August 08, 2012

KVR Archive: Crysis 2 MAXIMUM REVIEW

Crysis 2 is a 2011 video game released for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. As always, I'm more of a PC guy, and will be focusing on that version instead. Although, I'm sure that the console versions are the same content wise.

(Images are from IGN's website.)

Areas of Concern:

Violence: This is a shooter, which involves a lot of shooting. When enemies are shot, they cry out in pain, and a moderate amount of blood sprays, sometimes staining the environment.

You can sneak up on enemies, and stab them or break their necks. When you stab them, blood spurts out, and the enemy briefly cries out in pain. When you break necks, the enemy's head twists around briefly with a crack, and some blood is seen spurting. This happens quickly. 

You can also punch them; blood sprays, they yell in pain, and jerk around when you hit them.

You can also pick them up, and use them as human shields. Blood sprays when they are shot. You can kill them, either by just throwing them, or by snapping their necks.

You encounter aliens; you can do the same to them, except they emit a pinkish fluid instead of red blood. If you pick them up, you can kill them by throwing, punching, slitting throats, or sneaking up behind them and stabbing them in the head. Pink fluids are seen throughout.

You can also shoot, punch, or squash smaller aliens with the same results.

During the course of the game, you can see people infected with a virus; they have a fleshy growth covering them, and they look pretty disgusting. They are sometimes seen with blood around them and on them too.

A few dead bodies, of infected or otherwise, are seen lying around in the environments you go to, sometimes with blood stains on or around them. 

When you are shot, blood stains the corners of the screen. When you are killed, you simply spin around and fall over. 

Storyline Violence: Live action footage of mass panic and riots are seen. These shots are not graphic.

A submarine is suddenly attacked, and explosions are seen. A few people who have drowned are seen floating on the surface.

A whole bunch of soldiers are shot, with blood spraying, sometimes on the camera. A few dead soldiers are seen lying around too.

A man shoots himself in the head. The screen distorts, but you can still see his head jerk back and hear a gunshot. 

A bunch of dead people, who were infected with the virus, are seen lying in cages with flies buzzing around, and some dead people with blood stains around them are seen too.

A table with a corpse that was busy being autopsied, is seen. A bloody cut is seen on the chest area.

Some medical bags with a bit of blood stains on them are seen, implying there are body parts inside. This is not graphic.

Some soldiers are seen shooting infected soldiers, blood spraying.

A man is seen getting attacked by a cockroach like alien. The alien stabs him in the back, he screams briefly, and then dies. The same happens to a soldier, but he is stabbed a bit more, and struggles against the aliens.

Some skeletons are seen lying in a red goo, implying that people melted into this organic matter. Yum.

An alien pierces your suit, and he shocks you. He is then, uh, rejected by the suit, meaning he pulls his claw out, and runs away.

A helicopter suddenly crashes through a building. The pilot is heard screaming, and when you look at the aftermath, there is blood on the cockpit. 

You grab a guy and fall out the window with him. You punch him a few times, then fall on a bus on top of him. Some blood is seen afterwards.

A man is grabbed by another man and slammed into a window. Blood stains the window.

A man smacks you in the face several times.

A helicopter suddenly spins out of control, and is heard crashing. You are flung out of it, and hit the ground. The screen fades to black.

Two soldiers are swarmed by a wave of particles. They choke, blood spurts, and they fall over dead.

A few soldiers are shot by aliens. One soldier jerks around as he is shot. Blood briefly stains the camera.

A flashback to the first Crysis is shown; a dead man hangs upside down, blood dripping from him, and his face looking gruesome. Another flashback depicts a man burning up into flames, with a bit of ashes seen afterwards.

A small alien stabs into the corpse of an infected, with a bit of pink fluid spraying.

You walk through a section with a lot of infected people, some coughing and babbling about random things. A few bloody puddles are seen, as well as some people with a bit more of the growth, which is spreading along the floors and walls.

An alien picks up a soldier, shoots him several times with blood spraying, then throws him aside. This happens with a few soldiers at times during the game.

Two soldiers lie on the ground coughing. They eventually stop coughing, dead.

A big alien smacks you out of a building. You push a trigger to blow up another building. This causes a derailed tram to be knocked forward and pin the alien into a building.

A bunch of aliens suddenly explode, with a crack noise being heard and they are seen inflating before exploding. A weapon you can acquire later in the game can make the same thing happen.

You grab a man's neck tightly, with a brief burst of blood, and then throw him through a sharp window, blood spurting briefly, and he lands on the ground, blood spurting again, and lies in a puddle of blood, and a blood splat stain around him. He tries to stand up afterwards, but collapses dead instead.

A bunch of lasers brutally shock you; some blood is seen staining the screen.

Two soldiers are shot several times in rapid succession; blood stains the screen.

A man is slammed headfirst into a laptop; blood spurts and stains the table.

A whole bunch of aliens are seen bursting apart, with fluids seen.
Sex/Nudity: A man is describe to have a "hard-on" for a guy in a suit. This is meant more as a metaphor.

A man says "Stop standing with your d**ks in your hands, people!" He means this in metaphor. 

The rating for this game on another site mentions that there are corpses with exposed buttocks. I have not seen any, and I looked at every single infected to see if they have a, well, you know, exposed buttocks. There are none. (As far as I know.)

Language: Frequent Language; uses of F**k, with it's variants, (Motherf***er) S**t, with it's variants, (Bulls**t) B**ch, B**t**d, P**s, A*s, D**n, D**k, and H**l.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain, unfortunately. Infrequent, but still unnecessary.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: A man mentions that a woman began drinking and doing drugs, and was discharged for it.

Spiritual Content: The evolution theory is mentioned by some people, who use it reference the biology of the aliens.

The game's engine (CryEngine 3) has the symbol of an eye for it's logo. The game starts up, and focuses on it for quite a while. This is a bit questionable, as the symbol is masonic. Maybe it focuses this long deliberately so....Maybe.

One character wonders if there will be a Heaven or Hell after he dies. He remarks that one unlearns such supposed 'falsehoods' over time, but he remains scared of Hell.

For Christians with an impressionable faith, please avoid this game solely based on this remark. It may just cause doubt, which is not good.

For me, I've listened to the worst of Atheistic arguments, and my faith came out stronger because of it, which means I find remarks like this to be on be both amusing and sad at the same time, because such people are deceived greatly.

But ultimately for you, it's between you and Jesus.

Creepy Stuff: Some of the aliens may count as creepy, but nothing substantial.

Gross Stuff: The people who are infected with the virus look pretty disgusting.

The virus has a fleshy growth that is sometimes seen covering walls and environments. It's a bit disgusting. 

Themes: The story deals with the subject of posthumanism, which is a subject with multiple facets, (Transhumanism being one of them.) but they mainly concern the nature of man.

In this game, there quite a few references to what becomes of a man after death, and ways death itself can be suspended through the use of technology.

Of course, this is fiction, and the Bible says that it is only appointed for man to die once and thereafter comes the judgement.

So everything you see here about suspended death, is fiction. The story also delves into the subject of Transhumanism. I'm not sure if it supports it or not, but it looks like the developers were more concerned with telling a story with it being one of the themes, instead of actually promoting it.

....Maybe. Your suit and it's other features are very nifty, so that may count towards promotion of Transhumanism.

Morality: Your character mainly kills in self defense. Of course, the stabbings are a bit excessive for 'self defense', but it doesn't veer off into murder. Ultimately, the morality is so-so.

Other characters are shown to be arrogant and back-stabbing, so that is to be noted. The aliens are just aliens; blowing everything up because they can.

Alright! That should be all there is to mention content wise, so let's wrap it up and review!

Review of Game:

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty good. You are given a bit of options on how you want to play it, but it mostly is stealth, assault, or a mixture of both.

The game is quite linear, noticeably so, but it isn't a flaw completely. The game is bit less flexible than it's predecessor, but it's also more focused than said predecessor.

There a few thrilling sequences, and the game isn't boring at all. It isn't perfect, but it's still not bad overall.

Story: The story is okay. Not bad, but not good either. The story does have some depth, but the characters are pretty thin in comparison.

As I said, it manages to entertain, even if it's all it does; entertain. Ultimately, the story is pretty forgettable, but it serves it's purpose.

Audiovisual: Excellent! The first game was known as a groundbreaking title, technology wise, and the sequel is no different. All the environments are stunningly detailed, and the character models look good, even if they feature some stiff animation.

The voice acting is okay, but also pretty forgettable. 

System Specs: You might have to get yourself a better PC if you want to play this. The game runs fine on my computer, but it's a pretty solid machine, so I don't know about everybody else.

If you want to check if you can run it, go to the website, err, Can You Run It? That should give you the answer you need.

Music: The music is pretty good, one of the best parts of the game along with the graphics and gameplay. It's hard not to get the chills when you hear the score kick in. Two thumbs up in this regard!

Click here for my Review Conclusion.

Alright, that's everything! Time for the verdict:

Verdict: Moderate Caution
Quality: Good
  • Good Gameplay: The game is pretty fun, if not groundbreaking. It's entertaining, and quite a solid package.
  • Okay Story: Pretty forgettable, but it does have a little bit of depth to go for it, so there's that. Ends on an okay note, though.
  • Great Audiovisual: One of the best looking games on the market, despite a few glitches and stiff animations. Better upgrade your PC so that you can show your friends how awesome it looks!
  • Great Music: The music lends to the emotions of the moments in the game, even if the game doesn't contain enough of, well, emotion. But it still is great regardless.
  • Brief Bloody Violence: Not that bad, but it is a bit gruesome now and then. Generally the violence contains a bit of blood, and then it's over. The virus infecting the city is pretty disgusting though.
  • Frequent Strong Language: There is nothing justifiable about the language. It's there, but it didn't need to be. Up to you in this category.
  • Minor Drug and Alcohol Reference: Nothing else that I can remember.
  • Mild Spiritual Content: One Atheistic remark, and another remark about the evolution theory.
  • So-so Morality: Nothing praiseworthy, but nothing noteworthy either.
  • The minimum age you should be is 15 to play this.

So that's it! Hopefully this review gave you some good insights. I barely managed to make it on time, so now I'm gonna rest. XD

See ya next time! :P

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