March 04, 2012

Kallie's Monthly News - March 2012


Oh, wait, supposed to do this professionally, ahem....Welcome, to Kallie's Monthly News this......Month.

So as it was hinted at in my previous post, (Anybody spot it?)
this will be me reporting on new developments in the gaming community, and also what's happening on my gaming blog.

In layman's terms: Me blabbering on about useless stuff and wasting your valuable time.

ANYWAYS, why don't I get straight to it?

My blog:

I recently finished Splinter Cell: Conviction on realistic difficulty, (Yay me) so now I'm pretty sure I've seen everything in the Single player campaign.

All I have to do now is get my thoughts together and start reviewing.

Also, I'm ready to review Half Life 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, It's just I've been a bit busy now, but I'll probably start by the end of the month.

ANYWAYS, enough of that, to the REAL news:

Teh News:
(Yes, the typo is deliberate)

Alright! What's the haps?

The other day, I read up on a rumour going round that Valve is developing a new Steam Box Console, which allow people to play Steam's full library of games, in more streamlined experience, which means you don't need a high end PC to play it. This is very exciting news if it happens to be true.

For the non-gamers: Valve is Vid-e-o ga-me de-ve-lo-per, who created Ste-am, a service that allows you to buy and download Vid-e-o Ga-me-s, legally. A con-sole is a Play-sta-tion or a X-box 3-60 or a Wii. So basically what the report says is that Valve is bringing Vid-e-o Ga-me-s to..........You know what? You probably know most of this already.

In other news: SSX, a popular SNOWBOARDING video game franchise, made it's return on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to rave reviews.

It looks like it's worth checking out, and seems to be relatively clean.

Also: WHY THE NAME!?!?! Well, I don't know either, but one thing's for sure: Everybody will give you strange looks when you say it. As is the case with Blu-Ray.

In other other news: A game recently came out called The Darkness II. It does seem to live up to it's title, featuring a lot of occult stuff, among OTHER things. I mean, just look at the ESRB rating

Sickening eh? Well, A game with "Darkness" in it's title is NEVER gonna be clean, now is it?

In other other OTHER news: I am taking quite an interest in an upcoming game called Spec Ops: The Line, which looks like it is trying to show a much more serious side on warfare, as opposed to "other" shooter games.

I'll wait and see if it succeeds, but at least their making a conscious effort to make a serious shooter game.

ANYWAYS, that's Teh News! This is more a test than anything else, so please let me know what you think! (Comment, Email, subscribe, etc, etc, etc, cookies)

But for now, Kallie out!