June 27, 2012

KVR Archive: Team Fortress 2 FULL REVIEW

Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 game, released for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. I will only be focusing on the PC version.

By the way, Team Fortress 2 is for free. You only need to register a Steam account, go to this page, press download, and there you go!

PLEASE NOTE: you might want to read my review first, before you start with the rather large download. 

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: I did this review last minute, and as my Internet was not agreeing with me, I had to skip out on images. Still, the page I linked to above might provide you with some.

Areas of Concern:

This is a First Person Shooter, which is violent, but the cartoon art style keep the violence from being brutal.

With that said, this game is not recommended for children, and there are some words of caution I want to speak, before you go and download this game. 

I'll start with violence:

Violence: Many, many people are shot, bludgeoned, stabbed, blown up, and decapitated during the course of the game.

However, as I said, the cartoony art style, combined with the game's frantic pace, mean that the violence may be gross, but it passes by quickly.

But why don't I give you a rundown of what happens in a general game of TF2?

How people die in TF2:
  • SHOOTING: When people get shot, a small spray of blood is emitted, sometimes staining the environment. Enemy's yell in pain, and when shot enough, they fall over and die.
  • STABBING: When an enemy gets stabbed, they scream in pain, a small spray of blood is emitted, and they usually are flung across the room. Other times, they will cringe for a while, and fall over, dead.

  • SLICING/BLUDGEONING: When an enemy is chopped with an axe, machete, knife, or bludgeoned with a spade shovel, bat, or bottle, they emit a small spray of blood, yell in pain, and fall dead after enough hits.

  • EXPLOSIONS: When enemies are killed by rockets or other explosives, they yell briefly, and bloody pieces of them fly around the environment. This is less gruesome than it sounds, as it is ridiculously over the top.

  • DECAPITATIONS: Only happens with a specific type of weapon. When they are decapitated, they're head goes missing, and maybe even flies off their neck, and blood sprays from where the head used to be. This happens real quickly.

  • SNIPING/ARROWS: Enemies can be sniped; when you get a successful head shot, they cringe, and fall over. Enemies can also be shot with an arrow; the arrow sticks out of where they are shot, and if they are close to a wall, they get pinned to it when they die.

  • FIRE: Enemies can be set on fire. They are seen cringing as they are burning, and they yell in pain. After enough burning, they collapse dead.

Sex/Nudity: There are some drawings of scantily clad women, on some of the walls. These are never focused on, but they are there.

Sometimes, one of the characters makes a brief remark about one of the other characters being a virgin.

A man remarks briefly that he is "Off, to visit your mother!"

One character lifts up his crotch guard as a taunt, but we only see a smiley face on his pants.

Language: Uses of D**n, H**l, P**s, A*s, Bl***y, and C**p. God's name is used in vain infrequently.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: A few of the characters are seen lighting up cigarettes. 

The demoman is a definite alcoholic, and he is implied to be drunk throughout the game based on his slurred speech and certain lines he says. You can take a swig from a bottle as a "taunt", and he references "scrumpy", which is an English cider.

(Special thanks to "jake" for pointing this out.)

Spiritual Content: On a few maps, there are overtones of Halloween. These are special maps for special occasions, and as such, can be avoided easily.

One of the weapons you can equip is named the Eyelander. When you equip it, you briefly hear a voice saying "heads". Could be a spiritual content concern, but if you don't equip the weapon, this does not happen.

One of the taunts for the Pyro class, has him performing a hadouken: He shoots a fireball from his hands.

This is more of a reference to the Street Fighter series, than a spiritual content concern.

Still, it's up to you about this. If you think it is, then don't perform the taunt when you have the shotgun equipped. You'll know what I mean.

Gross Stuff: One of the insults a character yells is something about "lactating wet nurse". Gross. (The "Demoman" is the one who utters this.)

That's about all the content! On to the review:

Review of Game:

Gameplay: Team Fortress 2 is a fast paced, high octane, and very fun game.

It revolves around two teams competing against each other. They fight in a variety of game modes, including:

Payload: One team tries to push an explosive cart to the opposing teams base, where it is detonated. The defending team must hold off the attackers until time runs out.

King of the Hill: Teams compete to capture one control point, (CP) and hold it as long as possible against the opposing team.

Control Point: Both teams try to capture as much CPs as possible.

Arena: Both teams compete for one control point, but there's a catch; die once, and you're out!

Capture the Flag: Both teams compete to steal briefcases from the opposing team's headquarters. Whoever steals the most, wins.

Attack/Defend: One team has a whole lot of control points, and tries to hold them against the opposing team.

All of these game modes are well made and fun. The game always has you coming back for more.

There is not a whole lot else to talk about, except for the classes, but since the game is free and the training does a good job of introducing you to them, I think I'll skip ahead to the audiovisual.....

Audiovisual: While not the best technically, the game's graphics distinguishes itself from the rest with a unique art style that draws inspiration from 60s pop art.

All the characters stand out, thanks to the cartoony art style, and it all lends to making the game more charming.

The voice acting is good, with all the actors delivering their lines perfectly, and they are all memorable.

Story: No story, sorry.

Well, that about covers it! Not much to say about this game, other than it's fun.

Time for the verdict!

  • Great Gameplay: The game is a fast paced, fun action game as soon as you start playing.
  • Very Good Audiovisual: The game's art style is fresh and unique, and the voice actors deliver perfectly on what is expected from their characters.
  • Enormous Replay Value: Believe me, you will keep coming back for more in this game.
  • Brief Bloody Violence: The violence is gory, but it happens really quickly and strays from being too brutal.
  • Infrequent Language: Hear and there you will hear something slip from your and other people's character's mouths.
  • Mild Suggestive themes: Some drawings of women, and rare mild sexual references.
  • Mild Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Some characters smoke, and a few mild references.
  • Mild Spiritual Content: On some maps, there is a Halloween theme going on, but you can easily avoid this by choosing another map.
  • Age 14 minimum!
So that's it from me! I hope the review didn't suffer from the fact that I did this last minute, and that it gave you some insight.
Now go play! I got some sleeping to do. :P

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