June 06, 2012

KVR Archive: Deus Ex: Human Revolution SUPER REVIEW

Here is my new review. Please note that I edited a few things, and then went to sleep. So there may very well be grammatical errors. If there is, point them out for me, and then I will speedily fix them!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution SUPER REVIEW

(Yes, SUPER REVIEW. Why? Just look at the picture above. With a beard like that, anything can be SUPER.)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the 2011 prequel to 2000’s Deus Ex. Human Revolution was released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. I will only be focusing on the PC version, although I’m sure the console versions are the same, content wise.
*- Paragraphs marked by a red asterisk are sentences only gamers will read. -*

Areas of Concern:

General Violence: You have the option of killing people through the course of the game. (Including civilians, but this is never encouraged.) However you do have the option of NOT killing any people at all, (Except for 4 particular enemies.) not to mention people scold you for unnecessary taking of human lives.

If you DO choose to kill people, you have a variety of options on how to do so: You can shoot them; Enemies emit small sprays of blood when shot, sometimes staining the environment. They scream when shot. You can shoot them postmortem, (Your option.) they emit blood when shot.

You have the option of performing special takedowns on people:

This may look like a drunken group hug, but the middle guy has some rather, ‘evil’ plans for both of them….

You can stab them with a special type of sword; when you push a button, your character will stab them and slice them. There are sprays of blood emitted, and they cry in pain. There is never any severing of limbs, even if the way he stabs them makes it look like there will be.

“Whoa….that’s some nose bleed, man!”

He sometimes grabs their heads, and spins it around really fast, cracking being heard. The enemy then collapses dead, implying their neck was broken.

You can stab two people at once; sprays of blood can be seen when you stab them, but they die quickly.

It frustrated the bearded man greatly, that he could no longer do his victory fist pumps without accidentally euthanizing a few bystanders.

You can also blow up enemies with mines or other explosives. The enemies are sent flying, or they collapse. There is not any dismemberment.

You can also shoot them with a laser. They yell in pain, and then collapse.

You can also shoot them with a crossbow rifle. You shoot the enemy, and then you see the bow sticking out of them wherever you shot it. 

This is a bit more gruesome, as they writhe around a bit after being shot.

If you choose to take them out non-lethally, you can also do so in a variety of ways: You can sneak up on them and knock them out; your character punches them, spit flying. He also sometimes grabs them from behind, choking them unconscious. Some cracking is heard when he grabs their necks.

Come on, every now and then a bearded man needs a hug!

He also sometimes grabs an enemy’s arm, breaks it with a crack, and then gives him a blow to the neck.

“I am not a homeless guy! I just can’t afford the shaving cream!”

He also can knock two enemies out at once; he hits them with spit flying, bends and twists their arms and backs with cracking heard, picks up two enemies and knocks their heads together, or slaps one guy who throws a punch at your character, and ends up hitting his buddy instead.

This all happens quickly.

One of the non-lethal double takedowns.

(Please note that the woman is for example purposes only, as a suitable male was not available.)

He can also taser them. The enemy shakes around a bit, then falls down unconscious.

He can also shoot them with a special type of gun, which sends people flying backwards and knocks them unconscious.

He can throw a gas grenade; the enemies struggle to breathe, and then fall unconscious.

Now that I’m past the general gameplay concerns, I’m going take a look at moments you encounter in the story:

Scripted Violence: A man walks through a building where innocent people have been shot. There are bloodstains on the surrounding environment.

A civilian is thrown at a ultra-thick pane of glass. He hits it, it cracks; he then falls to the floor, dead. The attacker then shoots the man beside him, with blood spraying.

A man grabs another man, and throws him through a thick glass window. The man flies through, and hits a machine opposite the room; it emits a small explosion. The victim looks very bloody with glass shards in his hands and body; if you look closely, his stomach is cut open, and you can see his intestines VERY briefly.

A man attempts to strangle another man. A woman throws a barrel containing acid at the attacker. It spills out on him; he seems more irritated than hurt. He then gives the woman a backhand, knocking her out.

A man shoots another man in the head, off-screen.

An emergency operation on a man is shown; they are seen operating on him, with a bit of blood gushing. Needles are seen injecting him with stuff. (Possibly Awesome fluids to make his beard unshavable or something.)

A man suddenly grabs a gun, and then holds it to his own head. He hesitates, and then shoots himself. The shooting happens off-screen, however, you see the aftermath; he has a big exit wound on the other side of his head. Blood is seen on the wall behind him, and on his face, leaking out of his nose and bullet wound. It’s a fairly gruesome scene.

That's what too much internet does to you.... :/

A man threatens to kill a hostage. You can let him go, there is gunfire, and then you see a man attempting CPR on the hostage. It’s later stated that the hostage is dead. You can avoid this, however.

A man is shot in the shoulder with sparks flying. His face looks bloodied, and he collapses on the ground, bleeding from his forehead on it. He is also seen with blood leaking out of his nose. 

A man pulls the pin out of a grenade. Another man stabs him through the neck, blood spraying briefly. The man runs away, as the grenade explodes. Only the explosion is seen. There is a bloody smear on the ground afterwards.

An explosion is heard, and man is seen standing with a crack in his radiation suit. He begs you to save him. You can do so. I don’t know what happens if you don’t; he probably collapses after a while. (I felt too sorry for him. :P)

A woman falls down on her back; her face bruised and blood leaking from her nose. A blood puddle forms beneath her head, and shortly thereafter when you look back, she is dead.

There is a mention of scientists performing torturous, vivisection like experiments on people. The footage is not shown, but shortly after it is leaked, a riot erupts. People are seeing throwing molotovs.

You walk into a room and see a few blood puddles and streaks, leading to a room with a man sitting in a blood puddle, full of blood, bruises and a gruesome looking bullet wound. He begs for you to inject him with morphine.

You do so, and he lives for a while longer. Then, after answering your questions, he asks for you to inject him again so that he can overdose and die. If you do so, he will mutter for a while, and then fall over to his side, dead.

If you don’t, he will curse you for a while and then he will drop his head, dead.

You try to convince a man not to commit suicide; if you fail, he puts the gun to his head, the camera quickly pans away, and a gunshot is heard. You see him afterwards with a bloody bullet wound, and the side of his face is covered in blood.

You walk into a room, which has a bunch of robotic arms and limbs lying around, with a LOT of blood stains.

Your character punches a man, who stumbles backwards through a wall. He then crashes into a solid wall and lies there with his face bloody and bruised. Your character speaks to him for a while, and then the man dies.

People scream, yell, and punch each other. A man charges into another man, and then pounds his head with both fists a few times. A crack is heard, and then the man runs away. This is a bit gruesome.

You come to a place where there are plenty of bodies lying around, with bloody smears and splotches. These people are implied to have been beaten to death. A few of these dead people’s faces reactions look gruesome.

A small puddle of blood is seen on the floor, with a bit of blood dripping. If you look up, you will see a man on a grate, from which the blood is dripping.

You get to a place where some people are in distress. They cry out in pain briefly, and say things like: “I want to go home!” “Mother!” “Let me go!” They scream in one scene.

You have to euthanize them in order to continue; you can either disable a system, or shoot them. If you shoot them, they cringe, and simply die when you’ve shot them enough. If you disable a system, they will be dead when you look at them.

A machine overloads when you have shot the person connected to it; the person suddenly glows from their mouth and eyes, and then an explosion is seen. If you go looking for the person, you will find their charred black corpse beneath the machine.

There are brief live action shots of a riot; a man with bruises, and a woman with a bloody face is shown.

There are brief, non-graphic shots of an operation.

There are a few brief live action shots of starving kids in Africa. 

Sex/Nudity: The content in this category, are verbal and written references ONLY. None of the “Stuff” is shown, although there is a bit of an implication in the opening credits; a brief and vague scene shows a woman sighing, and a man and a woman kissing.

Later comments make reference to the fact that these people had a “Close” relationship.
*- Although I am going for detail, the verbal and written references herein are moderately graphic at worst, however some people still might be offended. So here’s a solution:

Since the foulest is written references, you can look briefly at the notes and then close them. The game saves any important info, like door codes, automatically. -*

One of the pictures in your boss’s penthouse is the back of woman with robotic arms. The woman seems to be topless, however, only her back is seen.

You can walk into the ladies bathroom and overhear two women gossiping. You can’t see “anything"

(Seriously, if you were “Checking”, I recommend you seek counseling.)

If you did walk into the ladies bathroom, a man later comments on how you went through a lot of physical changes lately, but you did not become a woman. He then tells you to stay out of the ladies bathroom. (Serves you right, perv!)

A man makes a comment; “But until your boss gives the go ahead, we’re just holding our d***s.”

A man mentions working on a case: “It felt like being the scrawny new kid in the prison shower.”

There are some references to prostitution. 

This done in a more sensitive way than most games; you meet a few of those “girls” who are dressed in revealing outfits, and flirt with you if you decide to try and talk to them: (“Nice gear....wanna give me a demo?” “Hello handsome, you promise to be gentle, and I might give you a freebie…”)

They flirt with other men as they pass by. One man seems to have talked to him. Another man tries to convince one of the girls to come through the sewers to ‘meet’ him. She refuses.


There is one section in the game where you visit a brothel, (Called a “Hotel”) in order to find something, and help a woman if you’re so inclined. No sex can be seen, and once again, it’s handled in a sensitive way.

There is a woman dancing around a pole, in one of the sections you’re NOT required to go to. She is dressed in the same outfit as the other girls. You might not want to hang around in that section.

There are silhouettes of women dancing played on some screens on the walls of the “hotel”.

There is a room where you are required to go to; inside is a fully clothed man talking to a, well, “fully clothed” woman. The only thing he says to imply other activities is “You were awesome, baby.” The woman then thanks him, and starts babbling on about philosophical ideas, which he then gets annoyed by.

A man tells you to go there in order to get something. He tells to not get distracted watching the ‘action’. Of course, there is none of the aforementioned ‘action’ shown.

One of the women you can talk to, at the top entrance of the hotel, will say: “Welcome to the Hung Hua hotel! Try not to step in anything.....” 

The woman you have the option of helping, is easily heard; she is in an argument with another man, who wants the girls to upgraded, for the customers pleasure.

She adamantly refuses, and tells him: “You and your employers can take your [upgrades] and go f*** yourselves!” To which he replies: “I’m sure some already have,”
*- For those who don’t want to spend that much time in this place, the room you have to go to is to the way right of the aforementioned woman. You can also just get in the room from the roof, if you don’t have the proper hacking tools.

You start out on this roof.

Turn right, and you should see this angle. The room is where the arrow is.

 Drop down here.

The required item (A card.) should be where my laser dot is pointing. Sneak through the far door back up to the roof, and then you don’t have to come here again.

See? You don’t even have to hang around there. -*

So overall, how is the topic dealt with? Well, it’s not entirely family friendly of course, but it’s dealt with in a more subtle way than you would expect. 

There is a deliberate attempt to be subtle, for that I am thankful. Does it serve a purpose in the story? Well, since the game is “cyberpunk”, there is much more of an emphasis on lowlifes, and a gritty urban setting is part of it. So yes, it does serve a purpose, to add atmosphere.

Is it entirely necessary? No, but it is dealt with in a sensitive way, so I’ll grant it that. 

But you still might not want to hang around the brothel. 

Only get what you need, and then get out.

Anyways, let’s move on:

Some drawings of scantily clad women are seen. These pictures, however, are out of the way and never focused on.

You ask a corrupt police officer for information. 
He replies: “Yeah and I want a blowjob and 05 Bard GT. So I guess we can both keep dreaming, eh, metal-head!?"

If you try to charm the guy in to giving you what you want, he will say: “What do you want, to have a nice bottle of wine and then f*** me?!”
*-If you choose the other options, he does not say this -*

If you try to charm another man, he will say: “What, you some kind of f**got now?”

A conspiracy theorist radio host sometimes has a bit of frank language going on. He describes FEMA indoctrinating children, saying things like: “This is what happens when you demand the truth, Georgie! This is what happens when you don’t lie down and take in the a** from the international bank cartel, Tracy!”

A famous newscaster has her fans, but she also has people who hate her. The aforementioned radio host calls her a “Slut puppet”.
If you speak to one of the punks on the street, (If you do that, you are guaranteed to hear crude language.) he will say: “She tells us things, and we should just swallow it whole? Well, I got something she can swallow right here!" (No gesture)

There are some spam emails, (NO PICTURES) mentioning words like “Sex life”, but they don’t go into graphic detail.

One can come across a former female colleague who is undercover as a working girl. You can greet her in a flirty manner; your character says her outfit is a bit revealing for most tastes, but not unappealing. She then playfully says you should not get your hopes up.

Two enemies talk about how much they hate the news. One guy says the man who installed the TV signal said he’d get them porn, but he obviously lied about it.

If you read some notes made by the gangsters, it does contain a few more crass references, however, as I mentioned before, you can look at it briefly and the game saves important stuff.

But there are a few things they say which I will put in here; One guy mentions he was going through another gangster’s stuff as he was “getin laid”, another guy talks about a gun armory as containing things that will “wet dem MCB b***es”. (He is referring to the weapons.)

One gangster tells another that he has to guard a rocket launcher, and that he has to pay attention at all times, since he doesn’t want anybody to “jack it”. The man confirms, jokingly adding “No jacking off with the rocket launcher”. The other man tells him to stop being smart.

A few fully clothed woman dance in a slow but suggestive fashion in a bar. This is just the way they dance for some reason.

A man mentions to a woman he is only talking about a secret basement, because he is trying to score with her. She rebuffs him.

A man asks a woman jokingly if she doesn’t want to get drunk and let him take advantage of her. She replies she hasn’t decided yet.

A man and woman stand by a really small ‘pod’ where people sleep. She makes mention that she is not sleeping with him in that.

A bunch of men talk about the aforementioned brothel. They mention the girls there, and say they are going there. 

Your character talks to a man; he quips when he first sees you: “Forget it man, you’re not my type.” To which your character replies: “This isn’t a booty call.”

In an email, a man’s parents mention that his “whoremongering” is a disgrace to their family name.

A man is mentioned to have killed his girlfriend, because she was pregnant.

A man is stated to have been suspected of sexual harassment.

An email mentions a hack attack, which is implied to have involved porn spamming. (NO PICTURES)

A man mentions framing a man by faking a home porno, or something else. (NOT SHOWN)

An email from a woman talks about her a liking guy, saying that she would “cook those buns gooood”.

A punk mentions if riots that support a man’s views doesn’t get him ‘hard’, then nothing will.

There are mentions of porn involving farm animals (NOT SHOWN) in several emails. Apparently the culprits in the facility found it very funny. Everybody else finds it disgusting.

Language: Semi-frequent strong language: Uses of F**k, with its variants, (Motherf***er, f*** yourself.) and S**t. Uses of other words like D**k, P**s, A*s, B**ch, B**t**d, C**p, Pr**k, D**n, H**l, Wankers and B**ls.

God and Jesus’ name are used in vain on occasion.

Some racial slurs are also used, like ch**k.

The language depends on who you’re talking to; if you’re talking to an old lady, you’ll not hear that much cursing. If you’re talking to a gangster, you’ll hear a lot of cursing. If you want to speak to them for some reason, quickly read the subtitles, and move on.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: You can consume alcohol during the game. It restores some of your health; however it makes the screen quite blurry. The game never forces you to drink it.

You enter a bar, and some characters can be seen sipping on alcoholic beverages. A few other times in the game, you can see bottles lying around, and people drinking.

Quite a few characters are seen lighting cigarettes through the course of the game. In fact, the very first scene of the game is of a shady looking guy lighting a cigarette.

There are a few verbal and written drug references. These are moderate; a few mentions of drug smuggling, one guard asking another guard if he’s high again, a man mentions that another man is probably smoking a ‘cigaweed’, and some more assorted references.

You inject a dying man with morphine, in order to ease the pain. The injection is not shown.

Spiritual Content:

A statue of what appears to be an angel is seen at the very beginning of the game. It’s actually Icarus, a theme that’s brought up a few times during the course of the game.

A graffiti sign, below a crossed out logo of the company you work for, reads “Sinners”

A hostage thanks God after you saved him from death, and then says he promised Him he’ll give up drinking if he gets rescued. He then adds he’ll maybe have one little drink, because he deserves after what he’s been through.

The evolutionary theory is discussed by several people through the course of the game, in regards to the whole theme of Trans-humanism. (The belief that man has to make himself better than he is, through biological and technological means. The game focuses on the technological side of it.)

One character mentions he does not believe in evolution. The game never debases this character; however, if you go looking through his mailbox, a man curses him out for being a creationist. The man responds in a calm manner. He is then cursed out again by the man.

However, please note that the character in question is a Mormon, a group whose beliefs contradict the Bible. For more information, go here. 

(PLEASE NOTE: I do not always agree with what is stated on that site, but they do believe the FUNDAMENTALS of our faith. And their articles on Mormonism are very good.)

Some minor characters mention their belief in God as the reason they don’t like Trans-humanism. How is this handled? Some of them are crazy; some of them are completely sane. 

The game was obviously made by secular people who were trying their best not to be offensive, but it their idea of a “crazy religious guy” is stereotypical.

But, there were some respectful portrayals, so I will grant the developers that. And the crazy ones are more the product of lazy writing, than a deliberate attempt to be offensive.

A woman babbles on about philosophical arguments for Trans-humanism. She mentions Kabbalah, about it being about improving yourself, before her lover gets irritated and stops the conversation.

A journal that you can find and read refers to a man playing “satanistic” music very loudly.

A man who wants to commit suicide mentions that he is a Catholic, and wants to go face his ‘higher court’.

A man is mentioned to be a religious, and he quotes the Bible when you speak to him.

There are some brief live action shots of the Roman Catholic Church performing their rituals.

There is a shot of the camera zooming out the eye of the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill. This is meant to imply the Illuminati, who are prominently featured in the story. (No surprise there.)

There is an ad for an opera show, with a white mask depicted that looks a little devilish.

Creepy Stuff: A place later in the story, where a lot of people have been brutally killed, is quite unsettling to walk around in.

Gross Stuff: A few of the male civilians in the game sometimes go to a corner to urinate. Nothing is seen.

In one mission, if go look at the toilets, there is twirly pile of faeces inside, and flies buzzing around it. 

Don’t ask.

Themes: Conspiracy theories are discussed several times during the course of the game, and some are part of the storyline. (No spoilers here. Anybody vaguely familiar with Deus Ex will know that Conspiracies are a firm part of the story.)

The Conspiracy theories that are discussed in the game are: FEMA camps, moon landing hoax, (Including a variation of It.) 9/11, Mass indoctrination, Media propaganda, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral commission, the Freemasons, and of course, the Illuminati.

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus is used as a metaphor for Trans-humanism a few times; the way people are trying to build wings for themselves, and flying too close to the sun. It is actually a very interesting metaphor for Trans-humanism; one that I think conveys the dangers of it perfectly.

Speaking of Trans-humanism:

The belief that man should improve himself through biological or technological means, basically becoming ‘more than human’.
The game focuses exclusively on the technological side, but let me talk a bit about the biological side before moving on to the depiction of Trans-humanism in Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

The biological side of it involves manipulating human DNA, or adding DNA of animals to it. Adding animal DNA to human DNA is explicitly prohibited by the Bible, as God said the mixing of the seed is forbidden. Manipulating human DNA is essentially playing God, which is a bad thing to do in the first place.

Since this is an entire topic by itself, I will have an article up about Trans-humanism and it's portrayal in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, soon.

But, in a nutshell, how is it portrayed in the game? Well, it's not from a Christian perspective, but it is handled very well. The game never takes sides, and shows the flaws of the people for it, and against it, (Extremists) quite well.

So, parents should be more concerned with what Trans-humanism entails and how it's contrary to scripture, than it's portrayal in this game.

Now on to the review! 

Review of game:

Deus Ex is back…and better than ever! There are a few flaws in its transition to the current generation of gaming, but overall, it is a solid, fulfilling game, which resonates heavily with today’s world.

Before I talk about the story, I want to talk about how the gameplay:

Gameplay: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is like it's predecessors; blending First Person Shooter (FPS) Stealth/Action with Role Playing Game (RPG) type character customization. It also includes multiple outcomes in the story, with what you say and do affecting how people react towards you and how the story bends to fit your actions.

The way you customize your character is very important in Human Revolution, with you being able to choose from being a stealthy Sniper/Hacker, or a full on Heavy Weapons Demolitions expert, the choice is yours.

Human Revolution has a lot of different customization options to keep you coming back for more.

And the good thing about Human Revolution is that it supports ALL the different play styles different players may have. I have recently played through this game a fourth time, and this time I tried it as a stealthy, fast, but gun toting hacker. Seriously, it worked. And it felt like the game supported me all the way.

That doesn’t mean it’s not challenging; believe me, there are several parts that give you a run for your money. But there always seem to be a way to get out of them, and the developers did a good job in making the game fit multiple play styles.

Now let me talk about an individual gameplay element; the game includes a unique ‘hacking’ minigame, when you try to hack into a computer terminal or door lock mechanism; you hack into the network by capturing nodes, in order to capture the required green nodes necessary to access the computer.

The hacking minigame.

The computer detects you most of the time, and the network tries to trace you. You can use a worm virus to stop the trace for a few seconds, or you could use a nuke virus, which captures nodes instantly. You can also capture special nodes which range from slowing down the networks trace, or enabling you to capture nodes faster.

You can also capture special nodes containing either nuke or worm viruses, or money for your character. 

The minigame is a welcome change from the lock-picking minigame a lot of other games have, and is actually quite fun.

Now let me talk about a faulty game element; the boss fights. These fights are the only ones where you HAVE to kill somebody, and as such it is quite hard to do if you have been playing with non-lethal weapons.

I know the whole story of how these boss fights were outsourced to another company and how the company’s lead guy was more used to other FPS’s, like Call Of Duty. But that doesn’t make up for the fact, that these boss fights are poorly implemented, and that they should have spent more time on them.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about the element of ‘choice’ in Human Revolution; multiple times throughout the game you get to a point where you have to make a decision, like if whether or not you are going to let a terrorist take a hostage and run, shoot him, or try to free the hostage, and then let the terrorist go.

The element of ‘choice’ in this game is handled really well, with your actions making a minor, but noticeable difference in the storyline.

The reason why I put ‘choice’ in quotes is because that when you get to the end, you realize that has all been an illusion, and that the developers just merely had a creative imagination of what players would do.

Why does it fall apart at the end? Because the game has multiple endings, and to get them all you do is push a button to get the ending you want. No running around and doing objectives, no unique boss fight, you just push a button.

It’s particularly frustrating because the developers had enough time to make a good final level, but they did not out of laziness.
Still, the rest of the game is quite good, and it is one of the best games to come along in recent years.


The story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution holds up really well, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested, and the conspiracy gets thicker as you move on.

So thick, in fact, that it almost becomes incoherent.

But if you make sure to pay attention to every word spoken, you should be able to keep up with it.

What is the basic story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

It involves a man named Adam Jensen, who is chief of security for a company specializing in human enhancement technology. He is a gruff, ex-SWAT guy, who has not yet decided where he stands on the whole debate about Trans-humanism.

Adam Jensen. 

And that beard of his-never mind.

He is about to escort his boss, David Sarif, and ex-girlfriend, Megan Reed, to Washington, where important hearings on human enhancement will take place.

But tragedy strikes, as the company is attacked the evening before the hearings. The scientists are killed, Jensen is near-fatally wounded, and he has no choice but to get augmented to save his life.

He then embarks on a journey to find out the truth behind the attack on the company, and it takes him across the globe, from Detroit, to China, to Montreal, and even to another place, which I won’t spoil what it is.

The story does hold together well enough, until the end as I mentioned, as the endings are just merely buttons you push, and a few storylines in the game were simply just, dropped.

But it still has a lot fine attention in the forms of newspapers and E-books to go for it, as the writers spent a lot of time crafting the world of the game. Having recently started to write, I can tell just how hard it is writing this much for a game, and I admire their commitment to it.

So the story is definitely a winner, even if it ends a bit too abruptly.

Now on to the graphics and voice acting;

Audiovisual: The graphics is not the best in the world, but the art style more than makes up for it. There is a lot of gold in the colour scheme, supposed to signify man entering a supposed golden age.

Detroit, one of the places you go to.

There are also a lot of visual references to the Renaissance, with characters wearing similar clothing, and the way buildings look also paying tribute to the era.

Why the Renaissance? Because according to the game developers, it was the time when the concept of Trans-humanism started to take shape.

I like the unique art style of blending classical with science fiction, and it stands out from the crowd for its unique art style. So the graphics aren’t the best on the market, but its art style more than makes up for it.

Now the voice acting; on the whole, it’s actually quite good. Some of the minor characters suffer from a bit of stereotyping, which includes one black character which people will of course be up in arms about, not realizing it was actually just lazy writing and not racism that caused this to happen.

The voice acting for the lead character is the best in the crowd, with the actor delivering his lines in a gravelly, but likable voice. And not to mention, there are many lines he had to record, and he did most of them all quite well.

So the voice acting is good, but not perfect.

And that concludes my review. Before the verdict, let me conclude my review first:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the best games to come along in years. Unfortunately, it's not the cleanest, which is where I have to practice discernment:
You see, I don't want to recommend a game, leading somebody to buy it, play it, and then they get messed up because of the strong language, or they opt to hang around the brothel section lusting after the women, if you catch my uncomfortable, but sadly true, drift.

The decision to buy this game was made on prayer, which is what I urge you to do.

I am not going to recommend this game. That is for you to decide.

This is one point I am not going to take a stance on. 
With the content, yes. With the review, yes. 
And if the game violates my core rules for appropriateness, yes, then I will take a stand against it.

But, when I do recommend it, remember one thing: It's based on MY personal judgment, which also means I could be wrong. Ultimately, the decision lies between you and Jesus. He is the only one who is true, and worthy.

And I encourage you to do your own research about games. Remember, I can't review every single game that comes out. I don't have the time, or enough people for it. (Yet.)

How should you do research? Both ways.

What do I mean by that?

Let me tell you a story: About a year ago I came across a secular article on morality in a certain video game, which was condemned by Christians on a site similar to mine.

The article talked about how even though the game casts you in the role of a morally bankrupt character, it did so realistically, with his 'occupation' being portrayed as bad.

Curious, I proceeded to do my own research. And I found out that, in spite of it's graphic content, it did not promote the occupation it portrayed.

After making a post on the aforementioned Christian Game Review site, talking about what I had found out, I wondered if I would personally get such a game.

After examining the research, (And after having caused a massive argument on the Christian site indirectly, because somebody misinterpreted what I had SAID!) the answer was clear:


The game contained the strongest of language, which I hate, and sexual perversion, which no child of God should have in their homes.

But at least I had cleared up one thing about the game: It was bad, yes, but not in the area that I initially assumed. It was because of the aforementioned sex and language that I made my decision.

AFTER I had done my research.

Which I encourage you to do as well. When Christians come out and condemn something, do your own research. Remember, they can be wrong.
(Although something like pornography does not need to be researched to prove that it is sinful. 
It is. Trust me on that one.)

After having done your own research, using sites like mine as merely a TOOL to helping you decide, THEN, you come to your conclusions.

I hope you take my personal judgment, and use it ONLY to decide if it is appropriate for you or your child, and make sure it is right with Jesus, which is the most important thing.

If it does not pass by Jesus, it is out.

Below is my verdict, but you are probably still wondering what that game was that I mentioned?

The game's name: Grand Theft Auto IV.

(My name is Jesusisking, my conclusion is somewhere in the huge wall of comments. 
And, before you ask; no. I was not saying people should pray whether strippers are okay or not, Wallace mistook what I had said.
As some people often do. :P)

·       Great gameplay: The game is really fun, and supports multiple play styles, so you’ll have plenty of entertainment seeing how your actions reflect on this world, even if they aren’t major.
·       Interesting story: The story is very good, even if it ends on an abrupt note, and it has plenty of twists to keep it interesting.
·       Good Audiovisuals: The graphics aren’t the best, but they are more than made up by the game’s unique art style. The voice acting is good for the most part, but some characters suffer from stereotyping.
·       Excellent replay value: The game was specifically designed with multiple playthroughs in mind, and it shows; this is one game you will be coming back to again and again, making it well worth the money you spend on it.
·       Graphic Brief Violence: The violence is bloody, but it happens fairly quickly for the most part. It is possible to play the game with only a handful of casualties, so that is notable.
·       Moderate Verbal and Written Sexual references: The game does have quite a few references, but it keeps from becoming graphic. References to prostitution are there, but they are handled with sensitivity. You still should not hang around the brothel, though.
·       Semi-Frequent Strong Language: As I said, it depends who you are talking too. If you don’t talk to gangsters much, it is only used here and there.
·       Moderate Drug/Alcohol/Smoking references: A few verbal and written references to drugs. Characters smoke and drink infrequently. Your character can drink, but this is not required.
·       Mild Spiritual Content; A few characters bring their beliefs in on the whole Transhumanism debate, but thankfully it does not go into occult territory.
·       Very good portrayal of Transhumanism; The game does a good job of showing the pros and cons of both sides of the debate. It is a very good and thought provoking look at a subject that will soon become very relevant, a rare quality in games these days.

For age 16 MINIMUM!

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read this review and I’ll see you again in the near future.

Kyle out!

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