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October 05, 2015

October Special: 4 Year Anniversary + Review Announcement

Hello everyone! As some of you may know (or not know), October 4th marked the blog's four year anniversary. While not the smoothest of roads, KVR Gaming made it this far, going through several name, URL, and format changes, much more than any site of it's reputation should have to go through.

Nevertheless, we're still here and going strong, and will continue trying our best for the future. Starting with a much more manageable review schedule, focusing on the most "important" games of the past two decades.

These games are ranked based on their impact on the gaming world, be they triple-A blockbusters which popularised niche genres, or cult-classics with devout followings, the most monumental of games will find their place in the archives of KVR Gaming.

Articles and Topicals will also be finding a place on the site soon, despite Kyle's rather rough track record with writing said articles and topicals. On the contrary, the previous articles Kyle tried to write were way too serious and way too long for the blog. That's not to say Cyberbullying will never be covered again, it's just that the articles were too long and didn't quite fit in with the blog overall.

Lastly, our review of the month is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was supposed to be last month's feature review, but due to it's insane length and Kyle's busy schedule, we were unable to complete it in time.

Tune in on the 16th of October for the Full Review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

October 04, 2015

Skyrim Review Progress Journal 1

Hello everyone! At long last, after five years' delay* (*give or take four years), I've finally gotten around to starting my long journey to finish the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment. Initially hamstrung by vicious burnout last year, this year saw a huge change in my attitude towards games, for the better.

Let's just say that I had unresolved issues in my personal life (well, I still do), and had to learn how to overcome them. I turned to video games to alleviate my anxiety and depression, but as you can imagine, it didn't really work.

I did make some lifestyle changes as of recent, which did greatly improve my mental state and helped me get back into the swing of reviewing, studying and everythinging. (Yep, just invented a new word. Don't wear it out.)

So that brings me to Skyrim. First impressions are good, and not so good. Quality wise, the game is stellar. There's a huge open world filled with exploring opportunity, an opportunity I wish to fulfill.

Content wise, the game is not that bad if you come from a secular viewpoint. Sure, there's a lot of swordplay, with blood shown as the swords pierce flesh, but otherwise, things are on the level of Pirates of the Caribbean.

From the viewpoint of someone concerned about spiritual content, however, there's a bit more at stake here: Spells to raise the dead to fight for you, spells of hysteria, spells destruction...and so on and so forth.

It's a bit too early in the game to make a solid verdict on the severity of the spiritual content, however, so we'll just have to wait and see.

October 03, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Progress Journal 3

Hello again everyone! After quite a few delays, I've continued work on The Phantom Pain. My time was unfortunately hamstrung by exams and other issues which required attention in my personal life.

I've also been thinking of new ideas for the blog and to take it into the next stage of it's evolution. This has nothing to do with MGSV, of course, but it is relevant to the blog as a whole, and well, I thought I'd take the time to tell you whilst you were here.

Anyway, about MGSV: Things haven't changed much since the last notification. There was a gruesome scene in a slave warehouse with a lot of blood. (Seriously, the floors were soaked in gore.) Other than that, the content is pretty much standard.

Things may change as we're heading into the third act, with an additional torture scene (and attempted rape) coming up if my research serves accurate.

September 24, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Progress Journal 2

Hello again! Last time we left off, I made a good bit of progress with MGSV. I also made an update to notify you guys of my "important games first, recent games second" rule which will become part of the spine of the blog pretty soon.

Well, MGSV is the exception. I've been waiting quite some time for this new Metal Gear Solid game, and am quite curious to see what's inside the vast conspiracy filled network of intricate plotlines.

Violence wise, things are actually pretty mild in the gameplay. The walkthrough I'm watching actually had mostly non-lethal takedowns and relatively little kills. This is good news for those wanting to cut down on violence in an otherwise edgy game, although this might change soon enough.

Sexuality wise, the game got a bit more explicit, with the character Quiet providing definite fanservice. The justification for said fanservice is quite laughable, sad to say, but thankfully it doesn't fill the entire game. Nevertheless, as Quiet is a pretty useful character, and MGSV is a long game, expect to see a lot of fanservice throughout the game.

Spiritual content wise, nothing has changed, although I'm still looking to see if things get worse as the game progresses.

September 21, 2015

KVR Gaming Update 97: Ola Amigos

Greetings and manners out of the way, I've got two things I need to get out there first:

1. I'm still working on my MGSV The Phantom Pain review. It's still coming, it's just taking a while.

2. Games are going to reviewed on order of importance, instead of the default game journalistic position of reviewing games based on their recent release dates. I've made this rule before, but now I'm going to be enforcing it more actively.

2a. This rule is overturned if I'm able to secure a copy of the game, be it a review copy or one I bought for my own personal pleasure, this rule may be crossed out. Otherwise, the most important games are reviewed.

2b. This rule is also overturned if I have a strong desire to review a recently released game.

This is a very unorthodox move on my part, but it's essential in ensuring the survival of the website. There are too many pressures in my life for me to deal with the pressure of constantly reviewing, so I'm going to detach myself from the changes and crazy movements of gaming culture and view from an external perspective.

Basically, my vision for the blog is for it to be an "outside-in" view at the vast world of gaming. You can call it "Counter-Culture-Gaming", where games are played, reviewed, and discussed at length, regardless of their individual release date. All games are treated as equal.

3. If I'm able to secure more staff reviewers, then I'll be able to start reviewing the most recent games again. This rule is just a temporary fix for a present problem to ensure you still get awesome game reviews and content guides, and don't have to worry about this ever stopping.