September 05, 2012

KVR Archive: Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos LONELY REVIEW

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos, I-War 2 or Edge of Chaos for short, is a 2001 video game released for the PC. As some of you may know, I said that this is my favourite game of all time.

I've already praised it to death before, so this is just going to be a review.

Areas of Concern:

Violence: There are several sequences of ships getting blown up, damaged, and fire fights. Since most of this takes place in space, and you don't really see people dying, this is not that bad.

In the storyline, several scenes depict ships getting blown up, and people yelling and screaming as this is happening.

There is not really much content to describe here. All of this is removed from reality, still intense, but not too bad.

Sex/Nudity: One station you go to has a neon sign of dancing women on the outside. You cannot see inside, however.

Language: Uses of D**n, C**p, Bl***y, and milder swearing like Son of a dog, and a partial use of S**t.

God's name is used at MOST twice during the game. In fact, I'm not even sure if I heard it all.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: A few bars you go to, but you don't see inside.

Really mild references here.

Spiritual Content: Some of the ship's names are like Spirit of Capitilism, or Spirit of Commerce, or something like that, but these are just names and they don't have any spiritual connotations. (Pardon the pun.)

A few references in an encyclopedia to people having religious beliefs, not Christian, but these never really come up in the storyline.

Creepy Stuff: During the last part of the game, you see things that look like flashing lights, that attack you. They drone in a very creepy way, and scream when you shoot them.

Really scary, but it is removed from reality at least.

Morality: You play as space pirates, who loot cargo from bad guys and such. This may count as bad morality, but this is not really that significant.

That's all the content! On to the considerably restrained review:

Review of Game:
General Combat Gameplay.

It's my favourite game, but I will refrain from praising it too much.

I-War 2 is a Space Adventure, where you take on the role of Cal Johnston, who as a boy watched his father getting murdered at the hands of Caleb Maas, a greedy tycoon who wants domination of the universe. Or a portion of it at least.

To be honest with you, the story is only okay. It's nothing extraordinary. It isn't bad, but not a masterpiece either.

Cal is not much of a protagonist. He's just there to drive the story forward. He works okay as an avatar for the player, but other than that, he's just a guy.

What is good about the writing, however, is the atmosphere. I really, really like the systems you travel to, the people you meet, no matter how minor or cardboard they may be.

This game is a game where you simply relax and enjoy flying through space. It's a really peaceful game...for the most part.

Until you get to the firefights. Oh boy. This is easily the most frustrating, but also the most rewarding part of the game.

You probably will break a few monitors at sections, as this game really puts you to the test.

But as I said, it's also very rewarding. You collect loot from trade ships you successfully robbed, and trade them for that you can go rob ships, get cargo, and trade them for more weapons and so on and so forth.

Yes, it also gets a little bit repetitive too. This game is not flawless.

In fact, let me get the bad parts out of the way real quickly; there's not a lot of replay value, the game seems to be really lonely as you visit space and you can't really talk to anybody outside of missions, and I have only finished this game once, with the help of cheats.

What, don't give me that look! It gets really hard, especially at the last three missions.

I could probably beat the game without any assistance, (I didn't skip, I just made it a bit more easy for myself.) know......

Irony huh? My favourite game, and I only beat it once.

But it still remains my favourite, in spite of it's flaws, simply for nostalgic reasons.

If you ask me, the good memories I get is more than enough. Good memories only come from good games, and by that logic, this is a good game.

Or something like that.

Anyways, it's time I wrap this up.

This game will remain my favourite, and it's tragically underrated. Sure, it's not a masterpiece, but it deserves a second chance. Please, look it up at GOG and see if you wanna buy it. It's really cheap, and worth it. 
Highly recommended.

Verdict: Average
Quality: Good
  • Good Gameplay: The game plays well, and it's enjoyable. Gets very difficult later on, however.

  • Okay Story: The story isn't bad, but not a masterpiece either. I wish there was more to it, but unfortunately there is not.

  • Great Audiovisual: It's old, so what? This game looks good, and the space environments are breathtaking. The voice actors do a decent job of portraying their characters, but they are a bit forgettable.

  • Mild Sci-Fi Violence: Some explosions, screaming, and scenes with emotional impact.

  • Infrequent Moderate Language: Not a lot, but there are a few cuss words in this game.

  • Very Mild Suggestive Reference: One neon sign of a woman you'll probably miss.

  • Very Mild Spiritual Content: References in an encyclopedia. Other than that, nothing.

  • So-So Morality: You play as space pirates. Not really anything else.

  • Creepy Stuff: The last few missions have very creepy moments, so you might want to take that in mind.

  • Ages 10 and up should be okay, with a bit of parental guidance.

So that's it! My short review of my favourite game. I hope you liked it, and it gave you a good insight.

Hopefully next week I'll have a review of a newer release for you.

By the way, I want to clarify about The Walking Dead: Episode Two; I said Hawke was going to do the next review. What I meant by that is that Hawke is going to do The Walking Dead: EPISODE THREE.

I'm sorry if I caused any confusion. I only came to that realization myself today.

Be blessed, and I will see you next week! Kyle out! :P

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