July 04, 2012

KVR Archive: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit FULL REVIEW

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the 2010 installment in the long running Need for Speed franchise, released for the PC, Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

NOTE: I apologise for this rushed review, it's just that I am busy with watching a few games to review, and that takes a while. :P

In the meantime, I appreciate any support I get, and I promise the reviews will get better, which should not be a problem as soon as my maths is in order...... :/

Areas of Concern:

Violence: This a racing game, built around illegal street racing.

And with it being illegal, police are also on the lookout for street racers.

Generally what happens during a race is a lot of car crashes; car's windshields crack, parts fall off, and they sometimes spin around or fly through the air.

But since everything refrains from showing injury to drivers, the violence is not graphic at all.

Sex/Nudity: Nothing, but you should be careful around the online players.

Language: Nothing, but once again, this could all change online.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Nothing.

Spiritual Content: Nothing.

Review of Game:

Gameplay: After a few years of mediocrity, Need for Speed is finally back in top form! Some might say the best, but I still think that Most Wanted is the best NFS (Need for Speed) game of all time.

Nevertheless, Hot Pursuit comes in close second, knocking out the frustrating Underground 1 for second place.

But enough of that, how does the game play?

Like a racing game......should, I mean. You might be caught of guard by the controls at first, (A to move forward, instead of the arrow key.....???) but after warming up to the tight handling and peculiar keyboard keys, Hot Pursuit is a blast.

You can take over the wheel of a Racer or a Cop. The variety keeps this game interesting, but unfortunately the single-player will not hold you for long, with the lack of story and all. 

Cops uphold the law, and refrain from damaging property.

So you might wanna save up for a faster internet cable, because this game is only fun for a few hours on your own.

However, if you're not so picky about repetitiveness, you might come back for more and explore the Seacrest map with whatever vehicle you want, or even replay the missions.

So the replay value depends on how picky you are, and on how much internet power you have.

But for what it's worth, the game entertains. Recommended!

Audiovisual: Very good, but there are some ugly patches here and there with the shadows.

A police chase.

Otherwise, the game renders the vehicles, environments, and crashes beautifully.

The game also sounds good, with the vehicles sounding like cars instead of ducks.

That's always commendable. :P

Need for speed is fun, challenging, and a quite clean game, if you are able to understand that people should NOT crash cars in real life.

Unlike me.... :( 

  • Good Gameplay: The game is fun, sometimes repetitive, but it does manage to bring Need for Speed back to the forefront.
  • Excellent Story: It was excellent at hiding itself. Good job!
  • High quality Audiovisual: Cars rev, vroom, and GRRRR, all over the place, maaannn! Uh, I mean, the Audiovisual is good. Very good. Ahem!
  • Low Violence: Cars crash, spin, and break, but at least nobody dies. You might need to explain to children that this is not real.
  • Online players: This game is built around online, with the single-player being the warm up, so take care to not run into players with potty mouths.
  • Age 12 should be okay, exercise caution with online players.

So there is my very short review on Wednesday!

I do hope that for what this is worth, it helped you. Not like there's much to help parents by when it comes to Need for Speed. :P


Thank you!

Kyle. :P

Hawke note: HELLO! Bet you didn't see this one coming! My name is Hawke Zechariah, and I will be the addendum to any of these reviews from now on!

If you have a problem with that, sue me. Courts haven't passed a law yet enabling you to sue brown bears! He he.

(.....I'm a brown bear, by the way. 

And a gun smuggler.

It makes sense when you see it in action.)

In any case; well, wasn't that a load of hog! 

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