the top of the car. Some blood is seen splattering on the windshield.

--You shoot a few AA guns, which explode. You can also shoot a pickup truck, which explodes and takes the bridge above it down, with a lot of concrete falling.

--A helicopter is shot with an RPG, with a big explosion seen. It spirals out of control, and your helicopter follows suit. You hold onto a soldier so that he doesn't fall out of the helicopter. Your helicopter eventually steadies itself.

--You can shoot a truck with explosive barrels in the back, which causes it to.....explode.

--A helicopter comes down and shoots a few of your enemies.

--A few buildings with enemies in them are blown up, with big explosions. 

--A man is shot, and he jerks around with blood spurting. He then drops a grenade, and your character and another soldiers get behind a table just as it explodes. You are both unscathed.

--A mountain full of explosives is blown up, with a few small explosions, and a huge explosion being seen.

--You chase a few cars in a driving sequence, which brake, swerve, and bump into you.

--If you crash into a roadblock in the driving sequence, a few guys with guns come out and capture you.

--A car crashes into your car, with glass flying and the car rolls over a few times. This all happens in slow-motion. Afterwards, a few men grab your character and his ally. One man hits you in the face with a rifle, knocking you out.

--A building suddenly explodes, with bricks and concrete flying.

--A sniper fires at a few soliders, and misses. 

--A man is shot in the head with blood spraying, and his head jerks back when the bullet hits him. Afterwards, the soldiers who shot him try to shoot his allies as they shoot back.

--A man's vehicle is shot, and the engine is lit on fire. He is grabbed and thrown onto the ground by a soldier, who hits his head against the ground.

--Two captives are seen with a bit of blood on their faces. 

--A prisoner is shot in the head, and afterwards you see a lot of blood on the table in front of him. 

--Your character grabs another man, hits his head against the ground, flips him over, and twists his arm with a crack being heard. He then grabs his head, and jerks it back, breaking his neck with a loud crack.

--Your character grabs a man, hits his head against the hood of a car, blood staining the hood, and your character then jerks his head back, breaking it with a loud crack. He then punches his dead body as it falls over onto the floor.

--Your character grabs a man, punches him, puts his arm around his head and breaks his neck with a loud snap being heard.

--Your character grabs a man as a human shield, shoots a man standing nearby who jerks around and falls over. Your character then throws his hostage forward, and shoots him in the head. He then shoots his dead body a few times more. A bit of blood is seen.

--Your character hits another man in the face with a pistol, spit flying, and throws him against a terminal. He then punches him several times through the face, with spit flying. He gives him a knee to the crotch, a headbutt, and a few more punches. The man's face becomes bruised. 

He then throws him over onto the ground, punches him a few more times, and then points a gun to his head. He then hits him with the gun a few times.

--A man's parachute doesn't deploy at first, and after a while it opens but it gets tangled. Your character then grabs him and open his own parachute, saving him.

--A building blows up, with a lot of explosions being seen. 

--A few people are seen walking and crawling around whilst on fire. A few people are seen walking around choking on smoke too.

--A man with a bomb attached to his back stumbles around in a building. He drops to his knees, and you shoot him. He falls over backwards. 


--A man makes a remark about another man having his thumb up his ***. The man then jokes that he hasn't changed, because he's always thinking of his A**.

--A man says they should obey another man's orders unless he ordered to visit a "whorehouse".

--A man asks another man who is calling him on his phone. The man replies: "Your mother." 


Fairly Frequent Strong Language. Uses of F**k, D**n, H**l, uses of S**t, with it's variants, (Bulls**t), A*s, A***ole, and Nuts.

Jesus' name is used in vain occasionally.

--A man holds up the middle finger at one point, telling another man to give it to his ex-wife.

Spiritual Content:

--There is mention of a "Jihad." 

--A soldier's name is "Voodoo".

--A man says "Praise to Him." most likely referring to Allah.

--A man refers to a helicopter that was shot down as a "fallen angel".

--The United States flag is seen, with the stars on it. 

Drug References/Usage: Nothing.

Alcohol References/Usage:

--A man says he'll buy another man a beer if he completes a mission.

Tobacco References/Usage: Nothing.

Themes: The game deals with what happens after a soldier comes home to his family, and the fallout of being away so long.

Positive Content: The soldiers do display a bit of heroism, so that counts.

Morality: While generally good, at one point your character gets mad and takes revenge on the enemy quite brutally, so the morality is So-so.

Thoughts & Impressions:

I didn't have high hopes for any shooter coming out this year, much less this game, but even with my already low expectations, Medal of Honor: Warfighter drops MUCH further below that.

Copy & Paste shooter gameplay? Check. Wooden characters with no depth? Check. A lot of graphical glitches marring an otherwise good looking game? Check. Disappointing story which fails to provide emotional depth? Check.

Even the soldiers' beards look.....well.....okay, I guess.
Everything bad about today's shooters is in this game.
The story of the game is a massive disappointment. Who is the bad guy? Oh, that guy who you meet and shoot within thirty seconds? Seriously?

Now, the developers did try to add a human element to this game, by showing what happens to a soldier after he comes home and faces a broken marriage and other things. 

But it's hard to care for the soldier in question when he's just as wooden as a table from the 18th century.

(Hawke: And as ugly, too.

Kyle: Hawke....Stop it.)  

Which leads me to another problem with the game: Why should we care for the characters? Sure, okay, they are soldiers, but at least just give us some other reason to sympathise with them.

Ultimately this game is what happens when developers copy and paste from other games to make a thoroughly unlikable experience, peppered with all the bad from the shooter genre, and devoid of all the good spices.

While the content is passable, the quality of the game is abysmal. Not recommended. Spend your hard earned money somewhere else.

Verdict: 15+

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is rated Moderate Caution for Fairly Frequent Strong Language and Moderate Bloody Violence.


So unfortunately this game disappoints. But really, we are getting sick and tired of the same old shooters coming out every year, not changing much and costing more money to buy. Now, Call of Duty is guilty of this, but I will watch Black Ops 2 to tell you if it's worth the price.

With this game, however, I really wanted to throw up all over my screen after I finished watching the playthrough. :)

But in all seriousness, get another game. This is not worth it.

Alright! That should be all. I'll see you again next week, hopefully with a review of better game. Until next time, Kyle out! :P  

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