October 11, 2011

Battlefield 2 Review

NOTE! A short note about Battlefield 1942 and 2142 is at the end of this review.

Battlefield 2 is a 2005 First Person Shooter game by DICE and a follow up Battlefield 1942, a very popular online shooter.

Areas of concern:

Violence: It being a FPS (First Person Shooter) there is, well, SHOOTING! However the shooting is bloodless and no dismemberment takes place. All what happens is a cloud of dust appears when a dude is shot. Players can come to a demise in a variety of ways, although none of them are gory. A player can get killed by a knife, but it is bloodless and the player does not stab into the guy, it looks more like he punched him.

Players can also get killed in explosions, although once again, the result is not gory. What happens is the guy is sent flying and lands with all limbs perfectly attached afterwards! (Although dead.) Players can get run over, bloodless, and sent flying, bloodless again, by vehicles. Players can also die from falling a height, once again bloodless, when he reaches the ground he will land feet first and just fall over.

Language: Not a huge issue in the game itself, except for a case of a squad leader saying, "d*mn it, sorry" Though the game having a chat feature for multiplayer means somebody WILL be swearing online, no words are blocked.

Sex/Nudity: None, though the aforementioned chat feature might mean bad news!

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: None.

Spiritual/Occult: Some soldiers backpack features the "Peace" symbol on it. 5-Point stars are seen on medallions and ranks, though considering this is a military game, this is probably unavoidable.

A squad in action. Left to right: Medic, Support, Spec ops and Anti-Tank.

Review of Game:  

Gameplay: The game usually revolves around making the enemy team lose lives, referred to as "Tickets" This done by killing, (In the ways mentioned above.) or capturing the enemy Control Points, which if you more than the opposing team, they will gradually lose tickets. This is done by standing at the Control Point flag and if there are no enemies around, the Control Point will at a rate, depending on how many people of the same team are at the point, be captured.

Another victory condition is, if the map allows it, you can capture all CPs (Control Points.) This results in an instant victory for the capturing team. If player dies, depending if there are tickets left over, they will respawn on CPs or Squadmates. This is the main game mode and is referred to as "Conquest".

Another aspect of the game is Squads and Commanders. Squads are joined, or created, by players, which allows for more planning and strategy. Squads are given orders by a Commander, who usually is the highest ranking player on the server. Commanders can order Squads to attack, defend, and capture select CPs. However, Squad leaders can sometimes refuse orders.

This is if they are unable to or they just don't want to follow orders, Which can get very frustrating. Aside, this makes for a more interesting and strategic multiplayer experience.

Play styles:

In order to win, a player must understand the different play styles.
Players can choose from a variety of play styles or, "Classes" The classes are:  

  • Heavy group: Assualt: A general fighting and capturing class.
  • Support: A class with a machine gun and ammo packs for self or team consumption.
  • Anti-Tank: A class for taking out, ahem, Tanks and heavy vehicles.
  • Light group: Spec ops: A strategic class with C4 (Remote detonated explosive.)
  • Sniper: A stealth class with a claymores (A proximity detonated Mine) and a long range gun, yep, A SNIPER!  
  • Engineer: A class that repairs building and vehicles and deploys and disables Mines.
  • Medic: A class that heals players and revives dead ones with shock paddles, which you can also use to do the reverse on enemies.

Players can also choose from a variety of vehicles, all balanced quite well for entertaining and unpredictable gameplay. From helicopters to buggys to tanks, the game allows you to select what you like. But, if you want a more traditional FPS experience, You can toggle off Vehicles, and only fight using cover and reflexes, offering a greater challenge.

Game Flaws:

Not everything is sunshine and roses though. The game has a gamemode called "Cooperative" which, along with some human players, allows to fight against, and with, computer controlled players or "Bots" This is fun, however, the bots act like complete morons at times which, especially if they are on your own team, can get VERY annoying. For example, If a bot is given an order to go capture a point, he will sometimes spawn on the CP WHICH IS COMPLETELY ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE MAP and walk around dying a lot which could've been prevented had they just chosen a closer CP. They will also do stuff like throw grenades into a wall which will land at the feet of their very oblivious selves, shoot a teammate standing in front of an enemy and sometimes just walk around DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Still, the rest of the gameplay makes you overlook its flaws, making for a very fun and memorable time.


Audio: Not a lot of voice acting, but what there is can be ok, although it gets annoying after a while. For example: A teammate screaming "MEDICMEDICMEDICMEDIC!" can really get on your nerves.
Otherwise, audio quality is VERY good. Explosions make you jump, gun sounds are awesome, and vehicles range from the thunder of tanks, to the sonic boom of jets and the low growl of buggies.
There is not a lot of music though, which is disappointing.

Graphics: The graphics are good even today, although the ragdoll physics are primitive. For those of you who don't know what that is, here's an article:

Otherwise: character models are unique to teams and their animations are really good. Building details are great, as is the water and sky. The carnage looks spectacular, delivering the flashes of gunfire to the explosions of vehicles in stunning detail, though the new games make it look dated. Still, it holds up well for its time.

Story: The US decides to attack the Arabs and the Chinese for some reason. (Yes, it doesn't have much of a story.)


A very solid game, with good graphics and entertaining gameplay. Artificial Intelligence leaves a lot to be desired. In the end, it is a great game and also quite clean for an FPS.
Not suitable for children.
Capturing a Control Point in Batlefield 2
Note: About Battlefield 1942 and 2142, it contains the same content except for 1942's past setting and 2142s future setting. If this game is fine for you, then 1942 and 2142 will be as well.

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