July 25, 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode Two Areas of Concern

SURPRISE! I got a review up in any case. I apologise for the delay, but let's get to it:

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 is the second installment in the-

Hawke: No! It's the second installment!? I never knew.

Kyle: -in the Walking Dead season of video games.

Here is my review for the first episode, where I gave the game a NOT RECOMMENDED. This installment may push the rating over to STRONG CAUTION or BANNED, since playing one episode is really pointless.

Also, PLEASE NOTE: Hawke is a fictional character. The angry banter between us is not real. It is for comedy.

Red is for Hawke, and Green is for me. That way, no impersonations can occur.

Areas of Concern:

Violence: There are some flashbacks to gory moments from the first episode.

PC (Player Character) sneaks up on a zombie eating a rabbit. The eating is only heard not shown. PC then chops the zombie in the head, with a bit of blood. This is partially obscured, however. 

The rabbit's bloody carcase is seen afterwards.

A man is heard screaming in the distance. You come to him, and you see he has his foot stuck in a bear trap. It is bloody.

You....have to chop his leg off to get him loose. You see a close-up of the ax going into the leg with blood spraying and the man screaming. You chop him three more times, each time the leg gets separated more from his knee. The camera lingers on this very much.

Finally, his leg falls off, and the bloody stump is seen. Epic.

If you leave him, zombies are seen swarming him, and his screams are heard as he is eaten.

A guy is seen getting attacked by zombies; he is bitten in the neck with blood spraying, him screaming, and one zombie dips a hand into his stomach and pulls out an intestine real quickly.

A woman later mends the legless guy's stump. She is seen stained with blood.

A woman is attacked by a zombie; the zombie grabs you, and you hit his head against a truck bed several times, with a bit of blood. You then kick him backwards into the truck's window. A man tries to ax him, and he fails.

You kick the zombie a few times afterwards, with blood. A man hits the zombie with a block of wood, a bit of blood is seen. You then roll off the truck bed, and the zombie follows suit. You gouge the zombies eyes out, blood leaking, to get him off you. Another man gives him an ax to the back of the head. He dies, and the wound is seen.

The violence is partially toned down by the fact that the zombie doesn't seem to be in pain when this happens.

A man shoots another man several times with the shotgun. Blood is seen spraying. This is shown from a distance.

A zombie's dead corpse is seen getting snacked on by a raven. A zombie. Dead. Ironic huh? Oh, never mind....

You have to push him off a fence to clean up the scenery or something to that effect. You remove an arrow from his neck.

A dead (Hehe) zombie is seen holding on to a fence. You chop both her hands off, with some blood, and she just falls over.

A man is shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Blood is seen spraying and he yells in pain.

A zombie suddenly grabs you; you stomp him twice in the face, and then pull him really hard, ripping him in half with blood spraying. This happens quickly. The zombie then proceeds to chase you, and is shot by an arrow if you outrun him.

You can shoot a woman with a sniper rifle. If you do, blood sprays, there is a big, bloody exit wound at the back of her head, and she falls over, blood pooling from her head.

A whole room full of bloodied tools is seen. It is quite gross. 

A man who had his legs cut off lies in a pool of blood. He talks for a while. He mentions you should not eat dinner...

Yep, it is heavily implied the people you visited are cannibals. And the lady later admits to it, because the apocalypse made them short on 'rations'. Have fun eating dinner from now on!

The legless man who was made dinner of crawls down the stairs, and is briefly seen again with a bloody trail behind him-gross.

A man has to break a guy's head to keep him from turning into a zombie. He takes a large cow lick brick, and smashes it with blood spraying and part of his head is seen missing. This is partially obscured by the brick, but the blood and pieces are stomach churning.

A few jars with, yep, human organs are seen.

Your character can attack a man with a sickle. It seen hitting his shoulder with a bit of blood. He plucks it out. Another man slices him a few times with a sickle, blood spraying, he steps on a bear trap, blood spraying. He sits there, immobile.

You can choose to kill him; if you do so, your character stabs him in the chest with a pitchfork, blood spraying and staining his shirt, and he dies instantly.

A zombie suddenly grabs a woman and neck munches her, blood spraying. 

PC hits a guy in the face with a rifle, blood spurting. The man then kicks your character. PC is then almost pushed into an electric fence by him. PC then proceeds to punch him several times. This carries on for a while, the man's face becoming more bloody and bruised as it goes on.

You can choose to kill the man; PC kicks him into an electric fence. He convulses and screams, and falls over dead.

Player death scenes:

If you fail at saving a woman from a zombie, the zombie grabs you and bits your hand with blood spraying. 

If you fail at fending off a zombie, he bites your neck with blood spraying, and he seen with some bloody flesh in his mouth.

If you fail again, he bites your leg with blood spraying.

If you fail AGAIN, he is seen biting your characters neck with blood spraying, and a bloody wound is seen on your characters neck.

If you fail at taking cover behind a tractor, your character is shot in the eye with an arrow, blood spraying, and he falls over dead. 

If you fail at running away from a crawling zombie, your character is grabbed by him, and neck munched.

If your character fails to fend off an enemy, the gun he is holding is seen shooting the camera. It falls over. 

You can be shot; blood is seen spraying very briefly.

There are some more death scenes, but I haven't had the time to watch them. But this is probably enough to steer people away. 

Now off to my incompetent partner!

Kyle: Hey, watch yourself!

Sex/Nudity: A brief mention of people being rapists.

Language: Semi-Frequent Strong Language: Uses of B**ch, S**t, A*s, F**k, H**l, B**ls, P**s, and D**n.

God' and Jesus' name are used in vain.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Nothing.

Spiritual Content: The zombies appear to be infected by some kind of virus. When the human host dies, apparently they are taken over by the virus and become zombies. Don't know if this is supernatural, but I don't think it is.

Creepy Stuff: As always, the zombies jump out and scare you, and there a number of very tense scenes.

Gross Stuff: Some people are seen throwing up after the aforementioned cannibal revelation. Makes sense, as they ate a bit of the food.

Review of Game:

Story: The story is actually pretty good, with plot twists and events taking you by surprise, and the characters are actually compelling. Now, that doesn't mean I recommend it, but the hard work of the developers deserves to be acknowledged.

Audiovisual: The graphics are still comic book style, but that's good. It adds to the atmosphere of the game.

The voice acting is pretty good too. The actors deliver, and sound believable.

The Walking Dead Episode Two is even more compelling that it's predecessor, but it is unfortunately more gruesome too. As such, I can't recommend it, but there isn't enough factors that would outright BAN this game. So, this is getting a:

  • Good story: The story is well written, and compelling. The gore is unnecessary however, and this sort of detracts from the story.
  • Good Audiovisual: The comic book art style and the voice acting are pretty good, and add to the game's atmosphere.
  • Gory Lingering Violence: Come on, try to sit through the leg chopping off scene. I dare you! This game is very gruesome, and this will deter many people.
  • Semi-Frequent Strong Language: As per usual, cuss words. And Jesus' name is used in vain.
  • Creepy Atmosphere: This game is quite dark, and the zombies are, well, creepy.
  • No Spiritual Content: So far, so good. Nothing that will outright ban the game yet.
So there you have it! Another game that you should probably skip. I apologise for the delay, and Hawke got impatient and ran off. Thankfully, he's not here to-
Hawke: What's up, everybody! I got myself some ice cream in a cone, and some Smarties-
Kyle: Hawke! No product placements on my site! And the review is done, scrunchball. You can go back to sleep now.
Hawke: Oh whatever, sweetheart! You took so long making this thing-
Kyle: If you think you can do it better, do it yourself!
Hawke: Do it better myself? Hmm...
Alright then, I will! Next review is done by me. No Kyle, only Hawke. Deal?
Kyle: *snicker* Deal!
Hawke: What's so funny?
Kyle: Oh, nothing....
Hawke: Okay, anyways! My dessert is melting. This is Hawke Zechariah saying good night, and ice cream!
Kyle: Cookies.
Hawke: No, ice cream!
Kyle: ...and cookies. 

EDIT: Special thanks to Henry Combrinck for helping me out with the verdict!

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