October 17, 2012

KVR Archive: Mass Effect 3 Areas of Concern

Mass Effect 3 is a 2012 video game released for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

And yes, Hawke is along for the ride.


Kyle: Yeah, anyways. Go mope somewhere else. Oh, and you would complaining even more if it was "THE SAME!".

Hawke: Shut up.

PLEASE NOTE: Hawke is a fictional character. Do not take what he says too seriously.

Violet is for Hawke, Green is for me.


Commander Shepherd returns in the third instalment of the Mass Effect franchise, to deliver the killing blow to the colossal Reapers, aliens who purge the galaxy of all life every 50,000 years.

Below is a precise and detailed Areas of Concern for people who want to know if Shepherd's big finale is clean enough for them to play.

And below it, is a short review detailing my thoughts on this game.

Enjoy, and happy reading.
--Kyle van Rensburg, with Commander Hawke Zechariah, of course.

NOTES ON REVIEWING STYLE: The level of intensity in the moments listed in the three Prime categories, (Violence, Sex/Nudity and Spiritual Content) are marked by the three descriptors below.

--Blue is for mild content.

In Violence, this is only slightly graphic, and not really focused on and/or far removed from reality.

In Sex/Nudity, this is mostly things that aren't sexual or are so in a less overt way.

In Spiritual Content, this is only a slight reference to Spiritual things.

--Yellow is for moderate content. 

In Violence, this may have some gore, blood, or intense injuries, but it doesn't carry on for long, and/or it's not that graphic, or if it is graphic, it isn't focused on.

In Sex/Nudity, this may have some IMPLIED sex, innuendos, references, revealing clothing, and/or partial nudity counts as yellow if it's not prolonged.

In Spiritual Content, this may have references to other religions or false beliefs, but it doesn't show you the prayers or does not dwell upon it. 

--Red is for graphic content.

In Violence, this contains a lot of gore, blood and/or torture, and it's dwelled upon or extremely detailed. This also includes sadistic acts if the player engages in them.

In Sex/Nudity, this contains actual sex, nudity, prolonged partial nudity in a sexual context, especially if it's made to be titillating, and/or graphic verbal references. Rest assured, Red content in this area does not get a pass very often.

In Spiritual Content, this contains prayers to false gods or gods of other religions, witchcraft, casting of spells, practices that have very occult roots, and of course, Satanism, which instantly gets a ban in any case. 

Bite-Sized Review:


Brief Bloody Sci-Fi Violence: Blood sprays and limbs get blown off, but the game refrains from too much detail. Some intense action violence, with explosions, deaths, and creepy monsters, but ultimately the sci-fi setting of the game seperates far enough from reality.

Moderate Sexual References and Content: Sexual encounters can happen, but they are all OPTIONAL and the player is never forced into any of them. Some verbal references to sex, adultery, and homosexuality, which is some of the optional sexual encounters.

Infrequent Strong Language: The game doesn't have that much swearing, but when it happens it can be strong. Misuses of God's name occur infrequently.

Moderate Drug/Alcohol/Smoking References: One character smokes all the time. There is a bar you can visit, and you can drink there. No drug references, as far as I know.

Moderate Spiritual Content: The game doesn't have any supernatural content, but the aliens reference their beliefs, and there is a brief funeral that makes reference to a shaman. (If you don't have subtitles on, you'll miss this.)

Mild Frightening Content: Some of the enemies are a bit scary, and some sequences are tense, but these parts are infrequent.

Good Morality: If you choose to be that way, your character can make selfless decisions and make sacrifices for other people. On the flipside, your character can be a jerk if you play that way.

Overall: Moderately Graphic.

Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

During the course of the game, many science fiction-esque enemies are shot; 

--Depending on the creature, blood is emitted when they are shot, in moderate amounts, sometimes staining the environment.

They yell in pain, and collapse dead when shot enough.

--Sometimes, their heads and limbs are blown off, with a bit of blood. The heads sometimes just 'pop' like a melon in a microwave.

--Some enemies also explode into bloody chunks when shot, staining the environment too.

--Sometimes, they also dissolve into dust after being shot by certain weapons.

--You can also smack them; they grunt, and fall over dead when hit enough.

--You can also stab and slash them with a laser-like sword; they yell in pain, and fall over dead when stabbed enough. Some blood is seen spurting out.

--You can perform a "Quick-Kill" on enemies; your character grabs them, throws them on the ground, and stabs his/her sword right through the enemy's neck, blood spurting out.

--Some of the enemies grab you and try to kill you, slashing at your face with blood spraying. You push buttons to fend them off; your character punches them, and then stomps on their face, making the head explode. Blood is seen throughout.

--When you are shot/injured, a small amount of blood spurts out,  the edges of the screen becomes stained with blood, and your vision starts becoming less focused. When you are killed, your character simply falls over, dead.

--At points during the game, dead bodies can be seen, sometimes stained with blood, with blood on the surrounding environment, their dead bodies on fire, and/or lying in pools of blood.

--Some blood is also seen on walls at certain points during the game where a fight has occured.

--You can also use sci-fi weapons called "Bionic Powers" to attack enemies; enemies are picked up, thrown, and smacked when you use these powers. Enemies yell and groan in pain when all of this happens.

--Explosive weapons like grenades and rockets are also depicted; they explode, making people flinch or be sent flying.

--Enemies can also be set on fire; they flail around, yelling, and collapse dead after a while.

--Sometimes, electronic devices explode, causing people nearby to get shocked; they flinch in pain.

--At points during the game, you fight large mechs with enemies in them; when they are shot, smoke and flames start coming out, and when you defeat them, they collapse, and explode, with pieces of machinery seen flying.

--You can also climb into these mechs at certain points in the game and shoot rockets and heavy bullets at enemies; your enemies are sent flying when shot, and explode into bloody chunks.

--You also fight big flying robot monsters at certain points; they hurl fireballs at you, making your character flinch in pain. When the big robot dies, it erupts into a massive explosion, blinding you for a moment, and afterwards you see a few chunks falling out of the sky.

--You fight insect-like aliens at certain, which dissolve into yellow acid when you kill them. You can get injured if you walk across it; your character flinches in pain.

Storyline Violence:

--A brief and blurry video of a spaceship landing and blowing up a building is seen.

--Some clearer, yet more distant footage is seen; explosions and people running are seen.

--Quite a few times, a few big invading spaceships are seen blowing up buildings with laser beams.

--A laser beam hits a building, sending a couple of people flying, and a table flies towards some people. It misses them.

--Another explosion occurs, and a man is flung backwards into a wall, and he falls onto the ground, unconscious. Some blood is seen on his face and shirt afterwards. Another man's shirt is also stained with blood.

--A few dead people who were burned, with burn marks and blood stains on them, are seen.

--A bunch of small spaceships are seen getting blown up by enemies.

--A huge explosion is seen, and two men are flung backwards into a wall, the platform below them collapses, they tumble downwards, and land at the bottom, relatively unscathed.

--A man is seen with his leg caught underneath a fallen piece of a building; the piece of debris is lifted, and he is dragged out. He groans in pain.

--A space ship comes in and drops a bomb on your enemies. The huge explosion is seen.

--Two space ships, one of which a kid is seen getting in, is blown up by a big robot's laser beam.

--A few enemies chase after a woman, whilst shooting at her. The bullets bounce around her.

--A woman uses a black hole-type bionic power she has to pick up enemies, who flail and hang in the air, and then she shoots both of them, blood spraying. She walks up to one, and shoots him a few more times.

--A woman shoots two men in the head, blood spraying out, and staining the camera. This all happens quickly.

--A bunch of people are seen choking to death from a distance.

--A dead guy with blood leaking out of his eyes and his skin a pale complexion, is seen.

--A bomb explodes, stopping a tram and knocking some people over onto the ground.

--A woman smacks and kicks another woman over onto the ground.

--A ship slams into another ship, sending the latter ship spinning into the ground, narrowly missing some people nearby. Explosions are seen.

--A robotic woman runs out of a flaming wreck, punches a woman, and grabs her by the neck. She then proceeds to smack her head against a wall several times. The woman who was attacked falls to the ground, unconscious. She is seen with bruises on her face afterwards.

--A robot is shot in the chest, and falls over, dead.

--You can punch a woman, who dodges your first swing. You then punch her again, and she falls back against a wall, and slumps over. This is optional.

--In a nightmare sequence, a child is seen getting engulfed by flames. He doesn't scream or appear to be in pain.

--Some footage of big alien robots attacking people with laser beams, are seen. The people are seen falling over; lots of explosions are seen.

--A bunch of aliens fight each other; a lot of them get shot, and fall over, blood spurting.

--An alien uses bionic powers to pick up enemies, and fling them into a wall; some blood is seen staining the walls.

--A dead alien is seen, with some smoke coming out of him.

--An explosion occurs, and enemies run in to confront an alien.

--An alien uses a bionic power to knock some people over.

--A few ships fight each other in space; some lasers are seen, and big ships blow apart other ships using their laser beams. Explosions are seen.

--A planet is seen with a lot of flames and explosions on the surface. You see this from outer space.

--A bunch of soldiers fire at a flying robot monster.

--A big "Husk" collides into the wall under you, your character falls, and you have to fight him; he charges at you. Your character flinches in pain when they collide. 

--A space ship crashes onto the ground next to you, with a big explosion.

--Two aliens are shot off-screen. They are seen collapsing afterwards.

--A man is punched off-screen, and an alien is shot off-screen.

--A few body bags with dead aliens inside, are seen.

--An alien is shot with an electrical charge, in order to force him to do something; he convulses and screams for a second.

--A bomb explodes, and a few people are flung across the room. A dead guy is seen afterwards.

--A big alien knocks two people on the floor, killing them.

--A few enemies fire at a tram, knocking an alien on the floor.

--An alien creature jumps on an alien, and bites him in the back, with blood spraying.

--An injured guy is seen lying in a pool of blood, with blood stains all over him. He dies shortly afterwards.

--A bunch of fighters shoot at a spaceship. They all miss.

--Two enemies are seen dragging a screaming man away.

--A man uses his biotic powers to break a window and knock a few enemies on the floor.

--A man is shot in the back, with blood spraying.

--A tram falls off of a cliff, and the people inside land on the ground below unscathed.

--A cave collapses behind some people.

--A bunch of aliens are cacooned by a huge insect-like monster, and he/she uses the bodies of the cacooned aliens to speak through.

--A big monster threatens you if you do not save him/her. A bunch of spider like insects chase you afterwards; one of your allies shoots one of them, which falls to the ground and splatters, yellow goo flying everywhere.

--An alien runs and shoots a bunch of the insect-like creatures, with fluids spraying everywhere. Some of the smaller insects jump on him and bite him; he yells in pain. The insects then knock him over, and stomp on him, with blood spraying. The scene fades away, and it is implied he died.

--A few dead aliens are seen.

--Two aliens get mad and shove each other around. A man breaks up their fight.

--Enemies are seen shooting some civilians, with a bit of blood.

--Two aliens are shot suddenly, with blood spraying.

--An alien climbs on a door-thing, and tears some of the parts out inside of the thing. He then almost falls and hangs on the thing. The big thing the thing is connected to falls into a pit, with him falling with it, and then the massive explosion is seen.

--A few Husks are seen attacking some aliens; one alien is full of blood, and he punches a Husk out of the way. A few other husks jump on an alien, who screams, and then falls off-screen.

--A plane is shot, and it spins out of control whilst on fire. It crashes into a tank, as people nearby jump out of the way, and the tank is flung up into the air with an explosion, and it crushes a tank in front of it, with an explosion.

--A big alien monster crashes through a bridge in front of you.

--The same monster grabs a tank and drags it into the sand, a scream being heard from the driver of said tank.

--An alien punches a few insect-like aliens and shoots one of them.

--A robot shoots a laser at you, and destroys the platform beneath your character, who falls to the ground, unscathed.

--You run through ruins as a big robot shoots laser beams at you, destroying the pieces of scenery next to you. You later fight him, he stomps at you, your character flinches in pain when it hits you.

--A bunch of spaceships shoot at a big robot.

--A big alien monster and a big robot fight each other; the robot fires lasers at the monster, he misses. The monster grasps the  robot and fights with it; a lot of rubble is seen as they fight and destroy the ruins next to them. Your character runs in the ruins as they fight, and narrowly escapes.

They continue battling as the big robot smacks the monster against a tower, knocking it down. It shoots a few more lasers at the monster, until said monster bursts out, knocks the robot down, with explosions seen, coils up with the robot, and drags it down into the sand, destroying it.

--A piece of wreckage falls next to your character.

--A building is starting to fall apart; a bunch of explosions are seen in and on it.

--An alien walks through said building, and flinches as explosions occur next to him.

--A person stands, and an explosion covers the screen briefly, implying that he was killed.

--A dead alien is set on fire in a funeral like ritual. (See Spiritual Content below)

--A mech hits a vehicle, which flies at a few people, who narrowly avoid it.

--A man lies against a wall with a bit of blood on it, and he appears to have a minor wound.

--An alien is shot through the chest; a bloody bullet wound is seen on both sides of the alien.

--A man is fired at; all the bullets miss. He jumps on a spaceship, and stabs his sword straight through it's engine. It starts flaming, and begins to fall. It crashes onto a building, with an explosion. The people inside are alright.

--A few civilians are shot, with blood spraying. They scream in pain.

--You shoot a bunch of elevators, and the enemies inside. The elevators drop and crash down below off-screen.

--Somebody shoots at you through an elevator. They miss every shot.

--A man knocks a woman onto the floor and points a gun at her.

--You can shoot a man; blood sprays, and a bloody bullet wound is seen. He collapses afterwards, dead.

--A woman grabs another woman by the throat. The defending woman pushes the woman away, and then the attacker falls unconscious.

--Some of the husks swarm a woman, and one stabs her in the stomach, with blood spraying. The husk holds the woman up to it's face, and grabs her head. The dying woman detonates a bomb, and the explosion is heard.

--You can shoot a woman off-screen. She is seen slumping over afterwards, dead.

--A woman is shot by some soldiers, with blood spraying, a man runs and shoots a few of the soldiers, with blood spraying, and then he is shot in the rib, with blood spraying. He walks around injured afterwards.

--Two spaceships are blown up in the sky, with explosions.

--A mech shoots at your character, sending him/her flying, he/she lands on the ground unscathed. Another man shoots an explosive near the mech, causing it to blow up.

--A whole bunch of spaceships fire at each other, with lasers and explosions seen.

--A spinning thing explodes, and a piece of it falls towards your character and narrowly misses.

--Enemies fire a rocket at the platform below you. They hit it, making your character flinch. You have to jump off, and the platform falls just as you escape.

--A spaceship starts getting fired upon; a lot of explosions and wreckage falling is seen from the inside. Your character flinches as he runs from the explosions.

--Your character jumps onto a ledge, which breaks, and your character tumbles off onto other ledges and lands back first. He/she is unscathed afterwards.

--Your character and your allies get flung into the air when an explosion goes off.

--A huge spaceship is shot with a lot of explosions, and blows up in a massive explosion.

--You can punch an alien in the stomach; he cringes in pain, and groans.

--A robot suddenly shuts down, causing a ship to bump into a larger ship.

--On a vague hologram recording, some aliens are seen getting shot, whilst shaking around and falling over. On one recording, a robot is seen disappearing as an explosion happens.

--A whole bunch of robots suddenly shut down, and slump over.

--A few anti-aircraft guns shoot at a spaceship. The people inside almost fall over as this happens.

--An injured alien is seen, covered in blood. He dies after a while.

--A tower is blown up; a big explosion occurs and a giant piece of wreckage is seen falling.

--You sit in a spaceship and shoot at enemies, whilst some of the enemies fire at you, causing the spaceship to jerk around.

--A ship comes in and throws a bomb in a pit, causing a massive explosion. Your character is knocked of his/her ledge, and lands back first on the ground below. He/She is not injured.

--A huge robot uses it's claws to try and attack you.

--A robot is punched down as an alien runs by.

--A big robot chases after you, crushing several buildings in it's path.

--A big robot is bombed; you see a massive explosion, and the robot collapses on the ground, stunned.

--A big robot shoots it's lasers at you. If it hits you with the laser, you die in the same way you always do; you just collapse on the floor.

--You have to call in missiles on a big robot; it flinches when the bombs hit, and you see the explosions. When it is defeated, you see a whole bunch of missiles hit, with lots of explosions, and the giant robot collapses, defeated.

--You can call down an airstrike on it again; a few explosions are seen as it's completely destroyed.

--A robot shuts himself down, and collapses, dead.

--A spaceship is attacked; explosions are seen on the inside, causing a bunch of people to get flung around and die.

--A bunch of spaceships are seen blowing up; a lot of explosions are seen, the ships are seen colliding, the people inside run around screaming, and a bunch of fireballs are seen as the ships fall into the orbit of a planet.

--An alien commits suicide by jumping off a cliff; you don't see the impact on the ground.

--A bunch of dead people in body bags are seen.

--A big robot is seen walking around, with explosions and wreckage as he steps on stuff.

--An explosion goes off behind a woman, who is flung through the air and lands face first on the ground.

--A helicopter is shot and spirals out of control whilst on fire. It crashes off-screen.

--Two dead aliens with blood stains around them, and slashes on their throats, are seen.

--A statue collapses, with lots of rubble scattering.

--You fight a man with a sword; your character flinches in pain when hit.

--A man slaps a woman across the room, and the woman then collides with an ally, and they both lie on the ground.

--A man shoots at another man, who deflects his bullets.

--A bunch of rockets destroy the pillars of a building, and it starts collapsing. More rockets explode inside of it, and your character dodges pieces of wreckage, runs as the floor starts crumbling, and grasps onto a ledge, but falls into the pit.

--Your character climbs out of the pit, the piece of wreckage below him/her falls, grasps onto the ledge, and is helped up by an ally.

--A man runs and fires at a spaceship, but it doesn't get damaged.

--Two aliens are heard screaming in a radio transmission, when you see a few big robots landing on the planet you are on.

--A space ship crashes into a building.

--A few people are seen getting gassed and turned into husks, but this is very brief.

--A woman is seen with cuts, bruises and a little blood on her face.

--A man grabs a woman as a hostage, and threatens to kill her.

--A woman can get shot in the knee, with blood spraying.

--A man is thrown through a window by a woman; glass shatters, and he yells as he falls below.

--A woman collapses, and dies a brief while afterwards.

--The nightmare sequence is seen again, this time with a man and the boy setting on fire, seemingly not in pain at all.

--A spaceship crashes into a space-base and mows down several people. This happens really quickly.

--A spaceship crashes through a door and goes down a hallway, a lot of explosions seen throughout.

--You defeat a man, and he is seen lying on the ground afterwards, with blood coming out of his mouth. He stands up and walks to a man with a sword. The man can dodge it, smash the blade, and stab him with his own blade, bloodlessly. The man collapses dead afterwards.

--A whole bunch of spaceships open fire on each other; a lot of explosions are seen. A few of the enemy ships shoot laser beams at your allies; explosions are seen when they blow up.

--Some ships are blown up; they seperate into pieces with lots of explosions. The smaller ships just explode when shot.

--A big robot fires a laser at a few ships, which explode and crash into the ground off-screen.

--A spaceship, with a man in it, is shot down, it crashes off-screen, and the explosion is seen.

--You shoot a big robot; the massive and sudden explosion is seen, and it falls over with a big thud, destroyed.

--You get a weapon that can make massive explosions; you see said explosion, and any enemy nearby dies or gets severely damaged.

--A bunch of aliens are shot, with blood and chunks flying.

--A few human soldiers are shot, with blood spraying, and a few aliens are shot, with blood spraying.

--Somebody on a building is blown up; the explosion is seen from a distance.

--A spaceship comes by and drops a bomb on your enemies, with the explosion being seen. This happens really quickly.

--A whole bunch of Husks are shot, with blood spraying. An explosion goes off behind some of them, sending them flying.

--A tank is shot, and it blows up; an explosion is seen.

--A whole bunch of people fire at a big robot; it shoots a laser at several people, who jump out of the way. It then shoots at aliens in a building. There is an explosion, and one of the aliens is briefly seen setting on fire.

--A big robot fires lasers at people; this is seen from a distance.

--Missiles fly at a big robot, and miss. They hit buildings around said robot, with the explosions seen.

--Later on, the robot fires it's lasers at you; when you are hit, your character flinches in pain. You fall over and die if you take too much damage from it.

--Two missiles fly into a big robot, and a massive explosion is seen. A few more rockets fly at it, and a whole bunch of explosions are seen. The robot collapses afterwards, destroyed.

--A tank crashes into a ditch; it has flames coming out of it's engine afterwards.

--A big robot fires lasers at you as you run and try to dodge it. It blows up the tanks, helicopters, and soldiers beside you, with explosions being seen and yells of pain being heard. The soldiers simply dissolve into nothing when shot.

--A man is seen lying in a pool of blood, with bruises and bloody cuts all over him. He tries to get up, and walks towards something. A few dead soldiers are seen lying in pools of blood. A dying soldier crawls towards you, and dies before he can reach you.

--You shoot a few enemies in slow motion, with blood and limbs getting blown off seen, just like the rest of the game.

--A whole bunch of dead bodies are seen, lying on top of each other, with some blood on the environment. A few of the bodies appear to be mutilated and some body parts are seen, but this is not focused on. Some blood is also seen dripping from the roof.

--A man is seen with a burnt/slightly disfigured face, which looks a bit disturbing.

--A man is shot through the stomach, with blood spraying. He is then shot through the head, with blood spraying.

--A man is shot, and he falls over. He dies shortly afterwards.

--A close-up is shown of a man's blood soaked arm.

--A man is seen shooting a device, causing it to explode.

--A man is seen gripping two things with electricity in them, and sparks are seen flying.

--A man is seen falling and dissolving into ash, with his skin turning black.

--A bunch of explosions, followed by a larger explosion, caused by a building in space, is seen.

--A bunch of space buildings are seen blowing up, with big explosions seen.

--A space ship is seen flaming, and it tries to evade an explosion. The explosion catches up, and then it fades to black.


--A woman mentions that she thought a female robot's voice is attractive.

--An AI download's itself into a mechanical body, which looks like a woman with very form-fitting clothing. The AI comments that a man would probably want to see her body. Another man remarks "On that, we can probably agree."

--The same AI then speaks about how a man is repressing his affection for her. She asks what humans do when sexually interested in other humans.

You can reply to her and say "You know, there are the intimate talks, thoughtful gifts, the joking around..."
You then try give relationship advice for both of them, but this is milder.

--There is an alien race that are exclusively female, and blue skinned. (They also look like attractive humanoid women.) 

One man whom you speak to says "Oh, and tell that woman I still expect her blue a** in bed with me."

The same woman says "If I have to suffer that scumbag staring at my t**s one more time, I might have to kill him."

She then says that she knows about what he said, (about her having to sleep with him) and that everybody has their delusions.

--A man is mentioned to have been pressured to have a mistress for political reasons.

--Two people flirt with each other; the woman mentions sarcastically when the man mentions a beach that she needs more than hot blue woman to stare at, the man mentions they should get coffee, she mentions that she wouldn't want to interrupt his beach thing, and he tells her if she wears a green dress, then she can interrupt anything she wants to.

--A man is heard on a recording telling another man he loves him. You speak to the latter man, who says that the man who loved him was his husband. You can reassure him, and tell him that his husband cared.

Now, you can probably tell that I do not support homosexuality. And yes, I do believe it's sinful.

...Still with me? Good. Just because I say homosexuality is a sin, doesn't mean I hate the sinner. I think homosexuals are people just like us, just struggling from a really bad temptation that is hard to get out of.

You might tell me that there's no way I can be against homosexuality and not the people. Well, is being against obesity hating obese people? Of course not.

Since I can't go into enough detail here, I will just post a link for the people that disagree. If you truly want to hear the truth, go here. Otherwise, only the Holy Spirit can convince you.

In any case, let's move on:

--Now for the big one; you can engage in sexual encounters with a few people in this game. 


Before I tell you how to avoid them, let me say what they entail; you flirt with some members of your crew, of both genders, (Yes, as you have seen before, homosexuality is in this game.) and then you have the option of sleeping with them.

I haven't watched any of these scenes, nor do I plan to, but what I know is that it involves a lot of kissing and partial clothing, but it cuts away before any actual sex.

If you want to avoid this, simply do not flirt with crew members, or do not accept when they want to consummate the romance.

I would say it's safer just to not flirt with them. So now that's out of the way, let's move on:

--If you get an interview with one woman, after you're done she tells you that it was so good, maybe she'll follow you home afterwards.

You can tell her that you are already home, (Which you are) and ask what happens now. She says she had enough from you. For tonight, at least.

--A woman mentions that an alien race have a rare genetic disorder; when they "Bond" they kill their partner, and consume their energy.

--A Husk of an alien race looks vaguely like a woman, who is nude, but there is not any detail in this regard. She does have a few glowing spots all over and on her chest, which look like......nipples.

Yeah, I know. Gross, but that's the way it looks.

--A woman says she'll finish her news story later, but she's got other things to do now. She just needs the right body. Your character can tell her to spend the night. She reluctantly accepts, and she and your character kiss, and it fades to black. It is only implied more than that happened.

--Your character is seen waking up without a shirt and in shorts. This is if your character is a man. I don't know what happens if you're a woman.


Infrequent Language: Uses of F**k, S**t, with it's variations, (Bulls**t) H**l, D**n, A*s, B**ch, B****rd, P**s, B**ls, and T**s.

God's name is used in vain occasionally.

Spiritual Content: 

--An alien woman says "Thank the Goddess you're alive!" when she sees you.

--A man says "Hallelujah. Some answers, finally." when he speaks to a woman.

--A woman mentions she practically worshipped a man.

--Sometimes, evolutionary principles are discussed, like the universe being really old, creatures evolving, and so on.

--"Goddess!" is sometimes used as a swear word.

--"Spirits!" is also sometimes used as a swear word.

--An alien says "May the Spirits watch over us all."

--There is a nightclub called "Purgatory", which you can go to.

--An alien thanks you after recovering an artifact, saying that his people need any reminder of their faith they can get.

--You can recover an obelisk from a planet, but the actual obelisk is not shown.

--An alien calls another alien woman Eve, as her real name is unknown, and he considered "Human mythology" appropriate.

--A painting of a skull is seen.

--Some spirals are seen on the clothing of an alien.

--A hieroglyphic of an alien with a staff and several other aliens looking at it while seemingly bowing down, is seen.

--A funeral like ritual is performed; an alien mentions commiting the dead person to the Void, and he throws powder down into a pit. The subtitles call him a Shaman.

--A man says "The Gods of War haven't given up on us yet." as an expression.

--A man mentions that one alien race thought that another alien race were gods.

--Some symbols in a monastery, right on the ground, look like the sun with rays coming out of it, so these are obviously sun symbols.

--Speaking of the monastery, you do visit one at a certain point during the game, but there is not nothing spiritual here at all, besides the aforementioned symbols, of course.

--An alien says "Ancestors, forgive me." at one point.

--An alien says of his dead comrades "I hope they find comfort in the homeworld's skies."

--You go into a temple; the only reason to indicate it is a church of some kind is that it's mentioned to be.

--A statue of a woman looking up into the sky, is seen. A woman mentions this was supposed to be their goddess. She goes on about how they think they the universe is one big whole conciousness, which isn't heard much as your character interrupts her a brief while afterwards.

--An alien says he senses something in the temple; it later turns out to be something NOT supernatural.

Drug References/Usage:

Nothing. (As far as I know.)

Alcohol References/Usage: 

--There is a bar in this game. You can walk up to it, and take a few drinks.

Tobacco Usage:

--One character is seen constantly smoking a cigarette.

Gross Stuff:

--Some of the aliens look really ugly, so that may count as gross.

--At one point, you shoot several egg-like growths, which explode or melt into yellow fluids.

Scary Stuff:

--The Husks are people who were zombified as robots, and they growl, so they are a bit peek-into-the-darkness-at-night inducing, if you know what I mean. They also sometimes jump out and scare you at times, so that doesn't help matters.

--A few enemies named "Cannibals" are seen. They have glowing eyes and mouths, so they are also a bit startling to look at.

--Shepherd has a nightmare of Kyle's face---I mean, chasing after a child who died earlier. While this is more emotional than scary, it's a bit unsettling.

--You go into a place that is really dark, and you hear some screeching noises. You then fight enemies that shriek loudly.

--Those enemies have a very gross and creepy appearence; they are the ones Kyle mentioned in the sex/nudity category who have lights on their, well, you know.......

And they just look really creepy and disgusting, with their appearence looking.......disgusting.

Miscellaneous Negative Content:

You can be a bit of jerk in this game, depending on how you play it. You can lie to people, you can be brash with them, you can punch people or yell at them, and you can just be an unpleasent person otherwise. (If you play that way. You can also be nice guy/girl.)

Positive Content:

Depending on how you play it, your character can have good morals, such as encouraging or saving people from death.

Besides that, this game is just a sci-fi shooter.

Review of Game

Shepherd's final game is pretty good. Besides the ending, which falls flat entirely, the game is solidly made, written, and acted, to make a thoroughly enjoyable experience. (To watch, at least.)

Let me you give the premise: After the events of Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepherd, the player's character, returns to Earth, only to be caught in the middle of a Reaper invasion.

Shepherd knew the Reapers were coming, but nobody chose to listen to him, which means that Earth got caught hideously off-guard.

With the casualties going up by the minute, Shepherd and his crew flee to the reaches of space, in order to find help for his home planet.

What makes this difficult, however, is the fact that other races are also struggling to defend their home worlds against the Reapers, and are reluctant to help Shepherd because of it.

What he needs to do know, is convince other races that he can be trusted, and that they should help him save Earth, before it's too late.....

I'll confess; I haven't played or watched Mass Effect 1 OR 2. 

Yeah, I should, I know.

But if the previous installments are as good as this one, then it seems like this is a series worth my time.

I'll have to play the actual game to give you a better review, but I will talk about the one biggest negative aspect of the game; it's ending(s).

I won't spoil anything, as per usual, but the game gives you a choice, it seems all well and emotional, until.....the ending. The endings don't differ much at all. All the choices you made amount to nothing, which is the biggest problem, and it disappointed many gamers.

Apparently it makes you want to smack the screen in anger and threaten to sue BioWare (the company who made the game) for disappointing you because you've stuck with the game series so long and really loved the characters and atmosphere, and, well, everything, and they made an ending that doesn't satisfy you at all?

...Which is what actually happened. People demanded BioWare fix the ending, and apparently they did. I have yet to watch the endings, so I don't know if they are worth it.

But in spite of this, the game does have solid moments throughout that are not affected by the ending, and let's be honest; the ending is really the only BAD part of the game.

Anyways, let's conclude.

Solid, emotional, even if the ending falls flat, Mass Effect 3 is a good game that entertains and provides you with a great cast of characters.

At least, it seems that way from watching it.

Content Verdict: Strong Caution


So that's it! I hope you're happy with the detailed review I gave you. I know that there's probably more content, but I gave you the low-down on the moments you are most likely to encounter.

MAYBE, I'll buy this game and update this review, but no promises.

Until then, me and Hawke bid you farewell!

Hawke: Hey, don't group me with you!

Kyle: ....Shush.

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