January 02, 2018

Goodbye (For Real This Time)

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, the blog has recently become completely silent. It had a really rough patch from 2014 up until now, heading into 2018. I tried to keep things going but the blog was hard to maintain with all that went on in my personal and professional life.

Nevertheless, we can't argue that it had a good run. It had some major views in its heyday, and I'm sure it won't be forgotten, for me at least. :)

So yes, this is officially the end of KVR Gaming. This is quite sad to write as I actually wanted this to continue for a very long time, but it just wasn't meant to be. There are several other sites doing the same as me who've reached far more than I have, and that's good to see.

Thanks to all my supporters, co-writers, readers, and casual readers over the years. I will sorely miss this time in my life, but unfortunately it has to end.

For those wondering, my site will remain active on this URL until later this year, when it will revert to the original:

Please also check out my YouTube Channel, which will be the continuation of this blog's purpose and vision.

Goodbye everyone, and God bless. :)