July 12, 2012


Welcome to Kyle's Game reviews! Here is important blog information everybody needs to know before reading my reviews. It is presented in the form of a Q&A. Let's get to it:

Blog related questions:

Question: What is the purpose of this blog?

Answer: To provide believers in Jesus Christ with information about popular and recent video games, to aid them in their purchasing decisions.

Question: Who can read this blog?

Answer: Anybody! Well, maybe children should stay away, but teenagers, adults, and parents are always welcome. It is written in such a way that gamers may like it, but also so that non-gamers can understand it.

I also make the fonts large, so that people with lesser vision can read it. :P

Question: What age do I need to be to read your reviews?

Answer: Well, I would say at least 12 years old, considering I do talk about EVERYTHING a game contains. For the posts that may contain more mature subject matter, I usually put up a parental guidance warning. 

Question: What are the ratings you use?

Answer: I prefer that people read the reviews themselves, take it to Jesus, and then decide to buy or not buy it. Generally, a game I Ban is one you can safely avoid, but stuff I allow you should take with a grain of salt.

It's between you and Jesus, not me. But with that said, I use ratings as a guide for some people, to show them where they should exercise extra caution.

Here it is:


This means this game is safe for anybody. No problems here at all!


You might want to exercise a bit of caution, especially with children, but this is probably okay. These may contain mild to low moderate violence, mild suggestive references, and a symbol or two.


You have to do a bit of deciding here. These games may contain moderate violence, with blood, moderate language, suggestive references, and some symbols. Younger teens have to exercise caution.


These games are usually rated M/16/18. These are the ones that older teens can play, with caution. These may contain, brief bloody violence, with a bit of gore, moderate language, suggestive references, and some symbols.


You have to be careful here. These games may contain strong language, gore, AVOIDABLE sexual content, and symbols. Possibly some mature themes as well. (Mature as in deep, not sexual or gory.)


This is the in-between of Strong caution and Banned. These games aren't a crisis if you have them, but they are probably best avoided if you don't.


These are the games you can completely avoid. Banning factors are: Extremely strong language, maybe including vulgar words with sexual connotations, unavoidable sexual content, nudity, tasteless violence, involving gore or glorification of violence, and spiritual content, involving casting of spells, the supernatural, or world-views that are against our own. (If the game actively promotes such a view.)

Question: What is your scores for the actual game? (Aug 12)

Answer: I generally try to avoid scores, since people focus on them and not your actual review, but I recently decided that I could make some just to give people an idea.

Here they are:



These games are not worth any sort of attention. Save your money for something else.


Not really worth much, but you could get a bit of fun out of it if you really try.

Not really worth the money, pretty generic, but it could also be fun.

You'll have a good time with these games. You won't be amazed, but you'll have fun.
Very good

These games are the product of great care by the developers; they are fun, challenging, and worth the money. Buy it!

The rare game that exceeds any expectations; where others go a mile, this one goes a thousand. Where others pay no mind, this one gives full attention to even the smallest of details. A game that any gamer needs to have in their collection.

Question: How do you do game reviews?

Answer: Well, I play them! It generally involves me playing a brief bit, switching over to Blogger, typing some stuff in, switching back over, etc, etc.

It is quite tiring, to be honest. :P But if it helps people, I'll do it with a smile on my face.

But if you want to know how I review games I haven't played....Well, that's just a gift. :)

I'm kidding! :P

I watch Let's Play's of games, which is basically the same process as reviewing, except with YouTube.

Question: What are Let's Play's?

Answer: A Let's Play is where a gamer plays a game, usually with commentary, just for the fun of it, and for the entertainment of the viewer.

They are also very insightful, as you can watch somebody play the game from front to back, effectively the same as playing the game yourself. Well, not entirely, but I will say that I can review 98% of a game's content accurately.

So, yeah, Let's Play's are used for my reviews of games I haven't played.

Question: What Let's Players do you like?

Answer: Sorry, can't say on the blog.

Question: Why not?

Answer: Well, every Let's Player I have come across, swears. And I don't want to end up offending somebody, so I'm not going to say who.

But if you REALLY want to know, send me an email at

Question: I find it really offensive that you let X game pass!

Answer: ....that's not really a question.

But it does bring a point to mind; what I say is okay, is not going to apply to everybody. Just because I allowed Call of Duty: Black Ops, doesn't mean you should.

Everybody has different fights in life, and some people are effected differently than others. Keep that in mind.

Question: Do you review games for younger kids?

Answer: If they are from 2001 and onwards, (As all my review are.) then yes, I will.

But it should be noted, that I prefer to focus on games which you might have difficulty deciding about, as a lot of kids games are generally quite clean. Mostly.

Question: Are you ever going to make this a better site, like include videos, forums, and all round cool stuff?
Answer: Yes, of course! But I'm trying to get my reviewing style right, and get more readers first. I will update the blog to a better format some time, when I got the $$$. :P

Question: Games are getting boring. Why not personal questions?

Answer: ....Uh, sure.

(Kyle van Rensburg) Personal questions:

Question: Okay, first question: How old are you?

Answer: I was born June 1995. Do the math. I'm too lazy to update this every birthday.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?

Answer: ....No.

Question: So, are you gay?

Answer: ....No. (???????)

Question: So, do you have a girlfriend then?

Answer: ....Next question.

Question: Who is Hawke?

Answer: Hawke is a fictional character that I invented. He is based off a lead character from a novel I had to shelve, due to the fact that it's too ambitious for a first novel.

I hate shelving novels, but this time it made more sense to do so. Hawke, however, was too good a character to throw away, and so I decided to make him part of the blog. 

And by the way, I recently finished the first draft of a new novel. So I DO have the commitment to make a book, okay? 

Question: Is Hawke your boyfriend?

Answer: No......wait, what?

Question: Is Hawke your girlfriend?

Answer: ...No. He isn't. Next question.

Question: Do you have other characters who will appear on the blog?

Answer: I'll think some up.....

Question: What lays in the future for Kyle?

Answer: Filmmaking, definitely. I am currently a visual effects artist, but that is not all I'm going to be. I am fully committed to making great movies one day, hopefully soon. Which is why I started writing a novel, so that I can get my storytelling skills right.

If it be Jesus' will, you might be seeing a few movies with the pre-title "Kyle van Rensburg presents" in the not too distant future. :)

Hopefully it also includes the SUB-title "Critic's choice: Best film of 20XX!"

Question: Why don't you have a girlfriend?

Answer: Because who needs girls when you got VIDEO GAMES!

...Darn it. :(

Question: ...Is there going to be more questions?

Answer: Yes, there will be. You can even submit some of your own in the comment section below. Just make sure it hasn't been answered in this post or the sidebar to the right.

And that concludes my Q&A that nobody asks for, but is there in case anybody asks!



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