August 17, 2012

Friday post on a Friday

Since I recently decided to post on Mondays and Fridays, in addition to my usual Wednesday review post, I decided to post something that is not useless today.

Namely, something you can use, like social media. Because I haven't got enough material for today, you see, I decided to talk about my presence in the realm of the social media-sphere. And stuff. Follow me on these sites to get more updates about the blog, whenever and wherever.



(You have to be logged in first) Facebook can be used for a lot of stuff, namely reaching out to people about your blog, for ministry, for business, and what-have-you.

There's a lot of potential in Facebook. I highly recommend you check it out, but just beware of the fact that whatever you post there is being logged. In layman's terms, no privacy! O_O


(You must be logged in first.)

There is a lot to Twitter, including the fact that you can communicate with lots of people. That might not sound exciting at first, but slowly you start to discover it's worth. I recommend it, and follow me if you want updates about my blog.

Google Plus:

(You must be logged in-well, I'm sure you know by now.)

Another social networking site. Yeah. Not much here, except that it's much easier to share stuff from sites with it. Circle me if you like. :P

Other sites:

I haven't gotten to any other sites yet, but I am busy checking them out, namely tumblr, Deviantart, and what ever there is to find.

Hope you have fun! I'll see you again on Monday, hopefully with something more to do with video games! :P

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