December 17, 2011

KVR Archive: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Areas of Concern

Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) is a 2008 Playstation 3 game, and the fourth in the long running Metal Gear series.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not played this game, I have merely watched a playthrough of it on YouTube. However, this should give you enough information on why it is not recommended, despite it's very high quality.

Areas Of Concern:

Violence: The player can kill enemies by shooting them, resulting in small spray of blood, sometimes staining the enviroment. He can also kill enemies with his knife. He either stabs him/her, resulting in a blood puff and squish sound, or slits their throats, with blood spraying and a slicing sound. The enemies scream when they die.

A cyborg man with a white substance for blood, suffers a lot of abuse throughout the game. He is stabbed, resulting in him having a seizure, forced to cut his own arm off to get free from a pile of rubble, and crushed by a boat, resulting in his other arm getting severed. 

The aforementioned white blood is seen spraying throughout these scenes.

The cyborg guy, in one part, attacks a group of Geckos, (Robots who have legs made out of organic material, which contain blood.) He cuts them apart, with blood spraying.

In another sequence, he stabs and slices a bunch of enemy soldiers, with blood spraying, but no dismemberment.

A man is grabbed by mechanical tentacles and squeezed to death. Blood is seen spraying. The tentacle robot impales a few other guys, with blood spraying.

At one point, a bunch of unarmed soldiers are gunned down, with blood spraying. When they are shot, they scream and then die. This happens quickly. Other parts where people get shot, are the same.

In one sequence, the player character goes down a hall, which is sort of a microwave oven. His clothes become white hot, and he screams in pain.

Two men, in an extended fight sequence, punch each other brutally, with resulting blood. At one part, one man breaks the other man's finger, with it becoming crooked. He then snaps it back into place.

An old man on life support, suddenly has said life support shut down, causing him to have a seizure. He rocks back and forth in his chair violently, and then stops, dead.

The player character attempts to commit suicide in one scene. You later find out he didn't kill himself. (Because the scene makes it look like he actually committed suicide.)

A body in a bag, is thrown into a fire and burned. A woman tries to get it out, but burns herself. The player character tries to rescue her, and has half of his face burned. His face looks gruesome afterwards, and remains that way for the rest of the game. 

A woman commits suicide, by injecting herself so that her nanomachines keeping her alive go away, and she dies of cancer. It makes sense in context.

A handful of people suddenly have heart attacks during the course of the game.

The female bosses, (mentioned below) have disturbing backstories of abuse. One tale is of a woman accidently smothering her brother to death, then hallucinating a wolf killing a bunch of children in a camp, and then finding out it was her. The other bosses have similar stories, but this is the most disturbing.

This is referenced in dialogue ONLY, not shown.

If you want to read all the backstories, click these links:

Sex/Nudity: Some magazines the player can either look in, contain scantily clad women. It is entirely possible not to look in them at all during the course of the game.

Some female enemies after a boss fight, come out of their robot suit, and are revealed to be in very tight clothing. They also make suggestive noises whilst trying to catch the player. When they do so, they hug and caress the player, causing his life to drain.

One character, after coming out of her robot suit, turns around in front of you, and a button comes up, which if you press, the camera will stare at her rear.

Another character in the game watches a woman behind as she walks by, and tries to touch it.

Two female characters, don't do a very good job of buttoning up their shirts all the way, so cleavage can be seen most of the time. The player character does stare at the first ones chest in a few scenes, and at one part drops a cigarette so that he can look up her skirt. He doesn't succeed however. 

One other female character does so this as well, in a flashback, and in the present.

In another part, a woman tells a man she needs to sleep, and asks if she can sleep in a helicopter nearby. He leads her to it, and closes the door when she climbs inside. She then reopens it and grabs him inside, with obvious implications. The scene cuts away before anything happens.

One man, goes to the toilet inside a barrel, (See Gross Stuff below.) who is then discovered by an enemy. His buttocks is exposed as he runs away. 

A man mentions that the system controlling soldiers' emotions on the battlefield is gone, and that most men are virtually naked right now.

Spiritual Content: One woman talks about how the purpose of our existence on earth, is to atone for our sins. This is not true however, as we know that Jesus is the one who atoned for our sins, by dying on the cross. If we accept his sacrifice, along with the fact that he was born of a virgin, lead a sinless life, and after dying on the cross, GENUINELY resurrected from the dead, then we go to heaven.

He also says that our goal is to lead other people to salvation, so right there he tells you the purpose of our existence, to glorify him.

It is implied that a character in a previous game, comes back as a wolf in one scene.

One character levitates and does stuff that looks supernatural, but you later find out it isn't. However, she (Being one of the suggestive bosses.) has the spirit of a dead man, a psychic, implanted in her. The psychic's spirit comes out of her, and talks to Snake.

One character is a magician, and in one scene lights a cigarette using only his fingers.

One character is apparently possessed by another man's spirit. However, you find out he used hypnosis and psychotherapy to make him "Think" he was possessed.

The psychic, the magician, and the reincarnation reference, are the reasons why this game is banned.

Language: One use of the F**k. Several uses of S**t, B*st*rd, B**ch, D**n Cr*p. God's name is used in vain infrequently.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: I can't recall any drug references.

Drinking occurs. In one scene a character gets drunk off wine.

Your character smokes often, however, everybody else discourages him from doing so. In one scene, a man smokes a cigar.

Gross Stuff: One man, has frequent issues with diarrhea, and in scene, he soils his pants, with a brown stain visible.

One man you have to follow, suddenly has to empty his bladder, and if you are nearby, he will pee on you.

One of the female bosses, suddenly vomits out a black liquid.

Review of game:

Story: The story is REALLY complex, so I will try my best to explain the setup.

Old Snake.

The plot revolves around a soldier named "Old Snake" Snake is a veteran, who has begun to rapidly age. This is due to him being a clone of another veteran soldier, Big Boss.

Big Boss.
Big Boss is a man who Snake presumably killed in the second Metal Gear game, Metal Gear 2. Big Boss was known as the best soldier who ever lived by some people. This why a clone project was organized, to create the perfect soldier.

The result was two clones were born, Solid Snake, and Liquid Snake. Liquid Snake was the main antagonist in the first "Solid" game, Metal Gear Solid. Liquid believes that Snake inherited Big Boss's superior genes. Because of this, Liquid tries to kill Snake, but instead Snake kills him.

It also later revealed that Snake, in fact, was the inferior clone. He only defeats Liquid because he had the most willpower.

However, another soldier named Revolver Ocelot, has his hand reattached using parts from Liquid. This causes him to be seemingly possessed by Liquid, and he becomes unstable.

Liquid Ocelot.

In Metal Gear Solid 4, he, now Liquid Ocelot, plans to hijack a system that controls soldier's abilities on the battlefield, thereby controlling the Snake's superior, Roy Campbell, finds out about this and Snake, now an old man, is sent on one last mission, in order to stop Ocelot.

The story is very well written, and goes through a LOT of twists and turns, as usual in a Metal Gear Solid game.
Unfortunately, it is brought down by the occultic references, and to some degree, the suggestive themes.

Audiovisual: Brilliant. The game looks amazing, the game sounds great, in this regard it is almost flawless. Some character models look like they have bit of a plastic sheen, but barely so.

The voice's of characters, such Snake, Ocelot and a few others, are very gravelly. However, since Metal Gear Solid is heavily stylized, this works well.

But now, for the verdict:

Verdict: BANNED
  • Very complicated, but well written story.
  • Amazing visuals, with many strikingly realistic set pieces.
  • Voice acting is over the top, but it works well for this particular game.
  • Moderate violence. Despite an instance here and there, it is not really that bad. The parts where it does happen are bloody. Some of the bosses backstories are disturbing.
  • Some language. Here and there, besides a very unsubtle use of the F-Word.
  • Suggestive themes. Woman in skin tight suits, other woman showing off cleavage, and a magazine containing scantily clad women.
  • Spiritual content. A subtle reference to reincarnation. Spirit of a dead person comes back.

So in conclusion: A very good game with a very compelling story, although confusing. But unfortunately, the developers had to add occultic references and suggestive content. It's a shame, cause it's such a good game. 

But, we must not compromise.

Anyways, that does it for my Metal Gear Solid 4 review. I hope you found this useful, and PLEASE tell me if I missed something. Kyle out.

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