November 29, 2012


Hola people! Kyle here with another guest review, this time from blog reader ZIG. (He chose to remain anonymous) ZIG has made a rather nice review with a good sense of humour, and as he hopes to make more reviews, this review proves that he is more than welcome.

Hawke: So long as he brushes his teeth before coming into the office.

Kyle: Shut up Hawke.

And without further complaining, *shoots a glare at Hawke*, we shall let him shine!

Hawke: Like a grenade about to blow up-

Kyle: Stop it!


Vanquish is a 2010 third-person-shooter for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, developed by Platinum Games, and published by Sega.


You play as "Sam Gideon" DARPA opererative who does battle with Russian Robots, wearing a fancy robotic suit that augments his reactions, slows down time, and allows him to speed along the ground via suit-embedded thrusters.


--Green is for mild content.

--Blue is for moderate or very brief intense content, provided that it isn't too graphic.

--Orange is for intense content.

--Red is for very graphic or prolonged intense content.


Moderate bloody Violence: A lot of people get burned to a crisp by a giant laser in the game's intro, it's not that graphic, but still gruesome.

Robots of various shapes and sizes are the main enemies and explode (a lot) when shot. 

Human-on-human violence features minimally, as your adversaries are robots until right near the game's end, but your human allies can be shot throughout the game by enemy robots. None of this is particularly gory.

Strong Language: Frequent f**k, s**t, d**n, p**s, p***y, h**l, son of a b**ch, a**, and variants. God and Jesus’ name are used in vain a few times.

Moderate Suggestive Content: In several cutscenes a female character wears a fairly short skirt that is often seen via low camera angles - not upskirt shots or anything like that, but fairly close.

Spiritual Content:  One character says, “Thank God I’m an atheist”, and a few symbols are seen.

Heavy Tobacco Usage: The main character is a chain smoker who smokes throughout cutscenes from start to finish, and can throw a cigarette to distract enemies.

Good Morality: The central character risks his life to stop Russian Space Terrorists (I prefer the term "Space Russians" myself.) from destroying a populated city on earth. He does this by fighting many robots (At lease he's not shooting aliens, or humans - for the most part).

At a certain point in the game, our hero questions the ethics of the "end justifies the means", and disagrees with his superior, who believes soldiers are expendable.

However, because of this he is forced to take a few less-than-moral actions later on in the game.

Overall: Moderately graphic

Areas of Concern:


Throughout 90% of the game, robots are shot until they explode. The most common type is a bipedal gun-toting red drone. Others robot types range from exploding octopus-like bombs, to axe-wielding transforming scorpion monstrosities. Countless robots and a few space-ships explode throughout.

--Violence against robots that are obviously robots. They explode and emit sparks when you shoot them with various weapons and/or throw grenades.

--Throughout the game ally soldiers are shot by enemies, signified by blood sprays or your allies falling over, either to be revived by the player or left to die.

--A giant laser shoots at ally tanks making them explode.

--The same laser fires at buildings that explode and/or fall over (no inhabitants are mentioned - it is assumed that the space station the game takes place on has been evacuated - as you never see any inhabitants or evidence of them).

--At one point you have to cross a bridge that is guarded by automated lasers that target soldiers (and you) if you try and cross it (and you have to). For some reason soldiers attempt to run over the bridge in droves, all getting vapourized, leaving blood stains behind.

--You have to shoot human enemies late in the game, and blood sprays from them.

--When you are shot the edges of the screen become increasingly red, and when you die you fall over backwards as your power-suit explodes. Sometimes an explosion will destroy you entirely, leaving a burn mark behind.

Storyline Violence:

--In the game's intro, people are seen burning up and their skin boiling (as well as some blood splatter) caused by a giant space-based energy weapon fired into a populated city. Before this happens, people are shown going about their daily business, men, women, children, etc.

--Early on, ally soldiers get sucked out into space in front of you, screaming.

--There is a part where soldiers are imprisoned by electrical energy, and they appear to be in pain, although when you free them they comment that it felt great.

--One man is crushed by debris, leaving his bloody arm visible beneath a block of concrete.

--Some people burst from the heat (partially offscreen). 

--We see one man’s point of view as he looks at the veins in his arms becoming red and his skin starting to burn.

--A portion of the city explodes.

--One character swings a large knife at another, narrowly missing him.

--A character is shot in the leg, and we see it in close-up.

--Buildings collapse and explode.

--Tanks explode.

--Robots explode.

--Ships explode.
--More robots explode (Yes, I'll stop now).

--A soldier is shot in the head, collapsing.

--The lead rogue Space Russian™ is a cyborg with what appears to be small plug holes in his head. He puts his fingers slightly into these plugs during a cutscene.

--Soldiers are trapped in a room without an air supply and suffocate, choking and gasping before collapsing.

--A large presumably uninhabited space station is destroyed.

--A character, having being mortally wounded, coughs up blood, and then sets a bomb to explode, which he happens to be holding. We only see the explosion itself.

--A person commits suicide by gunshot-to-the head. The camera lingers a bit after the fact.


--Your female teammate wears a tight fitting skirt, which the camera lingers on. The camera angles objectify her somewhat.


Fairly frequent strong language: f**k, s**t, d*mn, p*ss, p***y, h*ll, son of a b**ch, a**, and variants.

God and Jesus’ name are used in vain on occasion.

Spiritual content:

--At one point your journey takes you through an area with a semi-destroyed theater, and a sign displaying the text “Eye of providence”. 

“The eye of providence” is another name for the masonic "All-seeing-eye":

This symbol itself does not feature in the game, however, but only its namesake in text.

The enemy Space Russians™ have a symbol for their order (The Order of the Russian star), a masonic symbol that is a variation of this, but with a five pointed star on its chest:


--The character you play as is a chain smoker, pretty much. He smokes throughout the game. At one point towards the end, our hero hangs on the edge of platform with one hand, having narrowly escaped death, and about to face an tough enemy, he elects to have a cigarette before returning to battle.

--A character sometimes mentions his "good friend Jack", referring to a flask of whiskey.

Positive content:

--You shoot machines for the majority of the game and stand up for the value human life.


--Your character shows good morality, wanting to stop the evil Space Russions™ from destroying more cities and to rescue the scientist who developed his suit.

--Sam disagrees with the colonel of the army of space marines he accompanies, because the colonol believes the end justifies the means, soldiers are expendable etc. 

Thoughts and Impressions:

Gameplay-wise, Vanquish shines. It's a super-fast paced Third-Person-Shooter in which you play as Sam Gideon, who has what other characters refer to as an "ARS suit" (Augmented Reaction Suit) which has jets inside it that propel you like an F1 car around the battle field, in short bursts.

You can also hit L1/LT after jumping, during rocketing around, or while in mid air (!) to enter bullet-time, essentially slowing time to a crawl for short periods, complete with rippling air trails behind bullets. 

This becomes essential later in the game for getting the maximum amount of fire into a robot’s glowing orange weak spot while its momentarily exposed (why are weak spots always orange?).

You need to be strategic because using these features overheats your suit, which takes some time to recover and recharge, stripping you of bullet time and rapid movement temporarily, which in this frantic game can be a death sentence, as some enemies can kill you with one hit (!). Be warned.

It’s quite challenging, more so than a lot of modern games, and it has the right amount of difficulty. It isn’t the longest game around, but I attribute this to how quickly you move, and how little padding there is. It doesn't waste your time in other words.

I’d say this game has super replay-ability, in spite of its relative shortness (My very first playthrough, a couple years ago, I think was almost 8 hours, but with subsequent playthoughs you can get it down to 5 or so probably – depending on the difficulty.

For this review I played on “casual” and did it in under 4 hours, but I know the game very well, having finished it many times - and on max difficulty, and this difficulty it almost plays itself, so stick to normal or hard - how it's meant to be played).

Don’t let the brevity put you off though, it’s a very polished package, and ridiculously addictive, with the best (and responsive) third-person-cover-shooter mechanics of this generation, in my opinion. Your aiming is perfect, unlike other games. (Uncharted 3 I’m looking at you… it’s jarring if you go between the two in a short space of time).

It is somewhat linear (isn’t every shooter these days?), and towards the end of the campaign you will face several large boss enemies several times over, and won’t encounter new ones after a certain point. This is not a huge problem, as fighting giant transforming robots never gets old…
(in my opinion)

Did I mention you go up against a space-ship that also transforms into a walking city sized cannon? Well you do, and its awesome. You have to dodge its Death-Star-like beams and its house sized “feet”, that will crush you, in order to get inside it.

Even sometimes dreaded button-mashing quick-time events are fun, making you feel totally powerful and unstoppable.

In short, it’s a spectacular game, helped by having far less gore and human-on-human violence than most games out there. Most of the game’s enemies are robots, so it’s a welcome change.
Story-wise, most reviewers will tell you that Vanquish is rubbish, this is definitely not the case. 

It has some surprising humour (and Space Russians™) and some subtlety in places, that borders on satire of its subject matter (For example, you encounter a group of disco-dancing robots at one point - really...).

Even though I’d call the overall story mostly good, the dialogue is full of “bro-tacular” military cliches and gruff almost Batman-esque voice acting, but it almost becomes satire, as I said. Obviously the atheist line mentioned earlier is particularly silly.

The story deals a little bit with not taking one’s government at face value and that things are not completely as they seem, it appears to argue that you should never be a mindless follower of earthly governments, for me that is a good message. Render unto Caesar, but don't let them force you to do what isn't right. 

As we know, and is currently very evident, no man can adequately rule our planet…Only God can do that…

Visually and aurally its a great looking game, although I suspect it runs at a slightly sub-HD resolution to accommodate all the mayhem, debris and giant robots flying about.

What stands out though is the awesome design work of the robots, your suit, the environments (even though they can be a bit grey, but they shake this up with a forest, an on water segment, a spectacular monorail section, zero gravity bits etc.)

Audio is satisfying, the sound design is great and bombastic as expected. Everything is as it should be, and your suit sounds like lightweight metal, which sells it further.
The music is good mostly electronic and techno based, which suits the rapid nature of the game, and some orchestral elements to add to the epic feel.

The game is a serious adrenalin rush, solid, and great fun, although slightly short compared to some other games. Also it has Space Russians™! Underneath what at first appears standard space-marine fare, full of military cliches, is some surprising commentary on governments and a few nice twists.

The content is also fairly passable, way less gory than most - besides the worst case of gore being one character shooting themselves in the head, and people bursting and burning up in the intro, the game is mostly blood free.


Vanquish is rated Moderate Caution for frequent Strong Language and Moderate Bloody Violence.


Okay, so there we go, great game, some violence and pity about the profanity/blasphemy and the game could have been a bit longer. Other than that I’d say it’s a modern classic, gameplay-wise.

This is ZIG, hope this review was useful, it's my first, till next time.

Peace out y'all!

November 28, 2012

KVR Archive: Call of Duty Black Ops II Single-Player Areas of Concern

GUEST REVIEW TOMORROW! Check back then for a review by blog reader ZIG!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is 2012 video game released on November 13th for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. A Wii U version is also planned.

You play as Alex Mason and his son David Mason in the newest entry in the blockbuster franchise. You have to take down a terrorist leader of an organisation known as Cordis Die. The leader's name, Raul Menendez.

Along the way, the story goes through many surprising twists and turns, some of them quite shocking.

Below is a detailed review of the Singleplayer campaign, as well as a few words on Multiplayer and Zombies. Happy reading! 

---Kyle van Rensburg, with Hawke Mason, of course.


NOTE: You don't have to read every single little thing. I made the review this way with the colours so that you can flick through the most intense of the content, and then see what the mildest content is if you want to know EVERYTHING.

--Green is for mild content.

--Blue is for moderate or very brief intense content, provided that it isn't too graphic.

--Orange is for intense content.

--Red is for very graphic or prolonged intense content.

Bite-Sized Review:

Intense Bloody Violence:

Lots of people are shot, blown up, stabbed and slashed, and lose limbs during the course of the game. Blood sprays a lot, but the violence happens relatively quickly.

Some more intense moments in the storyline are a few people getting their throats slashed with blood spraying, a man going all Mel Gibson RAGE and killing enemies with blood and guts all over the place, a man getting stabbed in the hand, and some more intense moments that make this game inappropriate for children. (See Areas of Concern below for the whole list.)

Moderate Suggestive References:

A few suggestive moments, like a man mentioning hot chick action, a reference to a "Whore", digital silhouettes of women dancing around poles, and some revealing clothing.

Frequent Strong Language:

Uses of S**t, with variants, (Dip***t, Bull/Horse***t) F**k, B**ls, D**n, B**t**d, A*s, with variants, (A**hole) B**ch, C**ks***er, P**s, Tosser, Jerkoff, and S*d.

God's name is used in vain occasionally.

Some Symbols:

A few military symbols, one very shady looking symbol, and some mild references.

So-so Morality: 

So-so, but one level has you brutally killing soldiers, and you do make some shady choices throughout the storyline.

Overall: Briefly Very Graphic
Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

--During the course of the game, many people are shot; we see them flail around and cringe, with blood spraying out and staining the environment, and some bloody spots are seen on their bodies where they've been shot. When they are slain, they fall over with cries of pain being heard.

Limbs can also get blown off by high powered weapons; we see blood squirting out, and the piece of severed flesh falls off. The enemy has blood staining the severing point, and tattered bones are seen sticking out. The fallen enemies are seen clutching their wounds afterwards with a brief yell of pain, and they die shortly afterwards.

A few times after enemies have been shot, they fall over onto the ground, and crawl away from you, leaving a bloody trail. They pull out a pistol, and fire at you. When they are killed, (by your hand, if you are so inclined.) the enemy flips over, dead.

At times, the game goes into slow-motion when you shoot enemies, blood spraying out in detail. 

--People can get blown up with grenades, explosive projectiles, explosive barrels, and mortars; when in the blast radius, we see them being tossed into the air, and hit the ground, dead.

You can also throw flashbangs at them; the grenade explodes, blinding the enemy, and they stumble around. You can also get blinded and deafened by the flashbang, with the screen going white and the sound becoming muffled.

--You can slice enemies with your knife/machete; we blood squirting out, and the enemy falls over. Limbs and heads can be sliced off, with blood spraying out and staining the environment, but this happens quickly.

Enemies can also hit you with the butts of their rifles, or slice/bludgeon you with machetes or baseball bats.

You can hit enemies with electric paddles; we see them stand still after it shocks them, and you can hit them again, knocking them over.

--Helicopters can attack you, and you have to blow them up; when damaged, we see smoke coming out of them. When they are destroyed, they are set on fire, and spin out of control and crash, with explosions being seen.

--In the future setting, a few mobile robots attack you with their machine guns. You can destroy them; when this happens, we see them spin around whilst on fire, and then explode.

A few of these robots are little helicopters, which you can shoot down; we see being set on fire, spin out of control, and explode. 

--A few of your allies can grab enemies, throw them over onto the ground, and shoot them, with blood spurting out.

--You can blow vehicles up, with explosions being seen.

--A large robot with a machine gun and grenade launcher can attack people; we see blood sprays and dismemberments. You can also take control of them, and use it to kill enemies. 

These robots can be blown up; we see a big explosion and wreckage fall all over the place.

--You can use Molotov cocktails as weapons. When thrown, we see it burst into flames, and any enemies nearby fall over on the ground with a cry of pain, and lie dead whilst on fire.

--When you are injured, you see blood splattering on the screen. When killed, your character falls over.

--A few of the environments are stained with moderate amounts of blood, with a few blood stained dead bodies being seen, sometimes with blood pools underneath them. 

Storyline Violence:

--We see a vague flashback of a man attacking a child with what looks like a needle.

--We see a kid fall out of a tree and onto the ground, with a bit of blood seen on his hands afterwards.

--We see a man's charred hands and body as he burns alive in a glass box. Muffled screams are heard. Eventually, he dies. This is an intense scene which carries on for a few seconds.

--We see few explosions on a battlefield, with a lot of dust getting blown around.

--We see a few soldiers carrying wounded soldiers, and one soldier is depicted trying to perform CPR on a fallen comrade.

--You must use a remote controlled aircraft to attack enemies. You blow up tanks, with explosions being seen, and shoot enemies.

--We see a man countering an enemy's machete, smacking him, and then stabbing him through the abdomen with his machete, blood spurting out. 

--We see an injured soldier lying on the ground. A man comes up and shoots him in the head, with blood.

--We see two men fighting and punching each other. A man stabs another guy in the rib, who pulls the strings loose on his grenades. We see the man diving out the window with him, an explosion occurs, and he lies on the ground afterwards, with blood on his arms and face. 

This scene is not detailed.

--We see a man grabbing and strangling another man with a gun very briefly.

--We see few AA guns shoot at your helicopter, and an RPG hits the chopper, with the helicopter almost spinning out of control.

--You counter a man brandishing a machete; you grab the machete from him, and then chop him in the neck, with blood leaking out and gurgling being heard. 

--We see few boats ramming the boat your character is in, and the enemies on the attacking boats fire at you. You can shoot the boats with a heavy machine gun, and they blow up with a few explosions being seen.

--We see a whole bunch of dead bodies inside of a shipping container, with blood all over the walls, and the bodies are starting to decompose, with flies buzzing around them.

--We see a man with blood staining his face and body. He looks like he is in shock. 

--We see the backside of a boat as it is blown up by a helicopter, with explosions seen. The helicopter then tries to attack you. When you blow it up, the boat you are in suddenly jerks around, and your character falls over. The helicopter spins out of control, and crashes into a house with explosions seen and the house is destroyed.

Your boat sinks afterwards.

--You dive into the water to rescue an unconscious man, and pull him up to the surface.

--We see a man slapping a few children in their faces.  

--Your character points a gun to a man's head. The man smashes a radio. You then take him hostage when enemy soldiers come into the room, and you threaten to kill him. 

--We see a man as he pulls the pin from grenade, throws it onto the ground, and spins around, grabbing you with the movement. A few soldiers jump on the grenade sacrificially. The man wrestles with you and tries to stab you with a knife. You counter, and shoot him in the cheek with blood spraying out. You jump out of the building as it explodes.  

This scene is shown again later in slow-motion.

--We see a few mortars exploding around your character.

--We see a helicopter shooting a few enemies, with explosions being seen and the enemies are sent flying. 

--We see two men being shot, one guy in the shoulder, and the other guy in the chest, with blood spraying out. 

--We see a photograph of a few dead people with blood pooling out underneath them.  

--We see brief footage of a riot, with smoke and fire being seen.  

--We see the dead body of a burned man, with his hands and face bloody and charred.  

--We see lightning strike a tree, which falls over and snags the rope which your character is attached to, and it starts sliding off a cliff. A man helps you, and you cut the rope just as the tree falls over the cliff and plummets into the valley below.

--You take control of a heavy machine gun, shooting enemies, sending a few of them flying.

--You blow up the door of a temple, with pieces of the door being sent flying.  

--We see an explosion occur near your character, knocking him back. A few pieces of a building fall down around you.  

--We hear an explosion as a few enemies infiltrate the building you are in.

--You climb on one of the mobile robots, which helps you attack enemies by shooting them.

--We see pieces of a building flying everywhere as the enemy attacks you with heavy weapons.

--We see man getting shot through the throat, with blood spraying out and a bloody slice is seen across his neck, and he gurgles. This happens very quickly. Afterwards, you see him falling over, and a lot of blood is on the floor beneath him. 

--Multiple video clips show a photograph of a dead man with a pool of blood under him, a building on fire, and somebody firing a gun. A few dead women lie on the ground, a picture of girl is seen crumbling up in a fire as it is mentioned that she was crippled in a fire.

We see live-action footage of a man being shoved up against a wall, and then shot in both knee caps.

--We hear explosions as enemies attack your camp. A few of the explosions are seen, and buildings crumble and collapse around you. A few of the explosions (Caused by mortars) go off on the ground near you, as you try to escape from enemies. A few vehicles are blown up too.

--We see a helicopter getting shot down, and it spins around on fire, and then crashes into a cliff with an explosion, and pieces of the cliff fall onto the ground.

--You blow up a building and part of the ground, with dust and concrete flying.

--We see a bunch of mortars explode around you on the battlefield.

--You can ride on horses; you can fire at enemies, and the horses can run over them. The enemy slumps over, dead.

--We see two men running across a battlefield. One man is shot, and an explosion goes off next to the other man, sending him flying. A tank comes and runs them over, but this is not gory or bloody.

--You run through a battlefield as tanks fire at you, with explosions everywhere, horses and people are sent flying, and finally an explosion goes off near your character, and his horse falls over, dead. Your character has to roll the horse off him, as a tank thunders towards him, and you barely escape just as the tank runs over the horse, which is not shown.

--You jump onto a tank, and grab a mortar shell. An ally shoots the man on the turret, and he falls down into the tank. You go over to the hole, and a man lunges out and punches you. You fall over, and he kicks you. You then kick him and punch him a few times.

You then stand up and throw the mortar into the tank, and jump off just as it explodes, and land on the ground.

--You grab a man, and try to strangle him. Another man comes and hits him in the head with a rifle instead.

--You see footage of a man pulling a gun out and pointing it at another man. 

--We see a man interrogating another man; he punches him, and then takes out a knife and points it at him. He then slices him on across the cheek, with blood leaking out. He then stabs the guy in the hand and twists the knife, with blood spurting out. The man groans in pain.

--You have to resist shooting a man. I haven't seen what happens if you fail, but it's pretty safe to say that blood sprays, and his face is stained with blood afterwards.

--We see a man shooting another man in the head, with a mist of blood spraying out, some bloody chunks fly out, and his face is stained with blood.

--We see a few men choke you and your ally with garrottes, and then kick and punch you.

--We see a man kick you and your allies out of a pickup truck and onto the ground, all whilst you are tied up.

--We see three men, with bruises on their faces, lie in a desert, left for dead, but they are eventually rescued by a few men.

--If you fail a mission, a few soldiers are seen planting a device which sends off an EMP charge and disables a few nearby devices.

--We see a few soldiers boxing; they punch each other with spit flying. Eventually the fight turns intense, and they start punching harder. One man is knocked onto the ground.

--We see a photograph of a man with burn scars on the side of his face.

--We see a man getting shot in the side of the head, blood bursting out and his head jerks to the side. A few men run and restrain your character.

We briefly see this scene again later on in the game.

--We see a man throw a woman out of a bed and onto the ground. Your character runs at him, grabs a sharp object, and stabs the guy several times in the neck in rapid succession, blood spraying everywhere. The man slides down against the wall afterwards, dead. This happens very quickly. Your character has some blood on his hands afterwards.

A few men grab your character, throw him onto the ground, and stick a needle in his neck to sedate him. 

--We see a man shoot two soldiers with a shotgun, blood spraying and cries of pain being heard.

--Your character grabs a man by the neck, and punches him several times in the face, with blood staining the guy's face. The man falls unconscious afterwards.

--You run around with a shotgun and machete, killing enemies. When you shoot/stab/slash them, the game goes into slow-motion and shows the blood, guts, sauce, syrup, and ketchup spraying. Dismemberments occur throughout.

--Your character picks up an ax and throws it at a man, with blood bursting out in slow motion when it hits him in the chest, but this happens relatively quickly. 

--We see a few soldiers beating down civilians.

--You run through a barn as the roof, which is on fire, falls down around you. 

--We see a car crash through a gate. 


--You run through a building, which is on fire.

--You are grabbed and shoved against a wall by a man. Your character throws a grenade, which explodes and the screen flashes white immediately.

--The scene with a container full of decomposing bodies is briefly shown again.

--We see a few big explosions as troops invade a village, with buildings crumbling over and setting on fire. A few mortars fall on the village too, and they can injure your character.

--If you walk through fire, your character will immediately fall over, dead. 

--You can get a machete, which your character removes from a blood stained crate.

--We hear some explosions, and it shakes the roof of a building underground.

--We see a man grab another man and brutally kill him off-screen. I couldn't see how he killed him, (because the playthrough guy looked away) but it sounded like he broke his neck. (Or maybe they just opened a bag of potato chips and chilled for a second.)

--Your character grabs a man as he is trying shoot another man, unsuccessfully. The man then headbutts your character, knocking him over. He then throws a grenade, which bounces off a wall, a door frame, into a room, and it explodes just as a man with blood on his shirt runs into the room. The scene cuts away when the explosion occurs.

--We see a few men trapped underneath the flaming wreckage of a house. They are rescued by a few soldiers.

--We briefly see a few soldiers carrying a body bag. 

--We see a man lying on the ground with blood stains around him, and a gruesome looking wound on his knee. He clutches his wound in pain. A man comes over, and shoots him in the other knee, with blood spraying. 

--We see a child struggling against a man, but he eventually calms down. 

--We see a few soldiers fire at a door where you and your allies are hiding behind. They eventually throw a grenade at you, with an explosion and pieces of wood flying. 

--We see a robot opening fire on your enemies; blood sprays out, and cries of pain are heard. You can direct it to kill people as it marches through buildings.

--We hear some explosions in the distance, as a battle rages on in a city. 

--We see a bus roll towards your character, with a lot of dust and rubble flying. It hits a wall near you, and the wall starts to break. You jump out of the way just as it crumbles, and the bus rolls further.

--You see a lot dead bodies, a few drifting around in water, some of them decomposing.

--You grab an enemy from behind, stab him in the neck, with blood spurting out, and he is heard moaning. You then throw him over onto the ground and remove your knife with a squirt of blood. 

--We see a man stabbing an enemy in the neck, with blood spurting out and a groan being heard. He dies quickly.

--You slam a man's head on the floor inside a truck, and hit his head with the door, knocking him out. The driver of the truck is grabbed by your ally, and presumably knocked out off-screen.

--We see two men jumping into water as a few grenades explode. You see the big explosion from underneath the water. Afterwards, you see lot of fire and wreckage when you go above the water.

--You swim through water while enemies are busy firing at you; you see the bullets fly past you in the water.

--You take control of a robot, and can shoot enemies with a flamethrower, with the enemies catching on fire and flailing around, yells of pain being heard, or you can shoot them with a machine gun and grenade launcher.

--You take control of a drone, and wreak havoc, with buildings blowing up and collapsing with rubble everywhere, blood spraying and enemies being sent flying, vehicles and helicopters getting destroyed, and a lot of explosions are seen. When shot, flames are seen flowing out of the drone.

--We see a drone hit a helicopter, with an explosion going off and the helicopter spins and crashes.

--You drive a Jeep© as a whole bunch of buildings collapse around you, with a lot of explosions being seen.

--We hear a man groaning in pain as you drive through flames. Afterwards, he is seen with bloody burn marks on his face.

--You take control of a little spider bot. You jump on a guy, and zap him with your zapper thingy. Blood spurts out of his mouth, he struggles, and you zap him again, killing him.

--We see a man take the little spider bot, throw it onto the ground, and stomp on it, breaking it. 

--You grab a man, throw him against a wall, and stab him in the neck with blood spraying out all over the wall.

--We hear a few gunshots. A woman is taken hostage by a man, who shoots her in the head with blood spraying out. He then takes another woman hostage.

--We see a woman punching a man and run out to surrender to another man. The man and his allies then open fire on innocent people, hitting a few of them. This happens very quickly.

--We see a man smack another man's head against a bar counter, knocking him out.

--We see a bunch of dead people lying on a dance floor, with a lot of blood stains.

--We see a man getting shot in the head, with blood spraying out and staining the wall next to him. 

--We hear an explosion on security footage, and the camera is disabled by the blast.

--We see a bunch of dead people lying in a building, after it has been blown up. A few flames are seen as well. 

--We see a few injured people lying on the ground inside a club, with a lot of blood on the floor and on their hands, clothes, and faces. A few of them die after a while.

--We see a few buildings getting blown up with rubble flying everywhere and explosions being seen.

--We see a man throwing a beer can at another man, which hits him. 

--We see a few helicopters fire at a buildings, blowing them up. 

--We see your ally stabbing a guy in the neck, with blood spurting out. You then throw a knife at an enemy. It hits him, and he falls over, with a bit of blood.

--You and an ally shoot two men, with blood spraying. A man tackles your character afterwards, you punch him, and throw him into a TV, shattering it and knocking him out. 

--Your character hits a man with a rifle, knocking him over onto the floor. He then picks him up, and shoves him into a chair. An ally holds a gun to his head.

--We see a few people stomping and punching civilians.

--We see fires in streets, and a building is blown up with a big explosion being seen. 

--We see a woman getting trapped underneath a board of wood.

--We see a man charging at you with a machete; he knocks you over onto the ground, punches you, and he is about to kill you when he is shot through the side of the head by your ally. Blood spurts out, and both sides of his head are stained with blood.

--We see an enemy getting shot, with blood spurting out, and he falls out of a window whilst screaming. A man wrestles with an enemy and they both hit a wooden wall, and crash through it. The enemy falls off-screen, presumably to his death.

--Your character throws a man against a wall, punches him in the rib and face, and threatens him. He then throws him over onto the ground. Your ally walks over to him and kicks him in the rib. The man groans in pain.

--You run through a building as a gunship shoots at it, with a lot of explosions and bullets flying past you. The building is seen collapsing afterwards, with concrete flying.

--We see a man getting shot in the head, with blood spraying out.

--You can shoot a man in the head, or the foot, with blood spraying out in either case. He obviously dies when you shoot him in the head. You see him in close-up after you killed him, with blood pooling out of his head and blood stains on his face.

--We see a man getting shot in the knee, with blood spraying out. You see the bloody knee with a bit of tattered bones sticking out. The attacker then comes up to the man, places his foot on the other knee, and shoots it, with blood spraying and a gruesome wound being seen.

--We see a man reaching for a pistol, but his hand is stomped on by another man. The man then headbutts him, knocking him out. 

--We see the dead body of a man lying in a building, with blood stains on the floor.

--We see another man getting shot in both knee caps, with blood spraying out and gruesome wounds being seen. He screams in pain. Another man comes over with a sharp object, grabs the man by the neck, and slits his throat with it. Blood leaks out all over the place, and the man gurgles. He is then kicked over. Blood is seen on the floor afterwards.

--We see a few soldiers fire rockets and bullets at aircraft, which explode and crash.

--We see a few buildings crumbling. (Again)

--We see a man shoot an aircraft with a rocket launcher; an explosion is seen, the aircraft hits a building, and falls onto the ground. 

--We see a man being held by two men, and another man interrogates him. He slaps the hostage at one point. 

--You can shoot a hostage, or a man. If you try to shoot the man, he grabs your gun and shoots you, with blood spraying on the screen. The man then shoots you in the head, and the screen goes black. 

If you shoot the hostage, blood sprays out on the screen and blood stains a few men standing nearby. The hostage's head is also stained with blood. An aircraft is blown up, with an explosion being seen and your character is knocked backwards. Afterwards, you see the dead hostage with a blood pool coming out of his head.

--You take control of a minigun in a helicopter, and fire at enemies; buildings explode, vehicles explode, all kinds of objects explode, enemies explode and go flying, the screen explodes, and finally your console explodes.

Okay, I made up the last two.  

--We see a man getting punched in the face; blood stains are seen on the side of his face, clothes, and the table in front of him. His face is badly bruised afterwards.

--We see explosions making a ship rock, as enemies attack the ship.

--We see a man shoot another man, with blood spurting out. The man then holds a soldier hostage, threatening to kill him.

--We see a man hit you in the back of the head with a pistol, knocking you out. 

--We see a lot of dead bodies, blood stains, and blood pools on a ship, where a man escaped and killed several people. 

--You can take control of a turret and shoot enemies.

--We see water flowing around in a ship; pieces of the ship break off with explosions being seen, and a lot of havoc occurs inside of the ship. 

--We see a man being taken hostage at gunpoint by your ally, and you take another man hostage. He swings his arm at you, but you dodge it and grab him, holding a gun to his head. 

--We see two men getting shot in slow motion, with blood spurting out.

--We see a man getting thrown against a table, and a few men point guns at him.  

--You can shoot a guy in the head or leg; blood sprays. He falls over onto the ground, dead if you shot him in the head. Blood stains the floor afterwards.

--We see a man getting shot in the head at point blank range. Blood spurts out, and he falls over. Some funky juice is seen on the floor afterwards.

Blood. I mean blood.

Kyle: Hawke, get off the computer please?

Hawke: *Grumble, grumble* Okay….

Kyle: Thank you.

--We see a few jets firing at ships, with lots of explosions being seen.

--We see a man getting shot, (AGAIN) with blood spraying. Your ally then kicks the man out of a plane and shoots him.

--We see an aircraft getting shot down with rockets; you see the aircraft from inside shaking around as the rockets hit, and you hear the aircraft crash into the ground. Afterwards, flames and sparks are seen inside the plane and people are lying on the ground. A man picks a piece of wreckage up off of a woman.  

--We see a man with blood all over his clothes, hands, and face, and he pants and pleads with a man to save him. He dies shortly afterwards. 

--We see several aircraft fly over a city and fire missiles into buildings and skyscrapers, with explosions being seen.

--We see a rocket hit a helicopter, which is set on fire and it crashes onto a highway, knocking a police car backwards which glances off the car your character is in. A man falls out of the helicopter and onto the ground, and the helicopter bounces, rolls over the guy, blood spraying briefly, and bounces over your car.

A motorcycle crashes into a police car, sending the police officer on the motorcycle flying. He hits the windshield of your car, and some blood is seen on the glass.

A few more explosions occur, sending cars and pieces of a bridge flying.

--We see an aircraft drop a bomb in front of a vehicle, blowing up the bridge in front of it and the car rolls over a few times. 

--We see a lot of explosions on a bridge, and bullets fly past you as your character runs across the bridge. A few destroyed vehicles are seen, too, with flames everywhere. Pieces of a bridge are seen crumbling and falling off.

--You jump onto a vehicle, but you slip and hang from it. You eventually get back up, and climb into the turret on the vehicle. You shoot down several aircraft, with a lot of explosions being seen. A few of them fire missiles at you, shaking the screen as explosions are heard.

--We see a man jump out of a vehicle just as it tips over through a hole in a bridge. The man lands on the bridge, and watches as an aircraft is shot down and crashes onto the bridge, ploughing through several cars, and narrowly misses him. 

--We see a truck lose control and crash into a car. 

--You take control of a vehicle and crash through cars and enemies, sending them flying. You drive underneath bridges as enemy aircraft fire at them, blowing them up, and pieces of bridges fall around you.

--We see a truck as it crashes into your car. The screen fades to black just as this happens.

--We see a rocket hit an aircraft, with an explosion, and some flames are seen coming out of the aircraft.

--We see a robot shooting a policeman with a minigun; he jerks around and a lot of blood is seen spraying. The robot is blown up afterwards, with an explosion and sparks flying, and then a soldier comes up and shoots the robot.

--We see a building as it comes crashing down, with screeching being heard, and your vision becomes blurry. Your character passes out. Afterwards, you see the wreckage of buildings, and a lot of flames.

--We see a woman climb out of a parked aircraft, and fall to the ground, unconscious.

--You get in an aircraft, and fire at enemies using cannons and missiles; a lot of explosions are seen, vehicles and aircraft explode, enemies are sent flying, and blood sprays when they are shot. When your aircraft gets damaged, it is set on fire, and starts smoking, sparkling, and puffing.

--You jump out of an aircraft, which explodes. You deploy a parachute, crash into a building with glass flying, and sail to the ground, hitting the floor.

--We see a bunch of aircraft getting shot down with AA missiles; they explode into pieces, or they are set on fire and spin out of control. You have to dive through the aircraft as they are destroyed at one point.

--We see an AA missile hit your aircraft; an explosion occurs, your character falls over, a few of your allies fall over and get knocked out of the aircraft, and some flames are seen. Another explosion occurs, destroying the aircraft and knocking your character out of the way just in time.

--We see hundreds of aircraft explode in the sky, with lots of explosions being seen. 

--We see a soldier roll a fallen comrade over, only to have the body explode and send a soldier flying across the room and crashing into your character. Your character rolls the now dead soldier off of him afterwards.

--You run through a building as it is bombarded by military units; we see explosions, pieces of the building falling down, and lots of flames. 

--We see the floor explode; a soldier's leg is almost blown off, with a brief spray of blood, and the floor crumbles below your character. You fall down, and grab onto a beam. You see the injured soldier lie on the ground with blood pooling out of his leg.

--You stab a guy in the leg, with blood spurting out. You then pull the knife out and stab him in the shoulder, with blood spraying and leaking out onto the floor afterwards. The man screams in pain. You then hold a gun to his head, and you can shoot him or spare him.

If you shoot him, blood bursts out of his head in slow-motion, and it leaks out of the bullet hole in the side of his head.

--We see a man remove a piece of rebar from his leg, with blood spurting out. 

--We see a man grab a gun from a soldier, shoot two other soldiers with blood spraying all over a glass door, and the aforementioned soldier has his neck broken, with a crack being heard.

--We see a man kick another man, slam his head into a door, and then break his neck with a crack being heard.

--We briefly see a girl with a burnt face. We then see the girl again a few years in the future, but this time she has no eyes and her face looks real gruesome.

--We see a man suddenly having his throat slit, with blood spraying out, a bloody cut being seen on his throat and blood stains on his clothes. The man twists the knife as the dying man gurgles. Crunching is heard. Some blood is seen on the murderer's clothes and hands afterwards.

--A man slaps another man. 

--A man beats his head against a television screen, with blood staining his face and clothes. 

--We see a man dig up a grave to reveal somebody's corpse, which is not shown in detail because the scene is dark. The man then throws petrol all over him and lights a match. The scene fades to black, and we hear flames, implying the man set himself on fire. 

--We see a boy place an unconscious girl at the feet of a soldier. 

--We see footage of a riot, with people struggling, a man throws a molotov at the police, a policeman shoots a smoke grenade, a police car drives around with an engine which is on fire and bullets hit the car, a police man throws a molotov back at rioters, and a large building is set on fire. Some blood is seen a tablet device. 

--A topless man is seen.

--It is mentioned a man had to watch people rape and murder his own people. 

--Two men talk about a woman, and one man mentions that she is probably just a "Whore". (She isn't)

--We hear a man mention he wants to get "hot chick action" when you arrive at a place. If the man was injured, another man will reply that his face doesn't look too good. The man says they'll be after his body, not his face.

--We hear a man flirt with a few woman. One of the woman calls him a creep.

--A woman's shirt reveals a bit of cleavage. 

--A few women in a club are dressed in low cut dresses revealing cleavage. 

--In a club, there are digital silhouettes of women dancing around poles.

--A photograph of a woman wearing a shirt, but no pants, her underwear visible, is shown briefly.


Uses of S**t, with variants, (Dip***t, Bull/Horse***t) F**k, B**ls, D**n, B**t**d, A*s, with variants, (A**hole) B**ch, C**ks***er, P**s, Tosser, Jerkoff, and S*d.

God and Jesus' names are used in vain occasionally. 

Spiritual Content:

--A few people are seen with tattoos, and a woman has nose, lip, and ear piercings.

--A heart shaped pendant is seen.  

--A man has a borderline cult of people who follow him, calling him a saviour and messiah, but this is not meant in a spiritual sense. (As in, they don't worship him like a real cult would.)

--You infiltrate an old temple in one level, but nothing spiritual is seen.

--A weapon's codename is mentioned to be "Karma". One of the levels in the game is also named Karma.

--Catholic paraphernalia is seen at one point, with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary.  

--The symbol of the skull is seen.

--The name of one level is "Fallen Angel".  

--A symbol with three branches is seen, and a smaller symbol also with three branches is placed in the middle of the larger symbol. I don't know what this is, but I'm sure it has some kind of shady meaning.

--You see a lot of Christmas decorations in a suburb, because it is Christmas time. (Obviously)

Kyle: Stop it Hawke. Do you want me to take Cuddles away again? Thought so.

--A codename for one person is "False Prophet". 

--The five-point star is seen at times, used as a military symbol. 

--A man mentions that something is sinful. It is unclear whether or not he means this in a religious way. 

--We see a few people with rock band insignia on their clothes, like skulls. We see a painting of skeletons sitting around a table on the wall behind them. Another painting is shown, this time of a skull with wings.

Drug References/Usage:

--A man is mentioned to have sold drugs.

--We see a man putting a few packages on a man's bed, presumably drugs. 

--A man mentions that a few people are out of their mind on drugs. 

Alcohol References/Usage:

--We see a brief clip of somebody throwing alcohol into a glass.

--You can use Molotov cocktails as weapons.

--At one point during the game, you visit a bar, with bottles of alcohol being seen. 

--We see a few men drinking beer. 

Tobacco References/Usage:

--We see a few people smoking during the course of the game.

--We see two men smoking with out of a hookah. 

--A man mentions that he needs some "Smokes". 

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--You walk through a sewer, with murky brown water and flies buzzing around. 

Scary Stuff:

--Underwater, a dead body suddenly drifts out towards you. 


You are soldier. Fighting against enemies. You shoot a lot of them. Pretty average for the main character.

You can make some pretty shady decisions in the game, however, and one level you take control of a bad guy as he goes on a rage expedition.


--A pun on the New World Order, the New Cold Order, is uttered at one point.

A few words on Multiplayer and Zombies:

Originally in this section I was gonna be like: "OH SORRYZ DIDNT HAV ZE TIMEZ TO REVIEWZ ZOMBIEZ. SOOORRRRYYYYY! :("

But I decided that I will look up videos of Multiplayer and Zombies and make Bite-Sized Reviews for them, which I will link to right here:



While there may be some symbols of concern, Multiplayer is really not as bad as Singleplayer. If you are okay with the Singleplayer, you'll be okay with this as well.

Thoughts and Impressions:


Surprisingly good for a Call of Duty game. The characters are compelling, the story is engaging, and the antagonist in this game actually has some depth.

Here’s the lowdown on the storyline:

Once upon a time, there was war. In the 80s and in the 2020s.

In this war, many people blew stuff up.

The End-nah, I’m kidding.

This game sees the return of many fan-favourites from the first Black Ops, such as….*Que photo montage*

Alex Mason, confuzzled guy.

Frank Woods, grumpy guy.

Jason Hudson, guy who sounds suspiciously different from the Jason Hudson in the first Black Ops.

David Mason, son guy.

Mike Harper, gravelly voice guy.
Raul Menendez, angry guy.

Kyle van Rensburg, crazy guy.

Okay, the last guy is the only the one in the game, but the illusion was fun while it lasted.

The plot does take you through a lot of twists and turns, and it holds your attention quite well. That may be because there is so many explosions, but still, the plot is good.

Raul Menendez works well as the villain, and guess what? He’s an even better antagonist than Imran Zakhaev from the first Modern Warfare. I’m impressed.

The element of choice in this game looks okay. Sure, it’s not master-class, but it is interesting to have choices in an otherwise very linear shooter.

The endings were also okay. Wasn’t blown away by them, but they were alright.

So all in all, pretty surprising for Call of Duty. I recommend it!

Black Ops 1 story:

Lack of time for the win. Didn't get to the story summary like I wanted to. -_- But here is a video from IGN to explain the events of Black Ops 1 for those of you who want to know. 

WARNING: May contain scenes of violence.



The engine is starting to show its age, but Treyarch definitely upped the quality in this game. Many of the models and environments are beautifully rendered, and the facial animations are fantastic.

The voice actors are pretty good in their roles, although Alex Mason still sounds like an Australian.

A solid entry in the blockbuster franchise that actually does something new.

...In between all the blood and guts, of course.

Verdict: 17+
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is rated Strong Caution for Very Intense Bloody Violence, Strong Language, and Moderate Suggestive References.


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this review. Pity I couldn’t cover everything, but I still hope you found my review useful.

Until next time!

Kyle. :P

Now it's your turn: What do you think about the content in the game? Are there any features you might want to know more about? Have you played this game, and do you agree with the content assessment?