December 11, 2011

KVR Archive: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Yes, another man in silhouette. *Cough* Lazy *Cough*

Modern Warfare 3 is the third and final installment in the Call Of Duty subseries, released in 2011.

Areas Of Concern:

(I will be sorting from the most "gory" to the least "gory" so you don't have to read far, lazy n00b!)

Violence: Before I list the events which are scripted to happen (For you non-gamers, things that happen which cannot be avoided.) Let me talk about general gameplay concerns:

This is a shooter, which involves shooting (Of course.) people and sometimes dogs. What happens when you shoot people, and dogs, is that a brief spray of blood is emitted, sometimes staining the enviroment, in moderate quantitys. 

Players can stab people with a knife, which happens quickly, also resulting a brief blood spray. Dogs try and bite you, jumping on to you in a sequence which you quickly have to push a button to break the dog's neck. If you fail, the dog will tear at your neck, resulting in a blood spray and the camera falling to it's side, revealing a puddle of blood underneath you.

When the player gets shot, the screen's corners become stained with blood. If the player dies, the camera simply falls over, the screen red and covered in blood.

Some enviroments are bloodstained, often where a large shoot-out occured.

You can blow people up with explosives, but they do not dismember. In Spec-Ops (See review below) Some enemies, including dogs, are strapped with explosives, and blow up when you shoot them. However, when the smoke clears, you will see the enemies are always perfectly intact afterwards, Battlefield 2 style.

Scripted Violence:

As I said, this is sorted from the most "gory" to the least "gory"
All of the violence occuring can be bloody, but most happen quickly.

In one scene a family, consisting of a wife, little girl and father (Who is behind a camcorder.) Walk along the street when, a van pulls up on street corner next to flock of pigeons. The little girl runs towards the pigeons, and that moment the van explodes, nothing else being seen except the explosion. Now, some of you may: (1) Be upset, (2) Laugh at the lame attempt to pull your heartstrings. Or (3) Think it shows how bad terrorism is in an effective manner.

Me, personally? Number 2. I could see what they were going for, but in the end, it doesn't really work. Whatever you decide, the game asks you if you want to skip the scene.

Is there place for similar scenes that deliver a emotional punch in games? Of course. (By the way, it does not necessarily have to be children dying, before you get all upset.) 

But with MW3, (Modern Warfare 3.) it doesn't work. I see what they were going for, but unfortunately they don't do it effectively.

I will be having an article on scenes that DO have a strong emotional impact, in games.

Anyways, let's move on:

The Player, in a QTE, (Quicktime event, which means you push buttons, not really interacting that much.) Grabs an enemy, chokes him, punches him, with blood spraying a bit, pulls a steel cable around his neck and hits him against the glass underneath, breaking through it. You fall onto a balcony as the man is hanged, with a snap being heard. He briefly struggles and then hangs there, dead.

A man (The player) jumps into a helicopter and punches the pilot, with blood spraying from his nose. The player throws him from the cockpit. He falls to his death off-screen. The player then stabs the man in the chair next to said pilot in the chest/neck area with a knife, resulting in a spray of blood. 
The player, can slit a snoozing or unaware guard's throat, resulting in blood spraying and a muffled pain sound from the guard. (Because your hand is over his mouth.) Alternatively you could just shoot him.
A man's arm is shot off by a sniper. The scene happens fairly quickly, but you do see his arm come off with blood spraying briefly. The area where his arm was sprays a bit of blood afterwards.

There is a flashback to Modern Warfare 2's No Russian mission, in which an entire airport of civilians are shot. The flashback does not show much other than a few people getting shot, meaning it's less graphic compared to when you play it in Modern Warfare 2.

There is another flashback to Modern Warfare 2 in which you pull a knife out of your chest, and then throw it at a man. The knife hits him in the eye, with blood spraying. The flashback is a quick one.

In some scenes, enemy guards are seen shooting hostages, with a blood spray like the rest of the game. In one scene, A train full of terrorists open fire on people in a station. This happens whilst the train is moving down a tunnel at a speed, so this only seen briefly. Later this level is the part where the family dies.

In one scene, a man has a flammable liquid poured over him. If the player doesn't react, he will get set on fire, and stuggle for a while. But I think most players will shoot the enemies before anything can happen.

A man is impaled by a piece of rebar concrete. A man shoots another man in the shoulder. This only makes the other man mad, who then proceeds to shoot the attacker in both shoulders, and finally in the head, with brief blood sprays throughout.

In one scene a man is shot in the head at close range. A big blood burst is seen briefly. A man is threatened by a character who deploys toxic smoke, until the man gives him the information he needs. He then hands him a gas mask, but  suddenly shoots him.

In another scripted event, a man is strapped to a chair with explosives attached to him, and is then detonated. This takes place through a sniper scope, so only the explosion is seen, no body parts or blood.

A hyena bites your character's arm, with some blood. The player shoots a bunch of guys whilst he holds off the hyena. The man then shoots the hyena in the head a few times, with blood spraying.

Sometimes, your allies stab guards in the throat, with resulting blood.

A man falls out a window, onto plywood and concrete, which buries him when he hits the floor. This injures the man, as he is later seen leaking blood where he limps.

In one part, you swim in a collapsed tunnel, with people who have drowned floating there.

In one scene, people rescue an unconscious character, who is bruised. The table next to said character, has torture tools like a car battery, knife, and pliers, implying the character was tortured. In a cutscene, a photo of a bruised man is seen. The characters talk about how he gave up information, implying he was also tortured.

A man lies on a table with a blood puddle underneath him. The man dies. Another character is very upset about this, evidenced by him punching an ally down a flight of stairs. 

There are also plenty of scenes with buildings getting blown up, helicopters crashing, cars crashing, and all round carnage.

Sex/Nudity: Online players are mischievous folks, and the voice chat doesn't really help against it. Some of the pictures on callsigns in Multiplayer, which players can choose from, contain drawings of scantily clad woman. You can however, choose not to have them. 

But there are other concerns in Multiplayer (See Spiritual content below.)

Language: Several uses of H*ll, D*mn, S**t, B**ch B*st*rd and British swear words like bl**dy and b*ll*cks. According to the ESRB (The age restriction board.) There are uses of F**k, however, I haven't actually come across it.

It may be there, used somewhere in the heat of battle where it can't heard very clearly, but just be aware that you might hear it.

There is however, absolutely NO misuses of God or Jesus' name, which is a pleasent surprise. :)

The Multiplayer however, does have a voice chat feature with ABSOLUTELY no censorship, so there is no boundaries to what you might hear online.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Some Multiplayer maps contain boxes which, when you shoot them, they emit a certain white powder, probably drugs.

Sometimes you see liquor bottles standing on tables or so. No actual drinking.

Characters often smoke throughout the game, and one sequence your character lights up a cigar, with smoke puffing.

Spiritual content: In Singleplayer and Spec-Ops, there are emblems like Skulls and military symbols like Stars.

In Multiplayer however, there are several emblems containing symbols like Yin Yang, the rockstar sign or, as it actually is, the satanic salute, and skulls. 

You can however choose NOT TO HAVE THEM. But they are there.

There are symbols on some teams you play as, like these:
Multiplayer, not sure what symbol is, but it is very evil!

Multiplayer, symbol of the Freemasons.
Singleplayer, and maybe Multiplayer. Lightning bolt is a symbol of lucifer falling from heaven. But the real Delta Force emblem is the same.

Singleplayer and Multiplayer, skull symbol of death, but also an average military emblem.

There is no demons or other content like that, but some emblems online are a real concern. However, some teams only appear on certain maps, so you could simply just not play on those maps.

These symbols do not necessarily mean the developers are Freemasons, or the like, but they are wordly, and if you are wordly you wouldn't care what your game artwork looks like.

The Singleplayer and Spec-ops are without stuff of any real concern, except for when you hole up in a Catholic church, with all their related symbols.

If you do however, want to play Multiplayer, I recommend you rather play it with buddies who you know will not choose the emblems or teams with the symbols.

Other stuff: One character you play as, is tattooed, which the Bible forbids, because it says that you will not make any markings in your flesh for the dead.

Anyways, that's the Areas Of Concern, I hope your questions are answered, and that you can come to a decision on if it's yay or nay. Now for the review of the actual game itself!

Review of game:

Before anybody asks, no, I will not cover the issue of: Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3. It's a stupid debate that deserves no attention.

Gameplay: The series gameplay hasen't changed much, but it is solid and entertaining nonetheless. In the review I will only be covering Singleplayer and Spec-Ops.

Singleplayer is familiar, but solid. For those not familiar with how the games usually play out, here's how:

You play as different characters, all telling the story from different viewpoints. The game plays like a normal Shooter. You shoot people, with different weapons suited for the occasion. You hide behind cover to prevent those people shooting you with the correct weapons for their occasion. 

Since the Singleplayer is based around scripted sequences, which I will cover below in the story section, not much more can be said of it. There is a lot to say about the Spec-Ops, so let's get to that.


Spec-Ops gamemode is divided into two sections: Survival and Missions.

Survival centers around you having to live as long as possible whilst waves of enemies try to kill you. You start out with a pistol, but later obtain money, which you can use to buy stuff like weapons, air support, explosives, etc, etc. 

The way you obtain money is by eliminating enemies and surviving. This might sound like a basic gamemode, but that basic gamemode can be absorbing!

On to Spec-Ops Missions:

Spec-Ops Missions are arcade-like levels. For example: One mission you have to capture a Russian president in a certain amount of time. The game also logs your accuracy and time, and scores you accordingly.

You gain up stars on a mission when you complete it. This depends on what difficulty you played on, with the hardest earning you 3 stars.

This can be fun, but also massively frustrating. But for people looking for a huge challenge, look no further.


More of a plot than an actual storyline, but it is entertaining. The story picks up where Modern Warfare 2 left off, with Russia bombing the living daylights out of North America. You play as several characters, from a Delta Force operative, to the Russian president's bodyguard, and also as wanted ex-operatives seeking to eliminate a terrorist leader.

This might sound all complicated, but for once the Modern Warfare series decided to not have a confusing storyline, and instead focus more on set-pieces and action.

But let me explain some of the plot to you:

Please note, this does spoil the story of Modern Warfare 1 and 2. And it is confusing, so if you don't want be confused, scroll down until you see the big MODERN WARFARE 3 STORYLINE sign.

Plot Summary:


So there's this terrorist named Makarov, (Like the gun, yes.) who decides to go shoot up an airport, but plans it so that the blame is put on America. Why? Because there's a General who, after the events of the first Modern Warfare, in which a whole bunch of marines are killed by a nuke, decides he wants to make his name respected again.

The General

So he work indirectly with Makarov to cause a gigantic war, in which his army is the lead defending American force, so that he can get the credit.

But then for some reason he betrays Makarov, and of course has to tie up all the loose ends. He sends a team, with characters Ghost and Roach (Who you play as.) to recover data relating to him working with Makarov. They bring it to him after a massive shootout where in one of the characters you play as is wounded.

They proceed to the evac chopper, where Shepard (The general.)
is waiting for them. They tell him the data has been acquired. He then thanks them, before pulling out his revolver and shooting both of them. You and your buddy are then thrown into a small pit, and then covered in fuel and then set alight by Shepard's lit cigar, in a very sad scene, in which grown men everywhere cried :(

RIP Ghost. And Roach, who never said a single word.

But no time to mourn, as you then jump to another character named Soap (Don't ask.) who had a serious hair style malfunction. Along with his current buddy Captain Price, he finds out his friends were cooked medium rare by Shepard, and disagrees a bit with his methods.

Price, with his awesome beard.

Soap, with his not so awesome hairstyle.

But before I continue explaining the "story" of Modern Warfare 2, who is Soap and Captain Price? Well, they were the main characters in the first Modern Warfare, which also featured an extremely confusing storyline in which a one armed man decided he wants to nuke america because his son commited suicide which is obviously the American's and the British's fault because they stared at him.

Makes sense.

The squad, with the player, being Soap, find out about his naughty scheme and decide to go stop him. They get to a nuclear launch facility and abort the launch. They escape in a Jeep© in a chase down a mountainside road in which every single follower of the One Armed Man decide's to shoot at your Jeep©.

The Jeep© escape scene.

The Jeep© then crashes on a bridge, which you fight a few enemies whilst waiting for evac. But a chopper shows up and bombs you and your buddies. One of your more capable buddies decides to try and help you, but he is then shot. You watch the One Armed Man and two of his guards as he shoots the rest of your buddies, all but one Captain Price, who was injured in the helicopter's party crashing missile barrage. 

Your buddies getting shot. (Note, this not the way you view it in the game.)

He then slides his pistol towards you as another helicopter distracts the One Armed Man, who's name is Imran Zakhaev. You then proceed to shoot the guards and the One ar....Zakhaev, as your evac FINALLY ARRIVES, saving you and Captain Price.

Getting rescued.

ANYWAYS, back in the present, Price decides to contact Makarov in order to obtain Shepard's whereabouts. Makarov reluctantly agrees to a One Day Truce, as he tells them where Shepard is located. They proceed to track down naughty Shepard, in order to kill him. 

They find his hideout, but he decides to climb in a boat and speed off. Naturally, Price and Soap follow suit and also jump into a boat and chase after Shepard. Shepard rides his boat into a helicopter, which Price then shoots down. But wait, there's more!

The boat chase.

They fall down a waterfall where Shepard is located. Soap wakes up with only a knife and runs after Shepard. He catches up to him and tries to stab him, but PLOT TWIST! Shepard has Jackie Chan fighting skills! He counters the attack by Soap and stabs you with your own knife. Ouch.

Shepard, after stabbing you.
But Soap doesn't exactly die, so Shepard decides to load his revolver with two bullets, but not before having a Villainous rant! His rant lasts long enough for Captain Awesome Price to come and tackle Shepard, who drops his revolver. Soap, knife in chest, crawls toward the revolver, but Shepard kicks it away, and stomps on Soap's face.

Captain Price and Shepard have a manly fight, as Soap lies there, holding the knife in his chest, and suddenly gets the bright idea to pull the knife out. He does so, in a very painful scene. He then throws the knife at Shepard, who looks up obediently so Soap can throw the knife, stabbing him perfectly in the eye, killing the bad General.

As a Youtube comment said, "Looks like, he got a little 'Soap' in his eyes! :DDDDD"

Soap then proceeds to slowly close his eyes, until Price, who has been knocked unconscious by the manly fight, wakes and helps Soap, as their evac chopper arrives. (I'm sensing a pattern here........) Price proceeds to help Soap up into chopper as Nikolai (The pilot.) says that he knows a place they can go to. And that's where Modern Warfare 2 ended.

I know it's completely and utterly confusing, but if you play the actual game itself, you'll understand why I could not have made this any less complicated.

But anyways, here is Modern Warfare 3's basic plot, which is far less hopelessly confusing:

Modern Warfare 3 Storyline + Scripted events:

His hair. -_-

So, yes it continues where Modern Warfare 2 left off, with Russia still at war with America. But now it's more about action and set-pieces, which is good, because they really don't need another mind boggingly confusing story.

The real star here, is the set pieces, which are all very creative and memorable. From a infiltrating a submarine, to the villages of Africa, to an uprising in Russia, There are no boring moments in the game.
Hint: The tower falls.

There are some frustrations in some of the game's scripting. For example: You are told to take cover behind an ally tank to avoid enemy fire. You do so, and Every. Single. Enemy and his mother opens fire on you, because the behind of the tank, actually isn't a good spot to hide. I got real mad at this part.

Well, mad was a bit of an understatement. This part was Extremely frustrating. I later just decided to disregard the stupid game's advice and find my own cover. And it worked.

But thankfully, few parts are like this.


The graphics hold up surprisingly well for an engine this old, despite that one ugly flaw.

Is it a disease?

The carnage looks and sounds good, same with the voice acting, with the all the actors delivering solid performances. The sound of the guns have also been updated, all sounding like dangerous things you shouldn't be pointing at anybody important to you.

There are spots where the engine's age shows, but game holds up well enough.

So after this MASSIVE amount of information, what's the verdict?

Verdict: Moderate Caution
  • Solid gameplay overall, despite some parts where you might yell at the monitor, because of wierd game design flaws.
  • The game graphic engine holds up surprisingly well, and looks good.
  • Solid voice acting.
  • Spec-Ops is fun and challenging, but sometimes frustrating
  • Some multiplayer team's icons are very occultic, but you can avoid it by choosing another map.
  • Some people may or may not get upset by little girl dying, but you can skip it.
  • Bloody violence, although nothing that REALLY pushes it.
  • For gamers AT LEAST 15 years old.
So that concludes my Modern Warfare 3 review. Did that cover everything? XD

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading, see you next time. God bless!


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