July 11, 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode One Areas of Concern

(PLEASE NOTE: Hawke is a fictional character, and is there for humour. If it looks like two Christians fighting each other, it's not. Just wanted to make that clear, and as they are jokes, don't take our banter too seriously. :P)

The Walking Dead is a 2012 video game spread across "Episodes". I will only be focusing on Episode One in this review. Apparently it is based upon a series of comic books, from which a TV show was adapted TOO!

I have no experience with either, as such, I don't know how gory or "supernatural" it is, so this review is made up as I go along. Should be interesting. :)

Oh, and Hawke is along for the ride. Yay.

Hawke: Hm Hm! I love me some TV shows! Always great to have a Cokesi, a nice bag of munchy stuff, and a LED TV playing my favourite shows. Man, good times! Would you kindly pass me the popcorn, cherry?

Kyle: It's a game, scrunchball. Besides, there is no popcorn left. You ate it. Remember? Oh, and please don't call me cherry. People will think badly.

Hawke: Alright, alright, I'll not call you cherry anymore, sweetheart.

Kyle: That's not any better! Now people will think even more bad-

Hawke: Yeah, whatever. Let's go to the Review!

Kyle: Areas of Concer-

Hawke: Areas of Concern!

Areas of Concern:

Red is for Hawke, Green is for Kyle.
Violence: An incompetent so-called police officer crashes into a zombie, blood splats on the windshield real quickly, and the car spins out of control. He and the Player Character (PC) tumble over for a while, and then stop.

PC looks at a car with a bit of blood stains. A man is heard firing a gun and screaming horribly in the background.

PC wakes up in said car, and looks at his leg to see a bloody wound on it.

PC looks at the incompetent officer to reveal that he is lying in blood, looking dead.

The incompetent police officer suddenly lunges at PC, and there is some blood stains seen on his mouth. He tries to kill PC. PC finds a shotgun, and fires at the officer. There is a blood burst, and half his head is seen missing. There is a brief close up. A blood pools around his half-head. Literal half-head, I mean. >:)

If you fail; the police officer grabs PC and bites his neck with blood spraying. This is seen for a few seconds, and then it cuts away.

PC walks into a house, with a bit of blood stains on the walls and the floor. PC tries to walk over the bloodstains, and slips in it. Yum. A bit of the sauce is seen on him afterwards.

PC listens to messages left on a tape machine; the final message is of what seems to be a dying mother telling her daughter she loves her.

PC is suddenly attacked by a zombified incompetent babysitter. She grabs his arms and growls at PC. PC breaks free and slips over the blood, AGAIN, and hits his head against a cupboard.

PC crawls away, and kicks the zombie. She attacks him again, he punches her. She attacks him AGAIN, he punches her. He grabs a hammer, and gives her one to the head.

He proceeds to hit hear four times more; three times in rapid succession, blood sprays, her head splits open, and then a fourth time, the hammer gets stuck, he jerks it loose, and you get the nice visual of her having a literal "splitting' headache, with blood pooling out and her white eyes looking at opposite directions.

Sweet dreams, sweetheart!


-_- Never mind. Moving on:

If you fail at fighting the babysitter, this happens; She grabs PC, and bites his neck with blood spraying. She then proceeds to bite him some more, off-screen.

PC has to push a car onto the road; if he fails, he is seen from a distance getting neck-munched.

A man is trapped by a tractor. A kid sits on the tractor. He is grabbed by some zombies. He is saved either way by another man. If you don't save the man under the tractor, zombies break through and bite him in the neck and leg, with blood spraying. He is seen with blood on him afterwards. Another man comes and blows the zombies' heads off. Blood spraying and the bloody stump where the head was is shown.

A few zombies are seen eating somebody; this is not shown in detail. A few of them chase you, and are shot, blood spraying. 

A woman shoots a zombie; he seems to be missing part of his skull when he drops over, but this is not focused on.

A man suddenly gets a heart attack. He falls over, and you are told to go get him some PILLS!

A man walks into a room filled with blood stains.

A girl hurts her finger in a desk. Blood is seen on it. Extremely gruesome. I nearly fainted during this scene.

You see a zombie sitting at a truck. He can be shot, with blood spraying.

You observe a zombie eating somebody. This is not focused on, but you do see a bloody corpse. If PC fails to attack her, he is bitten in the neck with blood spraying. After he's dead, the zombie digs its hand quickly into his stomach, pulls out an intestine and munches on it.

Now that, is messed up!

If he succeeds, the screwdriver he uses goes into her head, blood spurting, and out again. This happens very quickly.

You can attack another zombie; you stab him in the heart with the screwdriver, blood spraying, and then in the eye, blood spraying. This happens quickly. If you fail, same thing with neck munch and intestine snack happens.

Same thing with screwdriver and intestine munch happens with another zombie.

PC stabs a zombie with the screwdriver straight in the head. Blood is seen and he dies quickly.

PC can attack a zombie with an axe; you see the axe hitting the neck with blood spraying.
Another zombie comes; same thing with the axe, except you see the head fall off real quickly.
If you fail either...........NECK MUNCH! :D

A woman wrestles with another woman on a wooden ledge, which cracks and they fall down a story. Nobody is seriously injured.

A suicidal woman is seen holding a gun to her head; if she goes through with it, a brief blood spray and a head wound is seen. She collapses, dead.

PC attacks yet another zombie with an axe; he hits his neck, and blood is seen squirting real briefly. He has to repeat this a few times, until he finally gives the melon brain one to the....melon. It is seen with a split on it, like a....melon. The zombie is stained with blood afterwards.

A few zombies are seen eating a dead person briefly, with blood spraying.

A couple of zombies break through a door, and eat the people holding it closed off-screen quickly. 

A woman shoots a few zombies; blood is seen spraying. If you fail to hold a door open....NEEEECKKK MUNCCHHHH!

You can choose to save one or two people; if you save the woman, the man is dragged out a window and eating off-screen quickly with a bit of blood. If you save the man, the woman is grabbed by a zombie, quickly bitten in the neck with blood spraying, and the scene then cuts away.

A girl is attacked by a zombie; if you fail to save her, the zombie NECK MUNCHES her off-screen very quickly. If you save her, PC kicks the zombie three times to the head.

A man gives a zombie an ax to the head with a very brief close up. Blood is seen spurting.
If you fail to run away from said zombie:

Gunshots are heard in the distance, a man is heard screaming.

Now after all this, a question you might ask; how gruesome is the game? Well, err, it's fairly gruesome. I won't kid ya. The death scenes are a bit nauseating, but I will leave it up to my 'partner' to tell ya off on whether or not it exceeds the limit. In any case, my job here is done, off to you, Kallie!


Hawke: Hey, I said off to you!

Kyle: ZZZZZZZZZ. And cookies.

Hawke: Sigh. Guess I have to wake him up.....

Kyle: ZZZZZZ-OWWW! Who in the world!? YOU! Why the jumper cables?!?

Hawke: Ahem....

Kyle: I mean, I'm sitting here napping of thousands and thousands of cheese flavoured Doritos, and then YOU come and-

Hawke: AHEM!

Kyle: What? Oh, wait. It's my turn. Err, so what category is next? Oh, right. Ahem:

Sex/Nudity: A man asks PC if he has any children. He can say: "I don't really know..."

A rack in a pharmacy is labeled; "Family Planning"

A woman mentions that a man killed a senator who was sleeping with the man's wife.

Language: Semi-frequent Strong Language: Uses of H**l, F**k, S**t, C**p, A*s, B**ch, and D**k.

God and Jesus' name are used in vain infrequently.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Not really anything.

Spiritual Content: A child's drawing of a unicorn is seen.

A woman mentions she does not want to be like one of the zombies, because they are 'satanic'.
The zombies actual origins are not made clear, so she is probably saying this more from a religious perspective. (She is lightly implied to be a Christian.)

Now, are the zombies supernatural or not? I don't know, but they do seem to be a infected by a virus in the very disconnected from reality way. Zombies bite humans, they seem to die, and then wake up as mindless monsters. Maybe supernatural, maybe not. I don't know. It is implied that if people really die, they don't come back as zombies. Once again, not sure.

Gross Stuff: The zombies themselves seem to be in a state of decay, with their lips having, for lack of a better term, melted off their faces, and their eyes being white as a sheet.

They also have a few mutilated body parts, but this isn't really focused on.

A man is shown throwing up, with the yellow fluid seen.

Creepy Stuff: The zombies themselves have a very creepy appearence, and there are a few scenes of them suddenly jumping out and attacking people.
Themes: The whole tone I get from looking up about The Walking Dead, be it TV show, game, or comic book, seems to be one of gloom and despair, but people are shown trying to desperately survive in this dystopia.

All in all, The Walking Dead is very serious, gruesome, and mature. (As in the REAL sense of the word; difficult story-lines, not GORE, and NUDITY! Although....The game does contain gore. Thankfully no nudity. But still....gore.)

So that is the Areas of Concern! I will have a short conclusion after the review, so read on!

Review of Game:

Story: Welcome to the zombie apocalypse, seen in so many films over the years. It has been popular with audiences for a long time, which I never could grasp. The Walking Dead's storyline, characters, and use of multiple choices make me see why this genre could be popular, even if it is grotesquely dark.

You take over the role of a man named Lee, who is in the wrong end of a police car when the game begins. Suddenly, a Walker (The zombies in this game.) comes out of nowhere and is struck by the vehicle.

Lee makes it out alive, but injured. The cop, is not so lucky, and turns into one of the Walkers. So in the first ten minutes you get a glimpse of how gruesome this entire franchise is, evidenced by Lee blowing off the cop's head, with a rather nice close-up.

However, compared to something like Dead Space, the gore actually seems to work in the storylin-yes, yes! I know. But in this contex-Alright, yes! Maybe there should not have been that much gore, and it is put in for sensational value, but all I'm trying to say is it works in the storyline, as opposed to Dead Space which just crams in all kinds of horrific things for pure shock value.

But in any case, how is the story? Very well written. Lee is a very sympathetic character, even if you have a sneaking suspicion about him. The game also does a good job of portraying people in the midst of an apocalypse, as they are busy breaking down from the whole event.

So even if I won't let this game pass for obvious reasons, it is very well written, and the developers did a good job.

Audiovisual: The comic book art style works well in this game, and the voice acting is very good too. There is some hiccups with the audio, which is noticeably heard distorting.

So the Audiovisual helps the game. Shortest section ever!

Now, it's time for the conclusion:

The Walking Dead represents a return of the adventure genre, and it is undeniably well written, well voice acted, and the adventure game elements are fun. Nonetheless, the game has strong violence, which is brief, but detailed and strong. Seriously, try playing the part where you hit a Walker a few times over again with an axe. It is quite cruel. 

As such, I guess I can say that most Christians won't play this game, for the gore. If you are somehow unaffected by it, there is still the fact that it borders on being a horror movie. So I think this is a case of better safe than sorry.

Pass on this game. Rather get a game like Portal 2 or something. (Yes, it's not entirely the same, but it's cleaner, and there is not a lot of adventure games I can actually allow, so.....)

  • Great Story: The game is well written, with the choices you make actually mattering in the long run. Still, the gore and horror makes this one a turn-off.
  • Good Audiovisual: The game's cartoon art style and voice acting are very good. Some noticeable flaws, however.
  • Very Graphic Violence: The gore is the main turn-off, with the violence being brief, but lingering on detail. Seriously, you might get nightmares. Maybe. *glances over at Hawke*
  • Semi-Frequent Strong Language: Here and there, a cuss word flies, but it's not as frequent or bad as the violence. But it is enough to be noted.
  • Ambiguously Supernatural: I don't know enough to be sure, I'll have to wait for the rest of the episodes to tell you with certainty. Better safe than sorry, though.
So that's my review! Special thanks to Henry Combrinck for helping me out with some of my grammar, and making sure my jokes with Hawke don't go too far. 

Thanks man! Here is ten cookies for you: (#) (#) (#) (#) (#) (#) (#) (#) (#) (#) 
Oh, and special thanks to Hawke. Better say that before he pops up again-

Hawke: Thank you! Thank you! Man, it felt good! I'm so happy I could be a MASSIVE help to you! Oh, boy! I'm awesome, huh? Oh yes, thank you. And you too, man!

Kyle: See my troubles? Anyways, that's all the time I have, better get back to my maths. Got a long way to go.

See ya, next week!


And Hawke, too. :D

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