September 21, 2012

Top Five: Best Game Soundtracks

Who doesn't like good music? 

Besides that cat, I mean.

From up in Heaven with pre-fall lucifer and all his musical instruments, to the dubstep and techno and hip-hop and rap and clap and sap and......Bieber Music, I doubt any of us will stop making music any time soon.

Besides that cat, I mean.

Here are five excerpts from game soundtracks, which are really good.

Also known as: The game I SEVERELY regret giving a good review for! The annoying glitches in the PC version, plus the disappointing storyline, with it's equally disappointing endings, made this game a no-no.

BUT, the one good thing about this game is the soundtrack. Michael McCann composed for the game, and the Main Theme above is one of his compositions.

Dark, reflective, and cool, the theme perfectly fits the tone of the game. Or the intended tone, should I rather say.

While the game is pretty good, it wasn't extraordinary. It was solid, but more could have been done with it, particularly with the bombs mechanic.

However, the soundtrack was a bold exception; epic, tense, it's almost as good as a hollywood blockbuster's soundtrack, if not better.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 

While I don't like what they did to the Super Mario Bros. Theme Tune, which sounds really babyish and not as epic as it could have been. But that's just one flawed composition in an otherwise really epic soundtrack.

The Nintendo Orchestra hit those notes so hard that it could set off earthquakes. The music is epic, epic, and very epic.

Surprise, surprise, another soundtrack by Michael McCann. This soundtrack is so good, that it's actually a flaw; the track above? It kinda overshadows the rest of the soundtrack. Sure, all the music in the game is really good, but they are very subtle compared to the epicness of the main theme.

Still, it's epic all round, and very haunting and beautiful.

Yes, even though I BANNED this game, I still admitted that it's very high quality. The soundtrack, is no exception. In fact, it's better than a hollywood movie.

Seriously, listen to the track above. And all the other tracks too. 


AND, while we're on the subject of Metal Gear Solid, here's this one track from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

I hope you enjoyed the music I posted for you. Next week, I'll try to have a review up, but I'm gonna be off the internet, so brace yourselves for the possibility of there not being one.

I'll see you again! :P

September 19, 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode Three Areas of Concern

The Walking Dead: Episode Three is the third instalment in the Walking Dead season of video games, released in 2012 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

As you may know, at the end of Episode Two, I told Hawke that he could do the next review. I meant 'next' as in the next instalment of Walking Dead. A bit confusing, but okay. So take it away Hawke......

Hawke: It's a real honour, sweetheart!

Kyle: Ugh......

Green is for me, Red is for Hawke. 

PLEASE NOTE: Hawke is fictional. Don't take the banter between us too seriously. :P

Areas of Concern:

Violence: Two men walk through a ruined town. Some blood stains are seen on the road.

A man tries to pull another man up onto a truck. The man cringes in pain, and drops the other man, who lands on the bonnet of a car, cracking the windshield.

A woman screams as a bunch of Walkers (Zombies) come out of windows and alleys to chase her. A zombie bites her foot, with blood spraying.

You can choose to save her, or leave her. If you leave her, a zombie bites her neck briefly, with blood spraying. She runs away.

She is heard screaming in the background for quite a while afterwards, not really getting harmed, more just being terrified.

Eventually, her annoying screams subside. A man mentions that 'they' got her, meaning she is probably dead.

A man throws a cupboard over onto a Walker, with a crack being heard and a little bit of blood.

A man shoots some Walkers, with blood spraying.

You fend off a Walker, by smacking him in the face with the butt of a rifle, and then throwing him onto rebarred concrete, with blood spraying. The Walker dies briefly after.

A man is shot in the head, with blood spurting. A few other guys are shot, with blood spraying. The enemies yell in pain. This all happens quickly. 

A whole bunch of enemies open fire at your character and his friends. You can shoot them back with a rifle: When you do so, the enemy falls over, with a bit of blood seen spraying.

A man is grabbed by a Walker, and is seen getting neck munched from a distance. He yells in pain.

A Walker falls over onto a woman, who has blood on the side of her face. The Walker tries to eat the struggling woman. The Walker is shot, and blood stains a boy nearby.

You can also shoot Walkers: A bit of blood sprays, and they slump over, dead.

A man runs over some Walkers with a car; they disappear underneath the car, and one Walker is sent flying.

A man hits a Walker with a RV; the Walker is caught underneath the truck, and blood spurts out briefly.

The Walker is then pulled out from under the truck, with a crunch being heard and blood seen spurting. The man who pulled him out then stomps on his head, with blood spurting briefly. The Walker dies immediately. 

A woman tries to shoot a man; another man runs to stop the bullet and is shot instead, with blood spraying.

A bite wound is seen on a person; it is red and bruised.

A Walker girl suddenly attacks a man; she is seen with blood all over her face. The scene cuts away before anything happens.

A Walker is seen sitting on a chair in a room stained with blood.

A man hits the head of a dead guy. The guy slumps over, and you see half his face is missing. This is not really detailed, but a bit gruesome.

You hit a Walker in the face with a car door; his face flattens up, his jaw falls off, and blood spurts. It's a bit gruesome, but it happens quickly.

A person is seen coughing up blood, staining a woman's shirt. 

Two men punch and choke each other. They do not get seriously injured.

A person is said to be dying, and will become a Walker if they die. They take said guy off into the forest, to be shot.

A person is seen dead, with blood pooling out of the head.

You shoot a person, off-screen. The gun shot is heard. Afterwards, a bloody head wound and blood stains on the surrounding environment is seen, but this is from a distance.

You can hit a Walker with a wrench; blood spurts and the Walker flies backwards. 

You can hit another Walker with a wrench; he is hit several times in rapid succession, blood sprays, and he falls over, dead. This happens quickly.

A Walker is shot in the face; blood sprays, and he falls over, dead.

A man jumps onto a train, and falls off of it. He is seen with a leg injury afterwards.

Player Deaths:

If you fail at fending off a Walker, he jumps onto you and bites your neck, with blood spraying.

Since there are not a lot of death scenes, I can't accurately determine how bad they are, but since the situations are not as bad as Episode 2, I guess there are only neck-munchings and shootings in this instalment.

Once again, I'm not sure. Can't really say much here.

Sex/Nudity: A man sarcastically remarks that a place is so exposed, that they might as well hang a sign outside that says "come rape our women and children."

Language: Frequent Swearing: Uses of S**t, H**l, F**k,  and A*s.

Misuses of God and Jesus' name occur infrequently.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: A bottle of liquor is seen. You can give it to another man. You can also drink it with him.

Spiritual Content: Nothing this time around.

Creepy Stuff: There a few sequences where Walkers suddenly jump out, scare, and try to attack you.

Gross Stuff: The Walkers are decomposing people, who are stained with blood and stumble around. Basically, they look like your average zombie.

Morality: People are struggling to survive, so they sometimes do stupid things, like shoot each other or compromise the safety of their group and so on and so forth.

So the morality is not really an issue, but I will say it's a bit iffy.

Review of game:

The writing remains top notch in this game, and the characters remain compelling.

Not much else to say here. All the episodes are very high quality, and this one is no exception.

Now on to the most important issue:

This episode can actually be given a Strong Caution. Whilst Episode One and Two had a few very gory moments, those moments are absent from this episode.

Now, you might be saying: "But Hawke! Playing this episode is rather pointless, as you have skipped over the first two. Should I get those first two?"

I don't know yet, but if the next two episodes make the cut, then I'll have to review the whole Season-

Kyle: We'll have to review the whole Season of the Walking Dead episodes, so that we can help you come to a conclusion.

Hawke: .....Yeah, whatever sweetheart.

Verdict: Strong Caution
  • Great Game: The quality in the writing, voice acting, and characters remains impressive.

  • Strong Brief Violence: The violence in this installment is quite brief. I haven't watched the death scenes, so maybe those are bit worse.

  • Frequent Strong Language: People curse, and use Jesus' name infrequently.


  • Iffy Morality: Along the lines of; that guy shot somebody! Should we leave him behind, or let him tag along? In other words, there's a lot of conflicting choices.

So there it is. I still have to review the next two episodes before I can tell you to buy or not to buy.

And yes, I (Hawke) will be doing the next two, on account of there not being much to make fun of in this episode. Darn.

See you next episode!

Hawke. :)))))))) 

September 14, 2012


After an eternity, (roughly) I realised that I had promised to make some articles, and never got around to doing so.

This is one of those articles.

My Deus Ex: Human Revolution review mentioned every single thing the game contained, except for what Transhumanism fully entails.

In this short post, I hope to at least give you an overview of what the beef is with the movement, and hopefully give you a good insight into what's right and wrong about it.

Let's begin:

What is Transhumanism?

Rooted in eugenics, Transhumanism is the belief that man can and should improve himself using biological and technological means.

Basically, it involves man becoming more than human, hence the name.

The technological movement is characterized by an H+, meaning Human Plus. Clever.

What is wrong with this movement, you might ask? Well, if anybody has an intention to be more than human, it's already dangerous, but let's speak about both aspects real quickly:


The problem with this is that it involves mixing human and non-human DNA, the mixing of the seed that God clearly forbids in his word. 

And, a demon can take possession of whatever creature they make using animal and human DNA. This is a very dangerous practice, and it is forbidden in the Bible.


"But Kyle! What about people who lost limbs or have poor eyesight?"

You make a good point, amigo. I'll get to those people in a second.

But first, the bad part: Once again, many people want to "Upgrade" themselves to become more than human. Many evolutionists are behind this movement, NOT ALL OF THEM ARE, but the majority of Transhumanists are atheists and evolutionists.

Many of the Transhumanists believe that man can become God, and he should attain that status.

This is exactly what Satan tempted Eve with in the garden of Eden. He told her if she eats of the forbidden fruit, she will become like God, and that was forbidden.

Now what about people with injuries, like Adam Jensen in the game?

This is something entirely different. For example; if you are somebody with poor eyesight, and you want to have better eyesight, then it is okay to get an artificial upgrade.

If you are a disabled war veteran, who lost limbs on the battlefield, then getting limb replacements are okay.

And if you are somebody like Adam Jensen, who had no control over how much they pumped him full of artificial body parts, to the point where he was more than human, then you are judged by your intentions.

If you didn't want to be more than human, but are now stuck with being a transhuman, then you have not sinned. As I said, you are judged by your intentions. 
God's not going to send you to hell for somebody else's actions. 

But if you take full advantage of being more than human, and act like a God, then you are in sin.

What if you're somebody, who did become more than human, using technological means, but suddenly you regret it, and want to repent before God? Then you are forgiven, provided you are genuinely repentant.

Hopefully this gives a bit of insight into Transhumanism, whether or not it is sinful, and that Jesus has shown you a few things about it.

I got one other post that I promised to make and forgot about, so you should see that next week Friday!

Until then, this is Kyle saying goodbye, and God bless! :P

September 13, 2012

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Games I have played:

Half Life 2 (2004)

Games I have NOT played:
(Only watched) 
Swat 4 (2005)
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Games of 2013/onwards:

Beyond: Two Souls (TBA)

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Please note, this list is in no particular order. These reviews will come out in the order I publish them.