December 17, 2014

Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice Content Rundown

Brace yourselves...

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Verdict: Undetermined (Contains Strong Violence and Strong Language)

Release Date: December 2014

Developer/Publisher: Telltale Games

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android, OS X, Windows

Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure

December 15, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 66: Of Utmost Impotence

Hello all! Kyle here yet again with another update. This time, I'm going to just share two things with you, and that's it.

Just two things. You can sit down now. Thanks.

Anyway! The first thing I want to share is that I'm reorganizing my reviews based on IMPORTANCE, as opposed to POPULARITY and NEWNESS.

What does this mean? It means that if I have to choose between a review of Manhunt 2 and one of Far Cry 4, I'll choose the most important one (Manhunt 2) over the newly released one (Far Cry 4) any day. This is done specifically to avoid burnout.

As a result, I've decided to put a Content Rundown of Far Cry 4 on hold, until I can get one out under less stress, and when I have more internet on hand to download videos. (We have capped internet at the moment, you see.)

Secondly, I just want to mention that I've been struggling with recurring anxiety, which I've had on and off for the past three years ever since starting the blog, but as of this year, it's gotten far worse.

If you've ever had significant issues with anxiety, you'll know that it paralyses you and makes you unable to function normally. As a result, I find it difficult to do anything constructive, including reviewing.

So if you've been wondering why there's so many schedule changes and big delays this year, that's why. Fortunately, I've discovered that giving myself space and time away from work doesn't help in the least bit, as time to myself only makes everything worse.

That's why, I've decided to get on top of this issue and decided to change my blog to something that better suits me as a person, and doesn't stress me out NEARLY as much.

Also, I'm pretty sure you'll have a Game of Thrones Content Rundown this week but if I can't make it, NEXT WEEK. (We have CONSTANT power outages, so that's why I might not be able to post it.) 

Sorry for the constant delays people. I'm trying very hard to get the best of these anxiety struggles and God willing, we'll get through. :)

December 08, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 65: Far Cries and Throne Games

Just a big update for all of you: I am busy with Far Cry 4's Content Rundown, it's just really obstructed by a whole bunch of stuff.

Not really. I just need to get off my backside and start reviewing. That's all. Yep.

In other news, I'm also doing a Content Rundown for Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice. I'm somewhat familiar with the show (never seen it) and know that it contains some pretty strong content, but we'll see how much of that is in the game.

After these two games are done, I want to take some time off from the mainstream and review "smarter" games, as blog reader Kamil defined them. I also have two reviews of older games, staring at me accusingly, waiting to be posted.

I'll leave them a surprise until they're revealed. By being published. With no warning. Yep.

Anyways, my time's up. Hope you guys have a great week further. You'll have a new review next week, as this week is a bit too hectic for me to work on a review. Sorry guys, but you'll have a review soon enough.

Go well, and God bless!

December 03, 2014

Tales From The Borderlands Content Rundown

"I am become death, destroyer of rebels."

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Verdict: Caution Advised (For Strong Gory Violence) NOTE: The verdict may change as more episodes are released.

Release Date: November 2014

Developer/Publisher: Telltale

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Windows.

Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure

December 01, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 64: Operation: Get Back Into Gaming (Part 3)

Before we start the journal, here are a few updates on upcoming reviews:

-Tales From The Borderlands: A surprisingly funny and entertaining entry into the Borderlands franchise. Proved my doubts wrong. The Content Rundown just needs some editing, but it will be posted soon.

-Far Cry 4: Once again, haven't started with the Content Rundown. Will download all the videos for this walkthrough soon.

Game of Thrones: The newest Telltale episodic series is coming this week, apparently. Will do a Content Rundown as well. :)


In this instalment of Operation: Get Back into Gaming, Kyle describes probably the craziest game ever made and why exactly he went into game-burnout.

Hallo Leute! Welcome back for some more of the Blog Journal. This time around, it's going to be set more in the present day and less in the past.

I started playing Borderlands 2 a month ago. I first played it late last year, December time, and distinctly remember not liking it one bit. I felt it was repetitive and just not fun at all. The character of Zer0, an awesome concept, was just uninteresting and frustrating to play as. Stealth in Borderlands is not an easy task.

After redownloading it, for the purposes of actually giving it a chance this time, I started up the game, and decided to play as an assault character. The results were clear: I fully enjoy playing Borderlands. Matter of fact, it's really addictive once you get into it.

The zaniness of the characters and the thunderous mashup of RPG, Shooter and Open-World genre elements proved to be an effective combo. Yet again, this was the trademarks of a cult classic: You either hate it, or love it with a passion.

The latter is where I'm at. And it's awesome!

Now, before I end off this rather short series, let me explain why my game burnout started in the first place: I was (and still am) under constant pressure to get my life up and running.

I always feared that my video game playing and movie/TV show watching was detracting from actually getting my life in order, so as a result, I would get stressed out whenever I started playing a game or watching a movie.

I'll let you guys know that getting back into movies is actually quite simple. You only have to rewatch films you previously enjoyed and slowly branch out to similar movies. I recently watched Monsters University and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pixar films are really easy to get into. 

My plan to get back into video games follows the same pattern. I'm going to replay several games I enjoyed as a kid and try to recapture the "spark" when I first played them. Then, slowly but surely, I'll branch out to other games.

It's also hard to play games or watch movies when you're stressed about personal issues, and that contributed to losing my joy when it came to games and the blog. It's nothing about this site in particular; I'm just paralysed with anxiety over things in my personal life, and it's really hard to write reviews when you're fearing the worst about a situation you're in.

But, whatever the outcome, it won't help to take it out on video games. So while things are terrible in the real world, the virtual world is a great escape when stress gets too much, and it also helps you learn some valuable lessons.

Speaking of which, it's time to spread more positivity when it comes to my game reviews. I'll try to look for good messages and heroic traits of characters more actively, even in the most vulgar and disgusting video games you can find.

People need hope, and it's not something they can find on their own. Let's all work together to make a difference in each other's lives. Because now, more than ever, we need hope.